June 10, 2015

JULY PICNIC, Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our next get-together is a "just-for-fun" picnic at Larkey Park, Walnut Creek. The park is adjacent to Lindsey Museum and at the corner of 1st Ave. and Buena Vista, just off Geary Rd. The possibility of a white fox joining us from Lindsey is probably remote, but we'll all have a fun time anyway.

Meet at 5 pm, or whenever you can get there. Bring your own drinks, a pot luck dish to share, a spinning wheel and a chair. Bring your spouses and kids if they would like to come.

The picnic will be great to keep all of us excited about participating in "Tour de Fleece". Wendy is working with Morgaine on the possibility to have fibers available for those who want to try something new. Something a bit out of the norm.

"Tour de Fleece", July 4th thru July 26th, runs concurrent with the "Tour de France" and if you are a fan, its a wonderful time to sit, watch the bicyclists, the French scenery and spin a bit. Sample some French wines also! Could be fun.

Photo by Joel Palmer, from the Retzlaff website

This was our 18th consecutive year of hosting this great event. A huge thank you to all who participated in organizing, working, bringing a raffle item and just in general supporting Treadles on this day.

Blessed with supreme weather, great attendance, wonderful vendors and very supportive raffle ticket buyers, we had another successful year.

Thank you to Retzlaff Winery for the support they have given us with this beautiful venue, with lots of terrific upgrades this year, and to the help they gave throughout the day.

Thank you also to the vendors, who continue to come and set up just for the one day to fulfill our shopping whims and needs. We appreciate it.

Sept. 18 thru 21, 2015, Boonville CA

Member Megan wrote Treadles a note:
. . . at the winery I met Peggie Agnew of Red Creek Farm that I've heard so much about as the source of Faith and Fay's fleece. She gave me a post card about the upcoming California Wool & Fiber Festival in Boonville Sept. 18 through 20th. 

I'd like to go and was wondering if any one else would like to go. I drive a SUV Honda Pilot plus I looked at AirB&B and see houses for rent for a few days that have several bedrooms, etc. and one sits on 2 acres. Going as a group brings the costs way down example the house I'm writing about is $253 a night divided by 4 is $63.25 a day.

Do members of the guild get together and do things like this? Anyone interested?

There will be:
Wool show
Sheep shearing
Spinning competitions
Spinning and weaving demos
Sheep dog trials

PS: I purchased a fleece from Peggy. My sheep's name is Fritz. I'm pretty darn excited about Fritz's 9 lbs. of merino realizing after he's processed that there will be around 6 lbs. of merino all white and pretty!!!!!

Sounds like a really fun thing to do. If you are interested, talk to Megan about it or take the week-end off and go up with your family.


Time is now to put together a team to keep our Guild going strong for the coming year. President Laura has consented to keep on for another year in her job. We are hoping most other office holders will too.

We do need, however, a Program Chair for the coming year. Linnie has been going strong for several years and its time to give her a break. Thank you sooo much for getting us all kinds of interesting programs, Linnie.

We have a tentative idea to do a monthly study of rare wool breeds for 2015 - 16. There would be information about the sheep and a usable example of their wool each month - ready to spin  towards a final project for the end of the fiscal year.  So, much of the program schedule could be considered pretty full. But we would like someone to step forward to look for, contact and arrange for a couple guest speakers. Think about it, we are all in this together. Laura will discuss this all at the picnic in preparation for our first official meeting of the new year in August.

November 8 through November 12, 2015
10am to 4 or 5pm each day, in Clayton

$250 to $350 for the whole 5 days. [Not set yet]

Wrap your body in clothing from your own hands.

This is a terrific class for those wanting to learn to fit and sew clothing from their handwoven, hand printed, dyed, quilted, felted or other special fabric, as well as for those more experienced students wanting polished and professional results. Students will construct a basic unlined jacket, from their own fabric, custom fit to themselves while learning all sorts of inspiring techniques to make their garments reflect their creativity. This class is designed to teach creativity as well as technique. 
Students who have already made a jacket with me may opt to bring their own patterns.

