January 12, 2016


PLEASE NOTE: The next meeting is on a Monday rather than our usual last Wednesday of the month. Every other night, except Friday, was booked that week at the library. Hope your schedule will fit in this change. Hard to complain since we get the room for free!

THE EVOLUTION OF WOOLUnderstanding Fleece from Mountain Goat to Merino
with Judith MacKenzie [sadly not in person, but in a great DVD Video]

We had to post-pone viewing this last October, so we will be viewing it this month. In addition, there will be more presentations from our members in the Sheep Breed Study. On tap this month is: Cheviot by Laura & Carolyn, Shetland Mooritt by Wendy, Manx Loughton by Carol C., and Masham by Donna Schutt. Anyone not present last time, pick up your samples from the last meeting at this meeting.

For anyone new, our breed study this year is of fairly rare breeds of sheep, most of whom are in need of some tender loving care to keep the breeds going. Look back over the past few blogs for more info about this. Its not about looking for the super softest wool, its about keep breed diversity alive and well.

If you'e like many of us, the new year brings on renewing and refreshing yourself, and that includes the ever growing stash of whatever it is you have. At this meeting we will have a couple tables set up for "FREE" and "CHEAP". If you need an impetus to cull out some stuff related to our craft, bring it in. Perhaps someone else can actually use it. And remember, there is no selling in the Library room, so any exchanges of actual money needs to be done between yourselves off the premises. 

MINUTES from our Secretary, Linda B.
NOVEMBER 19, 2015, 7:00 P.M. THURMAN CASEY LIBRARY, WALNUT CREEK, CA President Laura Hansen thanked Wendy for heading up the October meeting. 

CNCH liaison, Joan Anderson offered hard copies of the program and registration booklet for the CNCH 2016 conference in Modesto, CA, April 8-10. Registration will begin January 3, 2016, which is a Sunday. This is a departure from previous years’ timing. She asked us to book our hotel rooms NOW. Call the hotel to give the hotel code of CNC to make sure you get the correct price and block. Full registration for 9 hours of seminars is $280. Full registration scholarships for each of the 5 district have an application deadline of January 4, 2016. 

Linda reported a correction in the blog information notes of the year for CNCH registration as 2016, not 3016. She asked to be notified about needed corrections, so they can be added to the meeting notes as well. 

Lisa Waterman recommended a speaker who is available in March. This will be pursued for availability. 

Pam and Linda V.H. will participate in th Moraga Holiday Fair at Hacienda de las Flores on December 4-6, 2015. Maryann said demos of spinning and/or weaving would be welcomed there as well. 

Show and tell was followed by announcements. Alane S. has an 8 harness, hand made loom for sale. Joan reported on the Fiber Shed event in Pt Reyes Station with free stuff and lots of interesting people and presentations. Two people presented reports on our breed study of sheep. Joan reported on Falkland, referring to the Island area off South America, home to 500,000 sheep. Maryann told of the Swaledale breed from Yorkshire, England. They have a very kempy fleece and are best for hardwearing items like rugs or handbags. Samples of both fleeces and descriptive sheets were distributed to the paying participants of the guild breed study We adjourned at 8 p.m..
Dye Day this year will be in April with Mary Finley and Roger Salter. Fees for participation will be announced when we have firm dates and an idea of how many want to participate. Fees will include supplies and some fiber. 

CONFERENCE 2016, APRIL 8, 9, 10
A reminder to spin your Return to Sender fiber.  It needs to be done by March as it has to be sent in then.  More info to follow.  If you did Return to Sender in 2014, you can transform your yarn into something - woven, knit, crocheted.  There are other galleries as well as listed on the left on CNCH.org under the Modesto Conference.  You can enter even if not attending.  If it is knit or crocheted, it should be made from your handspun yarn.

Jan. 12 thru Mar. 15
Jan. 14 thru Mar. 17 Beginning weaving classes at Walnut Creek Civic Arts. One daytime class and two evening classes. www.walnutcreekrec.org for more info. A good place to learn to come over to the "dark side" - as we say in jest to all those we pull into our growing weaving population.

