August 13, 2014

NEXT MEETING: August 27, 2014, 7 pm

"Spinning, Inspiration & More Inspiration"

Spinning:  bring your wheel or spindle and the latest that you are working on and spin while we work on . . .

Inspiration:  August is the first month of our calendar year and when we always put our heads together and plan out programs for the coming season. Speakers, workshops, topics - what would you like to see at a meeting this year.

More Inspiration:  Time to de-clutter. Bring fiber, yarns, equipment, books, whatever and sell, give away or trade with another member of our group. Pick up a fiber, color or yarn you never thought  you would work with and challenge yourself. Yes, this is actually bringing "some" clutter back to your home, but it will be "inspirational" clutter.

ALSO - Show & Tell
We had a great, if not hot, dye day in July working with cotton. Bring your results and show them off. Some have suggested they will bring the "balls" they don't like to trade off with others. Works for me!

Remember: If you are early enough, try to park at the Dentist's office just before the Library. Only 10 spaces, but will help with the overcrowding in the Library parking lot

$25 per member for the upcoming year. Make checks out to Treadles to Threads. We can keep our dues low because the Library offers the room for free and all the work our members do to put on the successful "Spinning at the Winery" event every year in June.


September 24, Treadles meeting at the Library

October 6 - 12  Spinzilla spinning week:  spin your treadles off!

October 29, Treadles meeting at the Library

November 20, Treadles meeting at the Library
[DATE CHANGE - Thursday and a week early because of Thanksgiving]

Spinzilla - A Monster of a Spinning Week!

We'd like to invite everyone to become part of the greater spinning community starting now.  As you may know there is an event coming up in October called SPINZILLA.  During the week of October 6 - 12 spinners all over the world are going to try to spin as much yarn as they can.  The results will then be tallied and celebrated.  To join in the fun go to and register as an individual or join a spinning team. The $10 donation goes to the Needle Arts Mentoring Program in support of adding a spinning component to their children's education program.
To prepare for the Spinzilla event we will be having several "Spin in Public" days over the next few months.  Whether you join Spinzilla or not, please join us as we celebrate the joy of spinning by coming to one or all of these events.

Some Treadles to Threads members have joined the Carolina Homespun Team.  Keep up with the activities of this team and others on Ravelry. Click on the Spinzilla group then Team Carolina Homespun or other teams to join in on the fun.
Any questions?  Call or email Wendy

The competition aspect allows spinners to push past their fears. The more yarn you spin, the better a spinner you become.

The underlying goal of Spinzilla is to see how much yarn we as a community can make in a week. We want the world to take notice of handspinning!

Spinner registration fees are an investment in the makers of tomorrow. They are donated to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program that fosters mentoring between adult volunteers and school-age children to teach the needlearts—spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, and stitching.

Too late to register a whole new team, but you can sign up as a Rogue Spinner till Oct. 3. Some teams are still looking for members.

Fifty-six teams are competing world wide this year for the "golden niddy-noddy".

Local Spinzilla members spin-in at Todos Santos Farmer's Market night. If anyone asks, No, Amy did not bring wine!

July 5, 2014


Treadles will be placing an order for Su-Pima cotton fiber [the easy spin kind] on July 10th, in order to get it in time for Dye Day. If you would like to order some fiber, please let Vilija know a.s.a.p.

1 lb. - $38.0
8 oz. - $19.40
4 oz. - $9.70

Payment for your order will be at Dye Day, we just need to know how much to order. If there is a shipping charge, that will be added in also, don't know that yet.

8 oz. is a super generous amount.

4oz. fills up the big sized, zip lock type of bags you have for veggies and stuff. Its a generous amount for spinning.

You can definitely order your own. Cotton Clouds has easy to spin Pima, and The Woolery, in Kentucky has Su-Pima, also an easy spinning cotton.

If you love birds, this project is for you! Wildlife rehabilitators around the country have been using knitted nests to house those first couple weeks that orphaned babies are so vulnerable. To see a great article about this go to in Saturday's edition of the Chronicle.

Don't know if our own Lindsey Museum is using the nests yet, but if they are not, perhaps we can convince them. Some nests have been knit from wool and felted, but acrylic yarns are really the best since they can be easily washed along with the myriad number of towels they use everyday, and are just as comfortable and warm for the babies. THis is definitely a Red Heart Yarn project.