Daryl is a well known garment construction expert who has taught all over the USA, including at many of our own CNCH conferences. She is primarily known to weavers, but anyone interested in sewing clothing will benefit from this class.

Above is her description of what the class is all about. If you are a weaver and have made her "Daryl Jacket" from commercial or handwoven fabric, you don't have to do the jacket fitting/construction part of the class. [Or even if you are not interested in a jacket at all, you don't have to do that part of the class]

Bring your own patterns and muslin and she will help you create well fitted to you patterns with them. There should be time to do 4 or 5 or more if you are not making the jacket.

Linda VH, Pam and Vilija are putting this class together with financial help from Diablo. The class can handle 15 students. $350 per student is the maximum the class will cost, but most likely will be less, all depends on if there are 15 in the class and the cost of her transportation.

Please let Vilija know if you have an interest. A down payment of $150 will be asked for in September with the remainder paid by class time.

Please don't sign up and pull out just a week or so before the class. We can't afford to loose money on this, or any, workshop. We try to make it as affordable as possible and when people pull out, the Guild is stuck with coming up with the money. Emergencies arise, and that's another matter.

Look Daryl up at www.daryllancaster.com for more info on what she does.

May 10, 2015

Spinning at the Winery, June 6, 2015

18th Annual Spinning at the Winery
June 6, 2015 - 10 am to 4 pm
Retzlaff Winery
1356 S. Livermore Ave, Livermore
$5 entry per person

Check the last blog for more pertinent information about this event.  Treadles members:  there are still work spots needed to be filled for that day! A message from Joan:

Volunteers Needed for spinning at the Winery
Saturday, June 6 10 am to 4 pm
Many of you have signed up to volunteer but we need more to fill in some slots.  we have a big guild and should be able to fill more slots.  If you have never been before, it is a fun day to greet old friends, spin, taste some wine, etc.  It is a big fund raiser for our guild and enables us to have dye days with no charge to members, buy equipment, DVD's, etc for members' use.
Most of the jobs are one hour slots.  Spouses can also help as well.
Our needs:
    Entrance Fee/Greeters (collect the $5 entrance fee that goes to Retzlaff Winery)
    Parking Attendants (instruct guests where to park their cars)
    Raffle Ticket Sales (this is where we make our money)
    1-2  (two people)
    Set-Up of raffle Items (includes monitoring raffle table until the raffle)
    Sales Table of Bags and possibly T-Shirts (a sit down job in the shade)
    1-2 (two people)
Please email me at Joanweave@aol.com to sign up for your desired spot.  
Joan Anderson, Volunteer Coordinator

Need another Treadles T-Shirt?

We are thinking of putting together another small order for t-shirts. If we have enough response from Guild members, we could have them by the Winery day. Wendy is going to co-ordinate the interest so please email her if you would like one. contact Wendy, she will be sending out info to each of you. 
email her back by Wed. 13!

This does not mean that you are locked into buying one, but it will give us an idea of how many to order. If we have them by the Winery day, they have always been popular sales there. We could have them in addition to the embroidered canvas bags we have for this year. 

April 28, 2015

DYE DAY, MAY 9, 2015

PHONE--925 300-8431

From Linnie:
HI EVERYONE ! Dye Day is just around the corner. We are a bigger group this year so we will be playing it by ear, as we don't know how many people will show up. I live in a small older neighbor hood and parking is some what limited so you may need to walk a half a block or so. Please do not park in front of mail boxes as the mail man needs access.

 This year we are going to dye with Dharma acid dyes and we will be painting or squirting the dye onto the fiber. Acid dyes are used on animal fibers so wool, silk, and any animal blends work well.

Be sure to soak your fiber over night in a solution of 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts water--up to a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Just before you come Saturday morning, please carefully wring the fiber and bring in plastic bag.