Jan. 25, Treadles Meeting [date change] this date is a MONDAY
Feb. 7,  Shearing Day at Meridian Jacobs.[info below]
Feb. 24, Treadles Meeting 
Mar. 30, Treadles Meeting 
April 8, 9, 10. CNCH Conference in Modesto [all info is on line at the link to the right   
Apr. 26, Treadles Meeting [date change - TUESDAY]April Dye Day - To be announced

Shearing Day At Meridian Jacobs - February 7, 2016

Join us on Shearing Day. Visitors can watch shearing, learn how to skirt a fleece, and choose a fleece to purchase as it comes off the sheep. We will start shearing at 9:00 and work until there are no more sheep to shear. My shearer is very fast so we may be finished around noon. Come in the morning to make sure you don't miss the shearing.

Bring your spinning wheel, a lunch, and spend the day if the weather is good. Kids are welcome at Shearing Day, but MUST be supervised by adults at all times. Please leave your dogs at home.

Parking is somewhat limited so carpooling is encouraged. Do not park on Meridian Road. Traffic is fast and, if it's been raining, you could get stuck in the mud. Come in the driveway and we'll help you park if it is crowded.

Shearing is rain or shine. It's too early to predict the weather.  You can get to the barn without stepping in mud, but if it's actively raining you may be stepping through big puddles. Boots are advisable.



Simon has spent most of 2015 making tiny needle felted cats called Mini Me-ow's for the cat caf├ęs of Edinburgh!

He lives along the Northumberland coast with his four Devon Rex cats surrounded by countless cups of cold tea! Simon loves the wildlife of Northumberland and is fascinated by British folklore, which has so many rich and fabulous stories that he tries to inject into his work. Simon creates stories that feature animals on imaginary journeys using found objects and beautiful textures.

Simon's Rabbit
His trip to Edinburgh was a spur of the moment detour up the Northumberland coast which led him to the Fenwick Gallery in Warkworth, which took his felting to a completely different direction. Encouraged by the gallery owner he was soon making hares and other British wildlife creatures embarking on imaginary journeys using incredibly textured wool and found objects such as old bottles, vintage wood planes, tiny crowns and even bristles from grubby brooms that have spanned over 3 generations.

''I believe the right wool can give my work added movement which is why I try to combine fibres from all over the world, from wiry Icelandic wool and incredibly textured herdwick to camel hair and soft cashmere from the Far East, which all helps result in a beautifully tactile piece.’’

For Simon, 2016 should see the addition of dogs and owls to his body of work as well as more sculptural pieces including leaping hares and running foxes and also ceramics being introduced to create even more texture to his pieces.

Simon’s website is www.fenwickgallery.co.uk  I could not find any photos of his cats and this is the only website that was in the "World of Wool" article all this info came from.

Simon's Border Collie

Kodi is a new kitten companion to Junior and Iso in our household. He has discovered handspun!

December 8, 2015



Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015
At Vilija's house. Address is on your membership list, or email me or Pam for directions.

Bring a food dish to share and a sheep ornament to exchange. Handmade would be fantastic, but if pressed for time just buy the cutest one you can find! We always have lots of fun looking at all the creations and finds from our imaginative members.

Bring your knitting if you need to keep hands busy, but there is not enough room for your wheels, so they get to miss out on the food and fun. Oh well, give them an extra spin when you get home.


Dec. 12 & 13,  Carquinez Toy Train Operating Museum  10 am - 4 pm, 645 B Loring Ave., Crockett
This is the train museum Will and his friends started and set up. At this special Christmas event, the trains will be running both days. Fun for everyone.

Dec 19,  Treadles Holiday Party

Dec. 20, Benefit for Lake County Fire Victims, Freight & Salvage Coffee House, 2020 Addison St. Berkeley, Doors open at 6pm with the VOENA choir greeting guests with holiday songs. Show starts at 7pm
Tickets are $29 in advance or $33 at the door

A great concert offering of which 100% of the box office will go to the Lake County Fire Victims Fund and the Cal Firefighters Relief Fund. Member Doris' husband is in one of the bands to perform.


