November 6, 2016

NEXT MEETING: NOV. 29, 2016, 7 PM

NOTE: The meeting date is on a Tuesday. You should be used to the date changes by now!

Program: Robin Lynde of Meridian Jacobs, and Doris Bergman

Robin's talk:
One of Robin's ewes with newborn triplets
[from Robin's website]
There is more to running a fiber business than fondling yarn and knitting all day just as there is more to raising sheep than cuddling lambs. How do you combine farming, shop-keeping, teaching, and weaving into a successful business? Robin will discuss her experience developing and managing Meridian Jacobs and her favored breed, Jacob sheep. She will also discuss the growing interest in working with local fibers and our local Northern California Fibershed. Robin will bring fiber, yarn and other farm products.

will talk about preparing the lovely Jacob fleece she got from Robin and will have samples for everyone.


  • Nov 12, 9 AM. Registration opens for CNCH 2017 at Asilomar. Get your class early.
  • Nov 12-13, West Coast Craft. 10am - 6pm, Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, 2 Marin Blvd. SF. Free. 275 designers, artisans and tradespeople fill Fort Mason. West Coast Craft was an early champion of shibori textiles, colorful woven jewelry and natural wood furniture. So much to see.
  • Nov 18, Diablo Weavers Meeting:  Thurman Casey Library, 10 am. Interwoven. All info is in the previous blog below. A great talk by some great weavers using handspun and their own dyed yarns.
  • Nov. 29, Treadles Meeting, Robin Lynde and our own Doris Bergman [date change - Tuesday]
  • Dec 2, 3, 4, Hacienda Holiday Faire. Fri. - noon - 8pm. Sat & Sun. - 11am - 6pm. Hacienda de las Flores, 2100 Donald Dr. Moraga. A more local showcase of one-of-a-kind handmade gifts and gourmet foods with over 45 local artisans. Three Treadles members are participating.
  • Dec. 17, Treadles' Holiday Party - more info below
  • Jan. 24, Treadles Meeting, Roy Clemes [date change - Tuesday]
  • Jan 26, 27, 28, Greenwood Fiberworks Spinning Workshop. Info below.
  • Feb. 22, Treadles Meeting. On the usual Wednesday.
  • May 4 - 7CNCH Conference at Asilomar (link on the right)

Sheep Ornament Exchange at our Annual Holiday Get-Together

As in many years past, time again to come up with a sheep for our Holiday Exchange in December. The gathering will be at Vilija's house at noon on Saturday, Dec 17. Bring a salad or dessert to share and an ornament sized sheep to exchange. Lots of great patterns out there, so give yourself enough time to find one and create in any medium. If you run out of time -- a purchased sheep is o.k. too.

Minutes from the last Treadles to Threads Guild Meeting

October 27, 2016 Walnut Creek, CA
Thurman Casey Library

Lisa Waterman opened the meeting in Reba Siero’s place. Reba is still in China. The business of the guild started with the CNCH report given by Joan Anderson.
She reminded us that registration opens on November 12, 2016, at 9:00 am. The registration for grants for registration will be a few days later, as the recipient must be registered in a class and will be reimbursed. All guild members in the various districts are eligible. The grants are not need based, so Joan encouraged any interested member to apply. In this vein, she also reminded us that to replenish the scholarship moneys, we need to donate items that will be raffled and the money put in the fund. 

Wendy Lacy reported that there will be a workshop in January, 2017 given by Carolyn Greenwood from Utah.  She can work with 15 students each on Friday, 1/27/17, and 15 more on Saturday, 1/28/17. They will run from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The subject will be spinning different colors. The class will cost $45 and there is a $24 materials fee. Other good news is that there will be a Thursday night welcome party at Amy’s! We need to buy a ticket soon, so Wendy sent a sign up sheet around.  Wendy also passed around envelopes of weld seeds that can be planted soon. She will have more.

Program notes:
November 29, Tuesday, our next guild meeting at the Library will feature Robin and Doris.
December 17, 2016, will be our Holiday Ornament exchange. We exchange Sheep style ornament, either home made or purchased. We also have a pot luck with any dish you wish to provide. Our traditional hostess is Vilija, and the starting time is noon. She is open to other hostesses in the future. 
January 24, 2017, will be at the Library with Roy Clemes demonstrating our electric carding machine for blending.
Will Taylor passed around flyers for the Sacramento Guilds open house sale and raffle.  It will be held on February 11-12, 2017.  
Linda VH, Pam M., Vilija and Rob will participate in the Hacienda Holiday, December 2-4.
 Lisa introduced Stephanie Wilkes, PhD. She shared the joys and despair associated with the inception, planning and funding of a commercial fiber mill to be built in Ukiah, CA. Her major partners are Matt and Sarah Gilbert and their young family. Even with her extensive background in finance and funding, it has been an uphill battle. She has leveraged her 20 year background as a software engineer with a good income into her passion of professional sheep shearer, wool grader, hoof trimmer and beginning spinner. She led us through the world of biodynamic certified vineyards, Direct Public offerings and the social impact investment fund of EDFC in Mendecino county. She also commended John Curry for all his work to open the mill through the Planning Commission, etc. Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks in Willets will be their dye partner. Contact information is and Phone (415)519-0018 on mobile.  She is anysteph on Ravelry. Her presentation was eye opening on many levels.