The other dye we will be using will be INDIGO. (fiber or items do not need pre-soaking in a vinegar bath) It is a vat dye and can be used for silk, cotton, rayon and plant fibers. You can bring scarves or a T-shirt or a half a yard of fabric. You can dye a skein of cotton or silk or rayon or fibers for spinning, as long as they are silk or plant fibers. Indigo is good for tie dyeing, folding, stitching or clamping fabric. (small items please, we want to give everyone who wants to, a chance to use this vat)


1/4 lb wool or animal fiber = in roving form, raw washed or spun--If we have time and extra dye you may do more so bring some extra

1 item made from plant fibers or silk--you may be able to dye more if the vat can take it! so bring extra. Small things! scarves , fabric and t-shirts( available at dharmatrading.com)

White Vinegar, blue tape, 2-3 rolls paper towels, permanent marker, brushes=(Dharma Trading Company catalog= dharmatrading.com) --flat brushes, foam brushes or chinese flat brushes.
Clear metric measuring cup, 1 gallon plastic seal bags, plastic wrap, several pairs of latex gloves, clear plastic cups for the dye, plastic spoons for stirring, squeeze bottles, a couple plastic shopping bags.
Also bring your lunch and water, sunscreen, hat , comfy chair, & drop spindle to pass the time.


If you have volunteered to bring tables or tents please deliver to Linnie's home on Friday May 8th between 10am and 2pm--please be prepared to help set up your items. If you have any questions  or need to make other arrangements for a drop off time please call me. If you could stay and help , please give Linnie  a call 925 300- 8431
I have these people listed to bring:
Reba -2 pop up tents
Carol -1 Table
Donna- 2 tables
Pam- 1 table
Vilija- 2 tables and the Guild tent

We could use 2 more tables so more people can work.
Please feel free to call Linnie with any questions you have

Spinning at the Winery
Fleeces, Fiber, Yarn & More
June 6, 2015    10 am to 4 pm

Retzlaff Winery
1356 S. Livermore Ave, Livermore
$5 entry per person

For new members and friends, "Spinning at the Winery" is a day to spend spinning, snacking, shopping and visiting with your fiber friends throughout the Bay Area. California vendors are featured with goodies from raw fiber to finished yarn, spinning equipment, fiber related goodies, a dynamite raffle, and lots more that you will find utterly enticing. Morro Fleece works will again be there for deposit of that beautiful fleece you find from local shepherds.

Bring your wheel and a pot luck dish to share for a truly enjoyable day on the grounds of Retzlaff Winery. The tasting room will be open to enliven your dining pleasure.

This event can be crowded, so please don't bring your pets, even if they are exceptionally well behaved.

To our Treadles Members:
Don't forget that our raffle depends on the good stuff you donate. Our vendors are asked to contribute an item each, so the results are always an array of great items! If you do not yet have something ready for the raffle, please take the time to make something really nice someone else will enjoy as much as you. If you have equipment you no longer use and its in nearly new condition, that is always a welcome item also. Nice, clearly labeled fiber is a popular item too.
The Great Raffle
Joan is in charge of sign-ups to help coordinate this event. If you plan on coming, and who would't, sign-up for a job for that day. Lots of things need doing, and lots of help is needed. If you have signed up for morning set-up, be there by 9 AM to help. Joan will be at Dye Day and most Monday Spinning days, so ask to see her list of jobs.


April 7, 2015

DYE DAY, MAY 9, 2015

Our next meeting is still on April 15 [see previous post below] but Dye Day info needed to get out soon to give everyone time to prepare.

Fiber dyed in shades of blue and purple

When: May 9th, Saturday
Where: At Linnie Altman's home: 1280 Elmwood Dr., Walnut Creek, CA, 94597  cell- 925-300-8431
Time: Starting at 10 am and ending at 4pm

Preparation: We will have dyes to be dyeing wool and tussah silk [with acid dyes] using the painting method
Hopefully we will be doing 2 indigo dye vats for cotton, silk or rayon

All participants need to bring their own fiber: prepared for dyeing--washed clean fiber and  pre-soaked in a vinegar and water bath over night (necessary when you are painting with acid dyes). The measurements of the soak are 1 to 3 or 1 cup of white distilled vinegar mixed with 3 cups of water. Make enough to cover the fiber and soak over night. Right before you come to dye day gently wring the water out and put in a plastic bag.