    Jan. 12 thru Mar. 15
    Jan. 14 thru Mar. 17 Beginning weaving classes at Walnut Creek Civic Arts. One daytime class and two evening classes. www.walnutcreekrec.org for more info. A good place to learn to come over to the "dark side" - as we say in jest to all those we pull into our growing weaving population.

    Jan. 25, Treadles Meeting [date changethis date is a MONDAY
      Feb. 24, Treadles Meeting 
        Mar. 30, Treadles Meeting 
          April 8, 9, 10. CNCH Conference in Modesto [all info is on line at the link to the right   

            END NOTE FROM ISO
            NO you are NOT. . . You are NOT the real Santa!

            November 13, 2015

            NEXT MEETING: NOV 19, 2015, 7 PM

            NOTE:  day and date change for this meeting


            Two more of our Sheep Breed Study presenters will talk about and have samples of their particular sheep breed. Notice how now there are more articles out there on "rare" or "endangered" sheep or other animals [current thought is that elephants in the wild will be extinct by 2050], plants, grains and other things we never gave a second thought to. We are on the cusp of studies on the questions of what is going on in nature and ways in how to maintain diversity.

            Bring your wheels or knitting for working on this evening. We have lots of people in our guild who are very knowledgeable in both spinning and knitting. If you are having any problems with either, tonight would be a good time to bring out your questions.

            From our Secretary, Linda Burton:

            Minutes for the Sept. 29 meeting.
            Secretary Linda Burton was absent. Notes offered by Vilija and Pam Murdock. 
            Vilija presented two of the sheep breeds of the coming year’s study, Dorset and Dorset Horned. She presented portions of fleece to each of the participants in the study. Also shown was the DVD by Deb Robson on the necessity of preserving sheep breeds. 
            It was noted that Laura and Pam have audited the books and the audit is placed on file with the treasurer’s books.

            Spinzilla will start October 5 thru 11. T2T has members on three teams–Carolina Homespun, Yarn Boutique Lafayette and Meredian Jacobs. 

            Minutes for the October 28 meeting
                 Wendy Lacy presided at the meeting in Laura Hansen’s absence. 
                 Joan Anderson, CNCH liason, gave the report from the CNCH planning meeting. She distributed the 20 samples for Return to Sender. There were 120 samples made in total. The date for the start of conference registration has changed from November to January 3, 3016. Full registration for the April 8-10, 2016 conference in Modesto is $280. The title is “Field to Fiber” and will have several different combinations of classes and fees in addition to the full registration.  The Doubletree will be the host hotel with rates of $109 per room that hold up to four people. Joan reminded us that there will be non-need based scholarships  available to conference and all may apply.
                 Wendy announced that Team Carolina Handspun placed eighth nationally in Spinzilla. 
                 Vilija agreed to host the Holiday pot luck and ornament exchange at her home on December 19 at noon.
                 Lisa Waterman offered the name of Jen Hoover of Davis, CA, as a potential speaker/workshop presenter on natural dyes. Jen is also a sheep shearer. She will be presenting at Diablo Weavers. We will try to arrange a talk/workshop this year.
                 CNCH President, Joan Anderson, announced there will be a planning meeting Saturday at the Berkeley Sport Basement in the old “Iceland”space for CNCH 2017 to be held at Asilomar. All are invited.
                 The next breed study will be in November. There will be Manx Louathtan, Falkland and one other. 
                 Announcements included the cancellation of Yolo Wool Works October 31 open house. Meridian     Jacobs will host a “Hug a Sheep” potluck on Oct. 31. Fiber Shed wool symposium at Pt. Reyes, Marin will be held November 7.
                 Wendy introduced our speaker, Jackie Huang, creator of Wool Buddys, books and kits of needle felted animals. He spoke of his history as an food scientist, nuclear energy researcher in the Navy, culminating in model making in Animation Masters and Lucas Films. During a down time at Lucas Films, he started small needle felted animals with the help of his wife. With help from years of working in the corporate arena, his Wool Buddys business has evolved into an international scope. He tries to keep his products “green” and his suppliers in the third world truly fair trade partners. He kindly shared his techniques from start to T. Rex at 10 feet tall. He also presented all attendees with a needle felted owl. He had copies of his Wool Buddy book with patterns and thimbles and felting pads to show us. It was a wonderful presentation, showcasing putting a lifetime of talent and an idea together toward a final, successful product.