Baby birds, by instinct, push their little behinds up toward the top edge of the nest to do their duty. But even then, its not always successful, so the nests are changed out every day. With caring for many hundreds of baby birds every season, lots of nests are needed.

June 30, 2014


Time for our annual color extravaganza of dyeing!
Date:  Saturday, July 26
Where:  the home of Carol Causey
Time:  10 am to about 4 or so

Dyes this year are focusing on cotton and linen. We hope you will bring either your handspun from this past year, or any kind of cotton and/or linen fiber or yarn that you would like to dye.

In addition to any serious dyeing you want to do, the official "just for fun" activity will be "Balls to Dye For".  For this activity the guild will have 120 yard to 140 yard balls of "kitchen cotton". This is the stuff you can get at almost any craft store as "Lily's Sugar 'n Cream" or "Peaches & Cream". It is about worsted weight and can be used for lots of different crafts such as woven towels or placemats, knitted or crocheted wash cloths or kitchen scrubbies. They are actually really nice as crocheted wash cloths. Patterns will be handed out.

The balls of cotton are kept in their ball state, soaked in mordant, squeezed out and dye applied by painting with a squeeze bottle with one, two or lots of colors. As the dyes penetrate into the ball, they mix and get lighter and give fun, interesting results.

The guild will provide this particular cotton and just charge a reimbursement fee for each ball. We have a source where 140 yard balls will cost about $2 each. The balls you buy at JoAnn's or wherever, are usually 120 yards and $2.59 [or so] There will be no other fee for this workshop day.

The top two wash cloths at the left were made from one ball of cotton dyed with various, analogous colors. The top one is yarn from the outside of the ball, while the next one shows what happened as the yarn came from further inside the ball.

The bottom cloth was dyed sparingly with red, pink and a splash of orange [it looks like?!] Again, you can see how the colors changed from the darker to the lighter.

Any cotton yarn or  cotton roving fiber that  you want to dye. We will have the supplies needed to ready your fiber if you bring roving. Skeins should be prepared by tying in at least 6 spots.

Your own Lunch
Apron or come in your grubs.
Bucket or tub to carry your wet yarns home in

Saran wrap
Plastic baggies
Mordant baths
Netting to secure your roving for dyeing

IMPORTANT: Please let Carol know if you plan to come, the sooner the better. This does not mean you can't decide at the last minute, or that you are committed to come. It just really helps if we have an estimate of participants.  Carol:

A BIG, BIG THANK YOU to all who came out to the Winery this year to help out. It was our usual success and could not be done with out you. The weather was great, the food yummy, the vendors wonderful, and the raffle was its usual success also. We had over 200 guests who we think were all happy too!

Really friendly rams at the Alameda County Fair this year:

August 27, Treadles meeting at the Library

September 24, Treadles meeting at the Library

October29, Treadles meeting at the Library


End Note From Junior:
Junior's stamp of approval for my "fresh off the loom" table runner

May 7, 2014

NEXT MEETING: May 28, 2014 7 pm

Donna and Mike from Black Diamond Alpacas

"Merlin" helping with the raking chores at the ranch
[photo from their website]

Located in Brentwood, CA, Black Diamond has been coming to our Spinning Day at the Winery for
several years now. Donna will give
some background into how they got into the business, plus some insight into living with and raising beautiful alpacas.

Their ranch is open for a "look-see" at their delightful creatures. They also have a nice gift shop with yarns, both alpaca and other natural fibers, hand knit, crocheted and hand woven items, plus other great products. Donna will give us the specifics on visiting times.

Dr Brian Hockel, the dentist right next door to the library, has offered us the 10 spaces that he has in his parking lot for our evening meetings. His office and parking lot entrance is just before the library entrance as you come down Oak Grove from Ygnacio. Hopefully, this will help a bit with the "overcrowding" that we do on Wednesday nights. Please check in there as you come to see if there is still a spot. Thanks Doc for being so generous!


May 17th, Centennial Heritage Day at Borges Ranch 

Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm.

Contact Reba to come spin at this event. More info in the March blog.