If you are going to use the indigo vat dye we will be going over the instructions in a week or so. You can dye a scarf,  a small to medium skien of yarn, or a t-shirt. They must be silk, cotton or rayon.

You can order scarves and t-shirts from Dharma Trading Company at www.dharmatrading.com
You can order Tussah silk in sliver, roving or brick form from Opulent fibers, Yarn Barn of Kansas, Mielke's Fiber Arts, The Woolery, yarn.com (Webs) , Mohair and More, and Paradise Fibers and E-bay or your favorite yarn and fiber store in your area.

We have picked Tussah fiber for its ease of spinning and how beautifully it dyes--you can also use cultivated silk but if you have not spun silk before, it is harder to spin. There are also combinations of fibers like silk and wool that you can use.

Start your search for the fibers that you want to use, wool or silk, either in your stash or purchase a special treat for the occasion! Something to remember:  grey wool often gives beautiful, muted colors, so don't limit yourself to white if you already have some grey.

Give Linnie a call if you need any help!!
ps. there is lots of Tussah silk on the internet--please READ the description first, it can be confusing!  This is what you want Tussah Silk Fiber--either in sliver, roving or brick form--No silk noil. Prices vary so if it confuses you --call the shop and talk to an expert!!

In a week or so we will send out MUCH more information --Keep your eyes open!

Thank you Mary B. for this list of silk vendors:



This is Webs for those who might not be familiar with it (unlikely, I know)





This one has tussah bricks


April 4, 2015

NEXT MEETING: April 15, 2015, 6:30 pm

NOTE:  Change of date, time and meeting place.

April 15  Treadles mini class with Sarah Anderson at New Life Fellowship Church, 3535 Chestnut Ave, Concord 6:30 - 9:30
This program will actually be a 3 hour mini workshop on Drafting, so you will need to bring:
  • Spinning wheel (or spindle if that's what you use) in working order, 
  • 3 bobbins,
  • a lazy kate (if you have one), 
  • handcards (if you have them) and 
  • a lap cloth. 
  • as per a note from Sarah: "They will need fiber to spin and I haven't done this class with a large group where I don't control what fiber we're using. Most of the techniques can be learned with a basic medium top like Ashland's Corriedale cross top or Falkland top. The rolags are best made with a short staple fiber (2-3 inch) which isn't always easy to find. We could use washed locks." 
We will have some extra handcards to loan out during the meeting. We won't do a huge amount of handcarding but it is helpful to have real rolags to spin woolen and a lot of people would probably like to learn how to make a good rolag.

We will also have some fiber in combed top form to purchase at minimal cost if you don't already have any of your own. [Hard to believe!] Fiber from your combed top can also be used to learn the carding techniques Sarah will talk about. 

Sarah has Drafting handouts that usually sell for $8 but Sarah will sell the drafting handout at the meeting for $5  That is what will be done for the S&F guild meeting (only with the plying handout that is also being used int the 6 hour classes). Both  the ins and outs  of woolen and worsted drafting will be covered in this class.

April 16  Spinning workshop with Sarah Anderson in Walnut Creek
April 17, Spinning workshop with Sarah Anderson In Concord
April 18, Spinning workshop with Sarah Anderson in San Francisco
All participants in these workshops should have gotten their information from either Linnie or Spindles & Flyers, depending on which class you are in.

April 19, Spindles & Flyers mini class with Sarah Anderson, 715 Lexington Ave, El Cerrito 11 am to 2 pm
All Treadles members are welcome to attend this free mini class also. It is going to be a basic plying class. Not exactly sure what you need to bring to this class, but if you check the Spindles & Flyers website closer to the meeting date, I'm sure it will be in there. www.spindlesandflyers.org

Both of these free mini classes are a terrific opportunity to learn or to ramp up what you already know. Try to fit both of them into your schedule.