            Nov. 19Treadles Meeting [date change]
            Dec 19,  Treadles Holiday Party at Vilija's home. More info to follow, but get working on your sheep ornament for exchange if you plan on making one!


            Jan. 25, Treadles Meeting [date changethis date is a MONDAY
            Feb. 24, Treadles Meeting 
            Mar. 30, Treadles Meeting [date is tentative]
            April 8, 9, 10. CNCH Conference in Modesto [all info is on line at the link to the right]

            Happy Thanksgiving! Watch out for those fangs if you're a turkey.

            October 24, 2015

            NEXT MEETING: Oct. 28, 2015, 7 PM

            PROGRAM:  WoolBuddy World with Jackie Huang

            Jackie Huang is a 3D story artist and art teacher whose passion for art transcends the boundaries of various art forms. His company, Woolbuddy, began as a desire to find a unique collection of toys for his newborn daughter.  After searching for months and coming up empty handed, he decided that it was time for him to create his own collection of premium handcrafted felted animals that reflected the imaginative and magical world that he wanted to share with his daughter.

            300 characters have come to life and now make up the six distinctive collections of the Woolbuddy World. There are Loveable Monsters, animals from The Zoo,  Woolbuddies living on The Farm, Sea Creatures that swim through the ocean, reptiles that spend their day lounging around The Swamp, and Itty Bitty Critters that wonder throughout the land.

            WoolBuddy products are often sold out at local museums, stores, and national conventions. Currently, the WoolBuddy collection can be found at the Crafts and Folk Art Museum as well as at national conventions such as Comicon, Wondercon, and Alternative Press Expo (APE) and events such as the Maker Faire.

            Please check out his website at http://woolbuddy.com
            We are very happy to have Jackie Huang visit our guild!

            September 22, 2015


            THE EVOLUTION OF WOOL, Understanding Fleece from Mountain Goat to Merino
            with Judith MacKenzie [sadly not in person, but in a great DVD Video]

            As a kick-off to our Sheep Breed Study this year, Judith on video takes us on a journey not only through the history of the sheep, but also from cut end to tip end of the all important wool staple. We will learn:
            • How individual wool fibers grow
            • Why fleece has changed over the millennia
            • What differences have developed between wild ancient sheep,  primitive breeds, and improved breeds
            • What makes some wool soft, some silky and some itchy
            Also this month:
            Vilija Deutschman talking about Dorset Horn Sheep and Dorset Down Sheep

            The Sheep Breed Study
            Most of us are already somewhat familiar with the "luxury" wool fibers such as Merino, Rambouillet, BFL, Romney, Columbia, Corriedale, and the various crosses. Many times when spinners buy already prepared fiber for spinning, it simply says "wool" or "Merino X [cross]".

            This year we will focus on specific, mostly older, somewhat rare breeds. Not all sheep in our study will yield a soft, next to the skin, wearable yarn. But ALL sheep have fibers that can have a real purpose in our lives for very specific projects. You may never want to spin yarn that is not baby soft, but learning about the sustainability of various breeds of sheep is important to the survival of all sheep.

            Many old breeds have not undergone intensive trait selection by breeders, so they generally have greater genetic variability and are always well adapted to the place where they developed. Traditional breeds work well in sustainable and small sale agriculture and thrive in more natural farming systems. They help support rural and regional communities by enhancing the profitability of small farmers here and around the world.

            In this age where agriculture needs to produce great quantities of a product,  many animals are bred for genetic uniformity. These animals [and plants] are highly productive, but are also more unlikely to adapt quickly to climate or environmental change. So the more diversity there is in a gene pool, the better the shot at adapting to changing conditions. By seeking fibers produced by rare and endangered sheep, we help to maintain them. And, sometimes they are just darned cute.