May 23, 10 am at the Thurman Casey Library [same place we meet] Joan Ruane morning talk and afternoon 3-hr workshop on spinning cotton on a spindle and/or a takli. Sponsored by Diablo Weavers. The morning talk is free and if you want to participate in the afternoon workshop its $25. Please contact or talk to Mary-Helen B. Her number and email is on your membership list. I'm sure Joan will have some her wonderful-to-spin cotton with her.

June 7, 2014

Spinning at the Winery 

17th Annual day at Retzlaff Winery  

Saturday, June 7  10 am to 4 pm

1356 S. Livermore Ave. Livermore
entry is $5 per person

Fleeces, Fiber, Yarn & Much More!
Featuring California Vendors

A day of spinning, meeting, shopping, eating, and "raffleing".. Bring your wheel, a friend, your family, and a pot luck dish to share for lunch. The weather promises to be good, so plan to meet all your fiber friends in Livermore Wine country. 

Treadles members:  please sign up for a job with Linnie. There are always things to do and spots to cover.  Come and help out for an hour or two. This event happens because of all your hard work. Set up begins at 8:30 am if you are a morning person. Take down is at 4 pm for the rest of us. Lots of little jobs during the day also. 
Still time to find or make something for the raffle. It can be anything of value and does not have to be spinning or fiber related.

July:  date still to be determined for our Annual Dye Day. We will be playing with bast fiber dyeing. Bring your cotton, linen, in fiber or yarn form.


ROAD TRIP!!!  Not getting left behind this time!

April 16, 2014

NEXT MEETING: April 30, 2014, 7 pm

Lisa Souza of Lisa Souza Dyeworks
Most spinners and knitters are familiar with the beautiful yarns and fibers that come from this very creative woman. We are fortunate that she will be coming to share her yarns and knowledge of spinning and dyeing.

In addition to being a knitter and dyer, Lisa is also a knitwear designer and author. In her Placerville studio she now focuses on dyeing mill spun yarns, fabulously decadent luxury handspun yarns as well as hand dyed fibers for spinning.

You can see more of her work and products at:


Branch Out With Fibers - CNCH 2014
A Fiber Artisans' Conference
April 25 - 27, Oakland Marriott Convention Center  

Lots to see and do. Come for the day if you have not signed up the the the whole three days. Still time to volunteer for a two hour job, which includes a day pass

April 26,  Forest Home Farm Shearing Day 
See last month's blog for more info - for those not going to conference!

May 17th, Centennial Heritage Day at Borges Ranch 

will be held on Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm.
See last months blog for more info to come and spend the day spinning

June 7, 2014

Spinning at the Winery 

17th Annual day at Retzlaff Winery  
Saturday, June 7  10 am to 4 pm
1356 S. Livermore Ave. Livermore
entry is $5 per person

Fleeces, Fiber, Yarn & Much More!
Featuring California Vendors

A day of spinning, meeting, shopping, eating, and "raffleing".. Bring your wheel, a friend, your family, and a pot luck dish to share for lunch. The weather promises to be good, so plan to meet all your fiber friends in Livermore Wine country. 

Treadles members:  please sign up for a job with Linnie. There are always things to do and spots to cover.  Come and help out for an hour or two. This event happens because of all your hard work. Set up begins at 8:30 am if you are a morning person. Take down is at 4 pm for the rest of us. Lots of little jobs during the day also. 
Still time to find or make something for the raffle. It can be anything of value and does not have to be spinning or fiber related.


Our towel spinning and weaving project is done and off the loom. Here is a preview photo of all of it just after being cut off. They look great and will be available at this month's meeting!


We like meeting at the Ygnacio Library. Its a good location, and best of all, its free. But we are beginning to outgrow the room on most meeting nights, and parking has always been a bit of a problem. Even t hough our contract with them says we are limited to 20 some spaces, there are never that many available and we have had complaints that we take up more than our allotment.

We would love to find another space, but have not been successful so far. Most rooms require payments of $100 or more. Does any one have any ideas about this? 

End Note From Junior:

Totally bored with dyeing eggs

March 17, 2014


PROGRAM:  Mary Finley and Roger Salter of Dreamy Goat Design Studio
Mary with some of their lovely fiber

Mary and Roger will spend the evening with us talking about how they make all their wonderful batts of wool for spinners. Concentrating on natural dyes, they create lovely colors and mixtures of fiber that most of us simply cannot resist. You will enjoy Mary's knowledge of spinning, weaving, dying, etc. and Roger always has a few stories to tell. Come and be inspired.