April 10, 11, 12,  CNCH Conference at Asilomar
Please remember to bring a "container" of any kind to the conference if you are attending, for the fundraising Scholarship Auction at the conference. Two of our members have gained this scholarship in the past. It covers the registration cost of that year's conference and is not need based. One needs only to apply.

You can also make a container between now and the next Monday spin and give it to a member who is going to conference.

April 18, Forest Hill Farms sheep shearing & spinning demos
May - Treadles Annual Dye Day - date and place  to be announced

June 6, 2015  Treadles' Spinning at the Winery, Retzlaff Winery, Livermore  10 AM to 4 PM

Linda B. - Sec.
Our Knit, Nosh and Spin meeting had a good turnout with 25 attending. 
CNCH liason Joan Anderson, had prepared tags for those who are donating “vessels” for CNCH scholarship fund raffle. Please have them ready for April 6 or 7.

Mary Bishop will host Sarah Anderson for our April classes if Carol Causey can’t. She will need help with food . Laura Hansen will host an evening meal.
Joan passed the work sign up list for the Spinning Day at the Retzlaff Winery. It will be passed again till filled.

Wendy mentioned the Forest Homes Farms Day in San Ramon will be Saturday, April 18, during CNCH. People are needed to demonstrate for the public only.
Wendy Lacy reminded us that the T2T fleece project should be ready for the dye phase. She passed a color sample card she has all the dye for. We are shooting for completion by the winery day. Please see her if you would like help with dying. 

Librarian Carol Causey has written up a lease agreement for ALL equipment checked out from the guild library of tools, books and CD’s. She brought the Aldon Amos and Forsythe combs to show.  Carol prepared a ring binder complete with pictures on the care and packing of the Clemes and Clemes electric carders. These carders are the only equipment that require a mandatary knowledge of usage and a monetary fee to check out of the library. This will be $200 deposit to take home plus proof of training. $25 will be retained if not returned clean. The carder can be checked out only for one week at a time at a use fee of $30/week. One carder will be stored at Carol Causey’s and one at Pam Murdock’s home. Carol will have the carder set up at her home and can be used there for $10 for two hours with no deposit. Pam is considering doing the same. Joan donated a booklet on “Essentials of Drum Carder” to be left with the carder box.

The Dye Day tradition will be moved to May in hopes of cooler temperatures. Carol said her house is available. Also volunteering her house was new member Cathryn Reynolds who lives near Oak Grove and Tread Bvld. (925-689-9269). Several suggestions were made as to the type of dying to be done. Wendy still has her seal-a-meal. Gayle Allison will contact Alyssa Allan at mycopigment.org to check availability for a mushroom dying class then.

Linnie Altman drew names from the three bags for the lottery to attend the April classes with Sarah Anderson co-hosted with Spindles and Flyers guild. She will notify all of their good fortune and let us know if additional funds are needed to cover any classes not filled after both guilds have a chance to sign up.

Attending: Vilija D., Blogger; Pam Murdock, Treasurer; Linda Burton, Secretary; Carol Causey, Librarian; Mary Bishop, Refreshment Chair, plus 10 members and one visitor.
At Vilija’s home in Clayton, CA.
discussion was held about the refreshment conundrum at our evening meetings. This was begun while speaking about the upcoming change in guild meeting day and place. The April meeting will only provide water at the church hall. Please bring your own containers for drinks. We then moved on to discuss the need for having any refreshments at evening guild meetings. Since we currently have a great turnout in numbers, we take more time from our meeting just to move people past the goodies table. The consensus was to have no assigned refreshments provided at evening guild meetings. The supplies will be donated to the Winery Day supply and the cart and coffee pot will go to a donation center to be recycled. Mary remarked on the pleasant “deletion” of her position. 