            The fifteen breeds you will hear about this year are:
            1. Dorset Horn
            2. Swalesdale
            3. Falkland
            4. Manx Loaghtan
            5. Cheviot [no, not endangered, but one of the oldest breeds in the world]
            6. Shetland [mooritt]
            7. Masham
            8. Icelandic
            9. Cotswold
            10. Finn
            11. Norwegian 
            12. Gotland
            13. Black Welsh Mountain
            14. Wenslydale
            15. Dorset Down - a new addition to our list
            One, two, or three breeds will be presented at most of the meetings this year. There are 29 participants who have signed up to get 1 oz. packets of each fleece with each presentation. All of the wool has been ordered and has come in. Its quite a wonderful variety to see it all in person. There is still room for a few more to take part. A $25 check to our Treasurer, Pam, will get you in, otherwise you will still hear and learn all about these wonderful breeds.

            A big thank you to member Marianne who ordered most of the wool through her shop The Yarn Boutique, and then gave Treadles a generous discount. Thanks Marianne! We got a total of 37.5 lbs. of wool.

            A reminder from the treasurer:  if you haven't paid your dues, now is the time!  Treadles must pay it's dues to CNCH soon. If you are not able to attend the meeting, please mail a $25 check, payable to TREADLES TO THREADS, to Pam Murdock.

            • Sept. 29, Treadles meeting [Date change]
            • Oct. 3-4  Lambtown, in Dixon CA. Check the link in the column on the right.
            • Oct. 5 thru 12 SPINZILLA, One monster of a spinning week! Get ready to spin your mile of yarn that week.
            • Oct. 10-114th Annual Fiber Fusion in Durham, CA [2 miles south of Chico] Fiber animals, marketplace, mini-workshops, classes, lectures, SHEEP TO SHAWL COMPETITION, sheep dog trials. Fiber-Fusion.org for more info. They are actively seeking sheep to shawl teams.
            • Oct. 28Treadles meeting
            • November 6-8, 5th Annual Gorge Fiber Festival at The Dalles, Oregon. Marketplace, workshops in knitting, spinning, weaving, drop spindling and wet felting.  www.columbiagorgefiberfestival.com
            • Nov. 19Treadles Meeting [date change]

            Spinzilla is coming again!

            Last year, a number of T2T members participated in Spinzilla, the one-week spinning extravaganza that challenges us to spin and have fun spinning.  We had a ton of fun and created miles of yarn. We have too many spinners for one team, so this year, The Yarn Boutique in Lafayette is hosting a Spinzilla team also. This team is open to everyone, whether you plan to spin up a storm or just a little drizzle. Our focus will be on fun. There will be prizes for everyone who participates.

            Spinzilla’s Goals
            ● To raise awareness about the joy of spinning yarn by hand
            ● To empower spinners to spin more
            ● To connect spinners locally and globally
            ● To fund educational programs for the spinners and weavers of tomorrow
            ● To support small fiber-related businesses
            ● To spin enough yarn to reach around the globe in five years!

            To register, go to Spinzilla.org and select Team Yarn Boutique Lafayette. Your $10 fee goes to a good cause, the TNNA Needlearts Mentoring Program.

            Questions? Call Marianne Adams at The Yarn Boutique in Lafayette, 925-283-7377, or email yarn-at-yarnboutique.us.

            From member Wendy:
            In preparation for Spinzilla we will be holding an informal SMACKDOWN at LAMBTOWN in Dixon on Saturday October 3 at 4 pm near the Sheep to Shawl competition. The sheep to shawl will be over and their wheels and looms will be in cool down mode! All are welcome to the Smackdown no matter what team they are on… There will be prizes : )

            We will be gathering together at Round Table Pizza in Pleasant Hill (Oak Park Blvd.) on Friday October 9th at 6 pm for a Spinzilla Spinning and Pizza Night. There will be fiber PRIZES awarded at random for this event. Please come and enjoy the food and fun!

            We will also have a Spinzilla gathering at Amy's house on Saturday October 10 from 11 am - 4 pm to spin, spin, spin. This gathering is a byo lunch. We will have drinks available.

            LOCAL NEWS

            From member Mindy who follows on Facebook one of our favorite spinning teachers, Stephanie Gausted. Stephanie lives near Sonora where firefighters are still battling [as of this writing] one of the fires we have here in Northern California. She posted that she, Alden, daughter, assorted chickens and critters are safe and well. Apparently the fire came to within 1/2 mile of their home. What an amazing huge group of firefighters we have. They persevere in horrible conditions to try and save whatever they can. We are so grateful.