They will be vendors at the upcoming CNCH conference in April, with a whole new batch of great colors and fibers. Stop by and say hello. Mary's been busy with a big pot of indigo in the last week or so. On this evening, they will have some of their regular fibers and colors for sale in the parking lot, since the new ones are not quite ready. All the more reason to come to the conference, at least for a day.

Branch Out With Fibers - CNCH 2014
A Fiber Artisans' Conference
April 25 - 27, Oakland Marriott Convention Center  

Treadles oil bags are in the hands of the Gallery Committee, all 35 of them! Great participation from our group, give yourselves a pat on the back. Whether you liked or just "tolerated" making the bag, it's going to be a nice display - another reason to come spend the day if you are not a full participant.

There will be after all, a Spinning Corral and Spindles and Flyers have once again volunteered to man it. They stepped up to volunteer to coordinate this activity. Which, once again, shows that this is a total volunteer happening and unless someone comes forward, things just don't happen.  Anyone bringing spinning wheels will be very welcome to join them at any time to spin and chat. Spindles and flyers are taking a break to have a meeting of their own guild so there will be times when you may be needed to help out.

April 10th is the next deadline to send in other items for any Gallery other than Return to Sender and Return of Return. At this point, its too late to get in skeins to be judged, but if you want them to be out just for display, they can be dropped off by 9 am on the Friday of conference [April 25]. Return of Return, for judging or just showing, can also be turned in at that same time. See previous blog for more info.

VOLUNTEERS for many time periods and events at the Conference are still needed. Anyone who is not a full participant in the conference, will get a free day pass if they volunteer for at least a 2 hour work session. Go to, bring up conference info and go towards the bottom of the left hand column under "Additional 2014 Information" and click on "Volunteer Opportunities" to get full info on what and how to volunteer for. Everyone in this guild stepped up amazingly in 2012, and even though we are not a host guild this time, the need is still great.


MARCH 22,  SATURDAY -  Silk Spinning with  Sara Lamb

A beautiful wild silk moth

Sara's handspun & woven silk

Join Sara in this Walnut Creek Civic Arts class for the next step up from our cotton & linen spinning. Silk is luxurious to use and requires just a little extra care to spin easily and well. Participants will sample a variety of preparations and types. Yarns can be created specifically for the technique you wish to use, whether it's weaving, knitting or embroidery. Class is suitable for wheel or spindle spinners. Participants need to be able to spin a continuous yarn. Intermediate level. $24 supply fee due at class. There are still some openings, call soon. See online materials list.
To register:
or call 925 943 5846

May 17th, Centennial Heritage Day at Borges Ranch 
will be held on Saturday, from 10 am to 4 pm.

From Reba:
Heritage Day has been on the 2nd weekend in June for many years, but has moved to the May date for this 100th Birthday celebration for the City of Walnut Creek.
I will be going and would love for others to join me.  We spin under the trees.  If it rains, I imagine we can spin in the old Borges family farm house.

Email Reba for information and to let her know you will be there!

Forest Home Farm Shearing Day  April 26, 2014

From Wendy:
T2T members and other interested folks,
I know that the weekend of April 26 will be very busy for the folks attending CNCH but I am hoping a few spinners can spend some time with me on Saturday April 26 at Forest Home Farm in San Ramon for their annual Sheep Shearing Day.  We start shearing the sheep early and go all day so if spinners want to come spin under the trees or help me skirt fleeces, all are welcome and admission if free if you come help out. Fleeces are also available to those who volunteer.
More information can be found at

Lambtown 2014 
Once again, Lambtown will be held at the Dixon May Fair on Saturday and Sunday, October 4 and 5, 2014.  The Fiber Fair committee is eager to recruit sheep-to-shawl teams from CNCH guilds to spotlight the many talented people involved in guilds in northern California.  The featured breed this year is Corriedale, and in the Sheep-to-Shawl section of the Lambtown website ( we have listed several California and Oregon Corriedale breeders who have fleeces to sell.  We hope this will inspire sheep-to-shawl teams and other hand spinners to use Corriedale in their projects.  Details about the sheep-to-shawl competition are currently being updated and questions may be directed to the Fiber Fair committee via the Lambtown website.