So If you did not read the above minutes from the Board Meeting [a.k.a. Monday Spinning], snacks, drinks and goodies are being eliminated from our evening meetings. Not only is it a hassle, but it takes away too much time from an already too short a time for a nightly meeting. Bring your own tea, coffee, soda and snack if you so choose. The library does have a drinking fountain, if needed.


By Vilija

This trapeze was inspired by several that I saw on line in many different locations. My very handy husband, Rob, put it together for me. 

March 20, 2015

Spinning Workshop Opportunities

Attention all T2T Spinners : An Incredible Opportunity With an Incredible Teacher - Sarah Anderson
As you know, we have been trying this year to teach all our new and returning spinners the basics so as to bring all of you up to a level where you feel comfortable in taking classes and understanding guild speakers. 

To quote Judith MacKenzie,"Sarah brings to the new world of yarn design, two important things: a bright curiosity and an innate love of beauty and order. Sarah is the consummate spinner."  With an enthusiastic personality and the publication of two books, she is one of the most sought after teachers of the moment. Please take advantage of this lucky opportunity! One of the best spinning teachers at an unheard of price and a group of friendly spinners--what more could one ask!! 

This workshop would be much more expensive if offered at a conference, or any other venue. Our Guild is charging rock-bottom prices to just cover costs. Don't let this one pass you by.

We need to fill 6 more slots. Call Linnie and let her know you are interested!! 925-300-8431

We need 6 more slots filled. 
In this class you will start with basic plying, then move into the more complex types  of plying such as spiral, chain, cable, boucle or core yarns
When: Saturday April 18th, 2015, 9am to 3pm
Where: Quilt Works, 27 Blanken Ave. San Francisco, CA
Price: $55 ( Payable to Spindles and Flyers by check)Please send to Linnie
                   Linnie Altman 1280 Elmwood Dr. , Walnut Creek, CA, 94597
Materials fee: unknown, but not unreasonable - Payable to teacher the day of class              

We have two other workshops for the bit more advanced spinner: 

we need 3 more spots filled]
When: Thursday April16th, 2015, 9am to 4pm
Where: NorthGate Club House, Walnut Creek, CA
Price $50.00--(Paid to Treadles to Threads by check) Mail check to Linnie Altman, 1280 Elmwood Dr. Walnut Creek, Ca 94597
Materials fee: Paid to Sarah at Class
Call Linnie for any questions! 925-300-8431

[we need to fill 3 more spots]
When: Friday, April 17th, 2015, 9am to 4pm
Where: Linda Van Heertum's home: 5452 Anselmo Ct. Concord, Ca 94521 
Price $ 50.00 ( Paid to Treadles to Threads by check) Mail to: Linnie Altman, 1280 Elmwood Dr. Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Materials fee: Paid to Sarah at Class
Please, call Linnie if you are interested  or have questions 925-300-8431

These three workshops are basically the same, just pick a day you can attend.

March 8, 2015

NEXT MEETING: March 19, 2015, 7PM

Note: The March meeting is on a different night than our usual meeting time

This will be an informal night of snacking, working with our fibers and discussing business for the Guild. If you come, it will not be boring! Don't eat dinner that night, bring a simple dish to share, savory or sweet, and we will work out some items we've had to table at the last few meetings to make time for speakers. Bring your wheels or your knitting for two hours of knitting, spinning & noshing.

This will also be the evening that the lottery for the Sarah Anderson workshops is drawn. If you have not read about the workshops and mini classes, scroll down to the previous blog and get informed.

February Meeting Minutes
[Linda B., secretary] 
The 7:00 p.m. meeting was preceded by a half hour demonstration by Sultana C. for those new spinners wanting to know the difference between worsted, semi-worsted and woolen spinning techniques.  President Laura H. began the meeting at 7:00 p.m.  Will T. verified that the Spinning at the Winery Day will be held this year on June 6, 2015. He thanked Linnie A. for her year’s of help with coordinating all the jobs it takes for T2T to be involved in this day. Linnie took over to help Will and Kate when the planning became increasingly more involved as the day grew in popularity with area spinners. Joan has now volunteered to do the job of coordinating T2T members this year and planning will begin in earnest in the next few months. We are exploring the possibility of having our own booth at the Retzlaff winery as a means for members to sell products that do not compete with our vendor’s products. 