            SWEATER CLASS

            In this initial 4-session workshop, Sultana will guide you through the process of creating a top down, circular yoke cardigan/pullover sweater that fits your unique and beautiful body!  You'll take accurate body measurements and translate them into a schematic, which you'll use to create a basic
            recipe for your customized sweater pattern.  On the way, you'll explore various sweater styles and construction, you'll learn about gauge, yarn fibers, ease, fit, picking up stitches, buttonholes, finishing, and blocking.  We have 5 spots available in this unique class.  For more information please contact Treadles member, Sultana at             sultanacharania@comcast.net 

            SEA SILK

            Silk is usually made from the cocoons spun by silkworms - but there is another, much rarer, cloth known as sea silk or byssus, which comes from a clam. Chiara Vigo is thought to be the only person left who can harvest it, spin it and make it shine like gold. Read this interesting article shared by member Mary B.  

            END NOTE FROM ISO
            "What?. . . You spin, I get comfy. Life is good."

            August 9, 2015

            NEXT MEETING: Aug. 27, 2015, 7 pm

            TAKE NOTE: This month's meeting is on a Thursday night as opposed to our normal Wednesday night. 

            At the beginning of this year for Treadles, we have lots to talk about at this our annual planning meeting. Without a formal "Program Planner", we already have a few plans in place, but it would be great if one, two, or several others stepped up to arrange the plans for a meeting.

            The attendees at the August meeting often come up with a full schedule for the year. What we will need is for someone to take the lead in the organizational part. Lots of ideas are put forth and it makes it much easier to get things going. We want to know what you want.

            The ultra rare Apple Pie Loving Breed
            One ongoing project for the year will be a SHEEP BREED STUDY.  Fourteen different sheep breeds have been picked, from the everyday breed you thought would not make great yarn, to the rare, seldom seen breeds. What you will get as a participant:

            •  one ounce of clean, combed fleece, ready to spin, each month for the next 14 months [Perhaps at some meetings two breeds will be talked about] Colors of the fleeces will be whites, grays, dark brown and black. They will range from fine to not so fine, but still useful.
            • a one page handout about the breed and the type of fleece they produce
            • at the end, you will have a nice booklet about the sheep plus 14 ounces of your hand spun that will then be used in some type of project.  Use them all together in an haut couture,  beautifully striped project or, combine them with other yarn, hand spun or commercial.
            We will also ask 14 different people to pick one of the breeds to make the handout, divide up the fleeces for that month, then present them at a subsequent meeting. 

            While we originally wanted this to be a Rare Breed Study, the reality, however, of obtaining a ready to spin fleece from such breeds is exceedingly difficult. Raw fleeces are available sometimes, but would be too expensive to have them cleaned and prepared. We decided we wanted something ready to spin so that we would each find it easier to actually participate. 

            Participants will have the chance to sign up at the August meeting. After we have a count of how many plan on taking part, we can order the fleeces. It will cost each participant $25 for the whole 14 oz. to subsidize the cost of the wool. That's only $1.79 cents for one ounce of a very special wool.

            Pam will be at the meeting to collect this year's dues, $25, if you have not yet paid.
             She will also collect as a separate fee, the $25 for the Sheep Breed Study. If you know you want to participate, and cannot be at the meeting, please let her know and send in your fees. 

            We can hopefully begin the Breed Study in September, so make an effort to come to the August meeting.


            Our Guild has grown so big and we don't have another available space larger to meet, so the Board decided to forgo snacks, drinks and other goodies at the meeting on any kind of a formal basis, plus the fact that it just takes too much time away from programs when we have them. Everyone is certainly allowed to bring their own drinks or snacks to the meetings. 