Something fun to look into, from Pam:
 Design Seeds at

It's listed as a site "for all who love color".  It is an email several
times a week - 5? with a photo and color chips.  I like it.

End Note from Junior:
"You call that a winter? Even I could use more rain!"

February 12, 2014

NEXT MEETING: February 19, 2014, 7 PM

THIS MEETING IS ONE WEEK EARLY FROM OUR USUAL. So make a note on your calendar!

I love growing fiber for you.

The big knitters conference, Stitches, begins on the 20th, the day after our meeting. In preparation for the enormous shopping opportunities there -- we are going to have a "Stash Reduction" evening. Go through all your yarns and fibers; what have you had for years that you will never use; which colors can't you stand anymore; what do you just not want anymore? Bring it to give away, trade or perhaps sell. Its good to clean out at least once a year!

Bring your wheels also as we'll be taking a break from our study of cotton and linen and spend the evening spinning alpaca. We tried to get a speaker to talk about alpacas, but guess what, they're all headed to Stitches. Member Wendy donated some already to spin alpaca roving for us to play with. Another friend of a friend donated a bag of her pet alpaca fleece which we can all share to see what its like right off the animal. Bring hand cards if you have some.

Stitches is the annual knitters conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Classes begin on the 20th and its open to the public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are a huge number of vendors that bring lots to see: yarns, some fiber and spinning stuff, a little bit of weaving stuff, and everything you can imagine that goes with being a yarn addict. If you want more info, look it up on the web as Stitches West 2014.

Branch Out With Fibers - CNCH 2014
A Fiber Artisans' Conference
April 25 - 27, Oakland Marriott Convention Center

 After much confusion, these are the new, official deadlines:

March 15 - entry forms due for all the galleries EXCEPT Return to Sender, and Return of Return to Sender. Entry forms must include a photo or photocopy of the item you are entering. We will have extra copies of entry forms at the February meeting. $5 must accompany each entry.

March 15 - for Return to Sender and Return of Return, EMAIL Gina Glock by 3/15 to let her know you will bring a skein and/or a Return of Return item. The skeins and finished items will need to be brought directly to the conference by 9 am on Friday, April 25. [Our Guild will arrange to take your items if you cannot be there at that time] There is no entry fee for these two galleries.

April 10 - deadline to send in all items for all galleries EXCEPT Return to Sender and Return of Return. 

The oil bags we are making go into the Guild Gallery, so the entry form is due March 15th and the finished bag mailed by April 10th. $5 must accompany each entry.  The Guild has decided that if you finish your bag and bring it to our  February or March  meeting, we will send them all in together. But the entry and photo must be in by Mar 15. so bring or fill out an entry form at the February meeting and the Guild will send the entry forms in with the fees. Bring a photo or photocopy of your bag - or at least your bag in progress. Bring your finished bag if you have it done. This is still confusing! But we feel that guild members should not pay for a guild exhibit.


Feb. 18, 2014 is the opening date to sign up for Spring Classes in the fiber arts. Support your local talent! 

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced weaving classes will again be taught by Lou Grantham. All levels are within one class time - you get to choose Tuesday afternoon or Tuesday evening classes.
4/14 thru 6/10

Reba will offer a rigid heddle class
Sunday 4/13

A new class, Weaving Workshop, is being offered by Lou as a one day introduction for beginners, also suitable if you need a refresher in warping. 
Saturday, 4/12

Spring Basketry with our own Karrie Dunham. Construct and weave a reed basket. Geared toward 11 - 18, but if you are young at heart, you can probably sign up!
Saturday 5/17

Pin Loom woven Felted Bag: portable, affordable and easy to use. Think similar to our oil bags but bigger and more sophisticated. For kids and adults.
Sunday 5/18

Shibori for Wearables: create shibori dyed fabrics for a vest or jacket
Satuday 6/14

Log onto  or call 925-943-5846

The first towel being woven off in our cotton/linen towel project. If you have signed up, you will get an email reminder of your date and time a week or two before your scheduled time.