CNCH liason, Joan A. asked for us to submit more “vessels” to be used in the raffle at Conference in Asilomar in April. The money raised by this raffle will be used as scholarships for others to attend a future CNCH conference. We have been fortunate to have two T2T members win a scholarship in the recent past. She will be glad to transport them to conference.
Vilija handed out business card sized advertisements for our guild printed with our logo, name, blogspot site and CNCH web site listed. Please hand these out at any opportunity.
Wendy L. reminded us that Forest Hill Farms in San Ramon area will be April 18, 2015, for those not attending the Sarah Anderson workshop that day. We will be interacting with the public and demonstrating spinning. No skirting work will be needed this year.

Laura thanked those providing the refreshments this month. We had 29 people attending, counting two visitors.

Linnie gave a presentation about the upcoming April T2T guild meeting and subsequent co-sponsored  workshops presented by Sarah Anderson. [Please read the previous blog for detailed information about Sarah' visits with both guilds.]
We had a quick show and tell and refreshment break
Pam Murdock introduced the evening’s speakers. Henry Clemes and Roy Clemes of Clemes & Clemes spinning products company in Pinole, CA brought us our two electric carding machines, purchased after a committee search to add such a machine to the guild’s lending library. Father Henry and son Roy proceeded to meticulously describe the use and features of these machines. They started with how to remove the machines from the packing boxes. The electric motor section weighs 22 pounds and the drum carder, about 15 pounds. All parts and tools to assemble and safely use the electric carder are contained in a specific place in this box. It is recommended that everything is labeled and remains in this box.  The use of these carders by our members will depend on knowledge of the proper construction of the carder’s parts, safety features, and a hefty deposit for a specific time limit on usage. The expense of these tools demands these requirements when they are checked out of the guild’s library. Carol C., librarian, will look into the possibility of short time use that may not incur a large deposit. These carders are quite efficient and speedy. We were shown  proper assembly, fiber feeding, doffing, cleaning of the large and small drums, and how to diz a bat right off the drum. The electric motor section requires little maintenance and has multiple safety features for the user. The total machine has as small a footprint as the manual model without the electric motor section. The Clemes’ products are shown on YouTube. We had such a great time learning about the carders that we did not get to see the demonstration of the blending board Clemes’ produces.  The Clemes’ offer classes at select fiber conferences and are considering a class room at their place of business in Pinole, CA.

The meeting ended at 9:25 p.m.

Dates For Your Calendar

March 19, 2015  Thursday, Date change due to Library conflict Treadles meeting at the Library
April 9 - 12, 2015  CNCH at Asilomar -more info to the right under "Bay Area Guild Info"
April 15  Treadles mini class with Sarah Anderson at New Life Fellowship, 3535 Chestnut Ave, Concord 6:30 - 9:30
April 16  Spinning workshop with Sarah Anderson in Walnut Creek
April 17, Spinning workshop with Sarah Anderson In Concord
April 18, Spinning workshop with Sarah Anderson in San Francisco
April 19, Spindles & Flyers mini class with Sarah Anderson, 715 Lexington Ave, El Cerrito 11 am to 2 pm
     all info about Sarah's classes and w.s. are in the previous blog
April 18, Forest Hill Farms sheep shearing & spinning demos
May - Treadles Annual Dye Day - date and place  to be announced
June 6, 2015  Treadles' Spinning at the Winery, Retzlaff Winery, Livermore  10 AM to 4 PM

In the food aisle of the grocery store, food labeled organic on the front display of the product, must be "certified" organic according to our laws. While all food items are under the jurisdiction of the USDA, textiles are another matter, however. Since they are not food, they are not governed by the USDA. 