            • Aug. 27  Treadles meeting [Date change]
            • Sept.5-6, Natural Fiber Fair, Arcata, CA at the Arcata Community Center. 10 am to 6 pm Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm Sunday. Vendor Hall, Fleece market, demos, Fiber Arts exhibits, Full and half day workshops: www.naturalfiberfair.com
            • Sept. 10-13, 15th Annual Woolgathering, presented by the Warner Mountain Weavers in Cedarville, CA.  Vendors, demos, guest speakers, classes and more. www.warnermountainweavers.com
            • Sept. 18-20 California Wool & Fiber Festival in conjunction with Mendocino County Fair & Apple Show. Friday and Saturday 10 am to 8 pm, Sunday 10 am to 6 pm  www.fiberfestival.com
            • Sept 19-20 Diablo Valley Quilters 2015 Quilt Show. Saturday,10-5, Sunday 10-4. Tice Valley Community Gym, 2055 Tice Valley Blvd., Walnut Creek
            • Sept. 29, Treadles meeting [Date change]
            • Oct. 3-4  Lambtown, in Dixon CA. Check the link in the column on the right.
            • Oct. 5 thru 12 SPINZILLA, One monster of a spinning week! Get ready to spin your mile of yarn that week.
            • Oct. 10-11, 4th Annual Fiber Fusion in Durham, CA [2 miles south of Chico] Fiber animals, marketplace, mini-workshops, classes, lectures, SHEEP TO SHAWL COMPETITION, sheep dog trials. Fiber-Fusion.org for more info. They are actively seeking sheep to shawl teams.
            • Oct. 28, Treadles meeting
            • November 6-8, 5th Annual Gorge Fiber Festival at The Dalles, Oregon. Marketplace, workshops in knitting, spinning, weaving, drop spindling and wet felting.  www.columbiagorgefiberfestival.com
            • Nov. 19, Treadles Meeting [date change]

            Treadles to Threads member, Reba, is chair of this great event. The quilt pictured is their "Opportunity Quilt" for this year. Featured artists will be Aileyn Renli Ecob and Jean Renli Jurgenson.

            Tice Valley Community Gym
            2055 Tice Valley Blvd. Walnut Creek
            Sat. 10-5,  Sun. 10-4

            Admission is $10 - good for both days.

            You can register online to avoid standing in line: http://dvq-quilt-show.evenbrite.com  Enter promotional code: 222

            From Tina Luster,  a dedicated quilter and beginning knitter, who is also communications manager for Sonoma County, sends us this information:

            "I love finding local shops that support my fabric and fiber habit. Northern California’s Sonoma County overflows with places to go and things to do. Browse unique knitting and weaving stores, and explore a small wool mill, all while traveling through rolling hills, across neat vineyard-lined valleys, and along a stunning coastline."

            "We're so proud of all that we have to offer, we've summed it all up in an itinerary "Exploring Fiber Arts in Sonoma County Two Day Itinerary," located online at www.sonomacounty.com/articles/exploring-fiber-arts-sonoma-county-3-day-itinerary.
            We hope you'll check it out, and share details about our amazing destination with members of your fiber group."

            END NOTE:
            "Iso, that's so funny!"
            "That wasn't a joke, Junior."

            June 10, 2015

            JULY PICNIC, Wednesday, July 8, 2015

            Our next get-together is a "just-for-fun" picnic at Larkey Park, Walnut Creek. The park is adjacent to Lindsey Museum and at the corner of 1st Ave. and Buena Vista, just off Geary Rd. The possibility of a white fox joining us from Lindsey is probably remote, but we'll all have a fun time anyway.

            Meet at 5 pm, or whenever you can get there. Bring your own drinks, a pot luck dish to share, a spinning wheel and a chair. Bring your spouses and kids if they would like to come.

            The picnic will be great to keep all of us excited about participating in "Tour de Fleece". Wendy is working with Morgaine on the possibility to have fibers available for those who want to try something new. Something a bit out of the norm.

            "Tour de Fleece", July 4th thru July 26th, runs concurrent with the "Tour de France" and if you are a fan, its a wonderful time to sit, watch the bicyclists, the French scenery and spin a bit. Sample some French wines also! Could be fun.

            Photo by Joel Palmer, from the Retzlaff website
            SPINNING AT THE WINERY 2015

            This was our 18th consecutive year of hosting this great event. A huge thank you to all who participated in organizing, working, bringing a raffle item and just in general supporting Treadles on this day.