Greenwood Fiberworks Spinning Workshop, a Treadles to Threads event

"Spinning Painted Rovings for Deliberate Color Effect"

Jan 26, Thursday night 6-8pm, Fiber Preview at Amy's house with light appetizers and beverages to accompany the fiber preview, All participants welcome

Jan. 27, Friday 10am - 5pm
Jan 28, Saturday, 10am - 5 5pm
Both workshops will be identical, pick the day you can attend.

$45 per student plus $24 supply fee
$25 deposit holds your position in class

Happy Thanksgiving End Note from Iso

BY THE WAY: Iso was a rescue kitty from Rejane, a T2T member who now has the word out on her home in the Cat World. She is desperately seeking homes for at least 8 adult cats right now. All "fixed" and healthy and ready for homes. If you have a space, or know of anyone who would love to help a kitty-in-need, contact Rejane.

October 18, 2016


PLEASE NOTE: The next meeting date is on a THURSDAY. Can't seem to get those Wednesdays anymore!

PROGRAM: Stephany Wilkes
She will be talking about how she ended up funding a wool mill and the unexpected challenges of textile start-ups. 
In Stephany's words, "I personally think that story is neat because it's "how far we've fallen and what we've lost, culturally and industrially" and also, this is why it's THIS HARD to start up a textile manufacturing business in 2016!" 

Stephany is a tiny flock sheep shearer and was certified as a Beginner Level 2 sheep shearer by the University of California ANR in Hopland, CA in May 2015, after receiving Beginner Level 1 certifications in May 2013 and 2014. She is also a certified Level I Wool Classer, having met the requirements of the American Sheep Industry (ASI) Association’s Certified Wool Classing Program in May 2014. You can read more about her life and work at:

  • Oct. 27, Treadles Meeting [date change- Thursday] 
  • Oct. 29, 'Hug A Sheep' day at Meridian Jacobs.  Free.  Robin Lynde will put details on the web site as the time gets closer
  • Nov 18, Diablo Weavers Meeting:  see info below on the program
  • Nov. 29, Treadles Meeting, Robin Lynde and our own Doris Bergman [date change - Tuesday]
  • Dec. 17, Treadles' Holiday Party - more info below
  • Jan. 24, Treadles Meeting, Roy Clemes [date change - Tuesday
  • May 4 - 7, CNCH Conference at Asilomar (link on the right)

Master Weavers of INTERWOVEN
Zenon Hipolito, Joseph Young & Jaime Hipolito
Meeting begins at 10 am and the program at 11 am. Thurman Casey Library - the same place and room that we meet in. 

The weavers from INTERWOVEN will be speaking on this day and any Treadles members who can come are very welcome.

Zenon Hipolito, a Zapotec born in a small village of Teotitlan Del Valle in Oaxaca, Mexico. Zenon has been weaving for 45 years, following in his footsteps is his second son Jaime Hipolito born in Stockton, California, the eighth generation weaver and Joseph Young born on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, the third generation weaver. Weaving textiles is a Zapotec art form that has been passed down for many generations. Through their weavings they express thier artistic ideas, revive their history and honor their ancestors. Joseph Young & Jaime Hipolito are creating thier own signature pieces by using hand spun, natural dyed yarns, combining contemporary and traditional motifs while creating new color combinations. They believe their textiles are a link to the past to better understand the present.

They use two different methods to create their art. The first method is creating geometric designs such as pyramids, diamonds, and grecas(steps of life). This method begins after the warp strings has been threaded onto the loom and tension properly adjusted. The warp strings are counted by odd and even numbers and marked. The second method, non geometric forms which include spirals figures, birds, flowers and circular designs. First they draw the design on a blank piece of paper, then place the drawing behind the warp and dot the design on the warp which allows them to create a perfect piece of art.

As in many years past, time again to come up with a sheep for our Holiday Exchange in December. The gathering will be at Vilija's house at noon on Saturday, Dec 17. Bring a salad or dessert to share and an ornament sized sheep to exchange. Lots of great patterns out there, so give yourself enough time to find one and create in any medium. If you run out of time -- a purchased sheep is just as cute.

Deborah Valoma will give the Keynote address at CNCH 2017 - May 4-7, 2017 at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California:

"Scrape the Willow Until It Sings: The Words and Work of Basket Maker Julia Parker"
Julia Florence Parker (b. 1929) is a Coast Miwok-Kashaya Pomo basket weaver.  Parker is one of the preeminent Native American basket makers in California. A respected elder of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria and long-time resident of Yosemite Valley, Parker is prolific artist, teacher, and storyteller.

Deborah Valoma is an artist, professor, and chair of the Textiles Program at California College of the Arts, where her specialized field of research, writing, and teaching is the cultural history of textiles as a global aesthetic practice. In addition to teaching a series of courses on textile history and theory, she has published articles, lectured, and curated exhibitions. In 2013 she published Scrape the Willow Until It Sings: The Words and Works of Basket Maker Julia Parker, which won the Commonwealth Club’s California Book Award Gold Metal for contributions to publishing and will be the topic of her presentation.