Many yarns and textiles can be labeled organic without actually being "organic" in the same vein as organic foods are, which are grown and processed within very strict guidelines. Organic textiles could be anything the manufacturer wanted them to be. Until now.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was developed through collaboration by
leading standard setters with the aim of defining requirements that are recognised world-wide and that ensure the organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way to labelling in order to provide credible assurance to the consumer.

Since its introduction in 2006, and supported by the growth in consumption of organic fibres and by the remarkable demand for unified processing criteria from the industry and retail sector, GOTS has gained universal recognition. This has enabled processors and manufacturers to supply their organic textiles with one certification accepted in all major markets. With the introduction of the logo and labelling system GOTS is already visible not only on the shelves of natural textile shops but large-scale retailers and brand dealers as well.

While there are no specific laws in our country yet for labeling textiles "organic", if you see the GOTS label you will know for sure it is the type of "organic" product you are looking for.

A lot of the standard is much more technical than the average consumer needs or wants to know, but some things that stand out are:
yarns labeled as organic can have up to 5 percent non-organic materials, but only certain fibers are allowed
some synthetic and regenerated (cellulose) fibers are allowed as part of the 5 percent non-organic material
products can be labeled "made with x percent organic" material so long as at least 70 percent of the fiber is organic and it meets other standards
no genetically modified products are allowed
organic and non-organic fibers of the same sort cannot be mixed in the same product (so you can't have an organic wool yarn that also has non-organic wool included)
oxygen-only bleaches are allowed; no chlorine
cotton can be mercerized  if its production meets the standards
heavy-metal dyes are banned other than those that use iron; a dye of up to 5 percent copper is allowed for yarns that will be dyed blue, green or turquoise
after January 1, 2014, any polyester used in yarn or fabric has to be from post-consumer recycled material
packing material cannot include PVC; after January 1, 2014, all cardboard and paper used in packing materials, ball bands, etc., must be from recycled sources or certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
companies must meet standards for wastewater treatment
the standard sets out the basics of fair working conditions including no slave or child labor, no discrimination, fair pay, reasonable working hours, a workplace free of harassment, etc.

Choosing yarns or fabrics that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard is a step in the right direction toward being greener and allows you to be assured that the textile was produced in good conditions for the workers (though as of this writing it does not yet apply to farm workers), any animals involved and for the planet, too.

A just for fun project from the Fall 2004 issue of INTERWEAVE KNITS. A  fun hat to Play around with, especially if you have lots of odds and ends of your handspun, or any leftovers combined to  make a bulky yarn. That's Play, with a capital P, which rhymes with C, which stands for Cool.

Sing to the tune of "76 Trombones"[ from The Music Man, for you younger folks]

Attention Knitters! Yarn in hand! Needles ready! Cast on!
. . . 76 stitches on a number 9
Knit in the round just plain stockinette
Don't forget to mark the beginning of the row
Or you'll lose your place before you know!

76 stitches and some bulky yarn--
Knit for about 5 inches or so.
Do a row of purl, so the edge will make a curl,
Change your color every other row.

Go ahead and use your stash and have some fun with this--
Blue and pink, rose and green, purple and some gold.
You'll be amazed how marvelous the stripes can be!
And you will see--that you can be quite bold!

Knit 4 more inches--change your color every round.
Ooh and ahh, wow and neat, is what they all will say.
Now's the time to shape the top and make the crown.
You decrease one every 10 and do a row straight away.

76 stitches are now 70.
You can decrease one every 8 next row.
Knit a row between, now it's 7, 5, 4, 3
then every 2--you're almost set to go!

Decrease every one--then knit 2 together,
Next break the yarn and thread the tail through.
Your hat's complete! Go and get something to eat.
As for me--
I am going to knit one, too!

The author of this is Wren Ross, a singer, actor and knitter. Her website is www.wrenross.com  Go to the button toward the bottom of the page that says "Knitting & Design" to see more of her knitting adventures.
If you need and want, I can publish the "traditional" step by step instructions in the next blog.

END NOTE and Thought for the Month

"Time is precious--waste it wisely"
And an especially good way is to just hang out with a good friend.