            Blessed with supreme weather, great attendance, wonderful vendors and very supportive raffle ticket buyers, we had another successful year.

            Thank you to Retzlaff Winery for the support they have given us with this beautiful venue, with lots of terrific upgrades this year, and to the help they gave throughout the day.

            Thank you also to the vendors, who continue to come and set up just for the one day to fulfill our shopping whims and needs. We appreciate it.

            Sept. 18 thru 21, 2015, Boonville CA

            Member Megan wrote Treadles a note:
            . . . at the winery I met Peggie Agnew of Red Creek Farm that I've heard so much about as the source of Faith and Fay's fleece. She gave me a post card about the upcoming California Wool & Fiber Festival in Boonville Sept. 18 through 20th. 

            I'd like to go and was wondering if any one else would like to go. I drive a SUV Honda Pilot plus I looked at AirB&B and see houses for rent for a few days that have several bedrooms, etc. and one sits on 2 acres. Going as a group brings the costs way down example the house I'm writing about is $253 a night divided by 4 is $63.25 a day.

            Do members of the guild get together and do things like this? Anyone interested?

            There will be:
            Wool show
            Sheep shearing
            Spinning competitions
            Spinning and weaving demos
            Sheep dog trials

            PS: I purchased a fleece from Peggy. My sheep's name is Fritz. I'm pretty darn excited about Fritz's 9 lbs. of merino realizing after he's processed that there will be around 6 lbs. of merino all white and pretty!!!!!

            Sounds like a really fun thing to do. If you are interested, talk to Megan about it or take the week-end off and go up with your family.


            Time is now to put together a team to keep our Guild going strong for the coming year. President Laura has consented to keep on for another year in her job. We are hoping most other office holders will too.

            We do need, however, a Program Chair for the coming year. Linnie has been going strong for several years and its time to give her a break. Thank you sooo much for getting us all kinds of interesting programs, Linnie.

            We have a tentative idea to do a monthly study of rare wool breeds for 2015 - 16. There would be information about the sheep and a usable example of their wool each month - ready to spin  towards a final project for the end of the fiscal year.  So, much of the program schedule could be considered pretty full. But we would like someone to step forward to look for, contact and arrange for a couple guest speakers. Think about it, we are all in this together. Laura will discuss this all at the picnic in preparation for our first official meeting of the new year in August.

            November 8 through November 12, 2015
            10am to 4 or 5pm each day, in Clayton

            $250 to $350 for the whole 5 days. [Not set yet]

            Wrap your body in clothing from your own hands.

            This is a terrific class for those wanting to learn to fit and sew clothing from their handwoven, hand printed, dyed, quilted, felted or other special fabric, as well as for those more experienced students wanting polished and professional results. Students will construct a basic unlined jacket, from their own fabric, custom fit to themselves while learning all sorts of inspiring techniques to make their garments reflect their creativity. This class is designed to teach creativity as well as technique. 
            Students who have already made a jacket with me may opt to bring their own patterns.

            Daryl is a well known garment construction expert who has taught all over the USA, including at many of our own CNCH conferences. She is primarily known to weavers, but anyone interested in sewing clothing will benefit from this class.

            Above is her description of what the class is all about. If you are a weaver and have made her "Daryl Jacket" from commercial or handwoven fabric, you don't have to do the jacket fitting/construction part of the class. [Or even if you are not interested in a jacket at all, you don't have to do that part of the class]

            Bring your own patterns and muslin and she will help you create well fitted to you patterns with them. There should be time to do 4 or 5 or more if you are not making the jacket.

            Linda VH, Pam and Vilija are putting this class together with financial help from Diablo. The class can handle 15 students. $350 per student is the maximum the class will cost, but most likely will be less, all depends on if there are 15 in the class and the cost of her transportation.

            Please let Vilija know if you have an interest. A down payment of $150 will be asked for in September with the remainder paid by class time.

            Please don't sign up and pull out just a week or so before the class. We can't afford to loose money on this, or any, workshop. We try to make it as affordable as possible and when people pull out, the Guild is stuck with coming up with the money. Emergencies arise, and that's another matter.

            Look Daryl up at www.daryllancaster.com for more info on what she does.