Members of our guild had a great time spinning the week of Spinzilla. Taking a bit easier approach this year, we hoped that everyone's goal was just to spin at least a little every day of the week. Our Carolina Homespun team and Rogue members had several get-togethers to urge each other on. We can report a great time was had by all. Much thanks to our sponsor Morgaine from Carolina Homespun, T2T member Wendy who always gets things going and enthusiastically keeps it going, and Amy who hosted us for spinning and lunch on the almost last day of spinning.

Little did we know that the same week that Spinzilla was going on for us spinners, the Cats of the World were having "Try to eat a Punkin' Week"
Kodi with his teammate, Junior. Junior ate more than Kodi.

September 22, 2016

NEXT MEETING: Sept. 29, 2016, 7 PM

NOTE AGAIN:  Meeting is on Thursday night rather than our usual Wednesday. Usual excuse, Library conflict.

Our own Joan Setka will talk about the felted rugs made and imported from one of the great rug-making countries in the world, Iran.

Spinzilla is a world-wide spinning event where competing teams and individuals challenge each other to see who can spin the most yarn in a week! The winning team is awarded a year's worth of bragging rights, the traveling Golden Niddy Noddy and $25 gift certificates for all team members. Spinzilla also offers individuals a way to participate in the "Rogue Spinners" category.

At its core, Spinzilla is the challenge to generate a very big number to show the yarn universe and beyond what we spinners are made of. The more you spin, the better spinner you become.

It is a fun way to challenge yourself, raise some money for a good cause, and enjoy the company of other spinners. Spinner registration fees are donated to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program to create the spinners and fiber enthusiasts of tomorrow.

Some members of Treadles have formed their own team again this years sponsored by Carolina Homespun [thanks Morgaine]. Everyone is so busy this time of year, that the decision was made to make this a truly "for-fun" spinning event. The members will certainly be spinning and challenging themselves, but the emphasis is really on just fun this time.



Tour the historical Extra Long Staple cotton collection that I have been growing for breeding purposes- (G. barbadense). Beginning with Sea Island cotton seed lines and ending with modern Pima cottons; travel through time and space from the 1860's to the 1990's. From the Southeastern US seaboard to the Southwestern US arid deserts via Egypt. From hand pickable tropical cottons to machine pickable varieties that can grow in the hardly irrigated desert. Then pick your own marigolds and black walnuts to take home and use for your natural dye projects.  Info on location, dates & cost here:
Also under "Resources" to the right


  • Sept. 29, Treadles Meeting [date change- Thursday]
  • Oct. 27, Treadles Meeting [date change- Thursday] 
  • Oct. 29, 'Hug A Sheep' day at Meridian Jacobs.  Free.  Robin Lynde will put details on the web site as the time gets closer
  • Nov. 29, Treadles Meeting [date change - Tuesday]
  • Dec. 17, Treadles' Holiday Party - more info to follow
Can you spot the Treadles members at last years Hug-A-Sheep day?

Lots to see, do, and hear this year during the Labor Day weekend. This event is a feast for the eyes of anyone interested in anything to do with Scotland. There were more kilt wearing men and women walking around than in the two weeks we spent in Scotland a few years back.

These caps, and one purse, were all knit by a lady who is studying the beginnings of patterned knitting in Scotland and Northern Europe. They are all reproductions of museum pieces she has come across. 

She just began this year and is not yet ready to give a talk about them, but I did ask her if she would consider doing so, at some point in time, for our Guild

 Lovely cotton scarves, handwoven in tartan plaids.
Reproductions of Paisley type Scottish shawls that were so popular during Victorian Times. Now woven in India.

We were lucky enough to see Mary, Queen of Scots with her Falcon

And, of course, a pipe and drum band readying for the big battle of the bands. Wow, were they loud.

But you haven't heard anything till you've heard a Celtic Rock Band playing with an electric didgeridoo! Yes, an electric, amplified didgeridoo! 

"Hairy Coos" [cows] were exciting to see up close. I'd like one for a pet!

And, of course, the sheep dog at attention waiting his turn to go out and show his stuff.
Up close and personal
At the end of the day, what's left of my haggis dinner. It was yummy! I could be Scottish!

Kodi is planning to wear a handwoven basket for Halloween this year

August 7, 2016

NEXT MEETING: Aug. 24, 2016, 7 PM

Note that the meeting is one week earlier than our usual last Wednesday.

The beginning of our official fiscal year with a new round of programs and activities.
August is the month to renew your dues: $25 per person, of which $5 goes directly to CNCH to help, among other things, to fund conferences, CNCH Net, and the insurance that covers us at meetings.  [CNCH is the head organization that oversees all its member guilds in Northern Ca.]

Speaking of programs, we have had some great ideas and follow-throughs, but always welcome more ideas for the rest of the year. Let it be known what you come up with or what you would like to see. Some of our programs this year will feature using our carders and combs, not just the nitty-gritty, but  also how to come up with great fiber batts and roving ready for spinning.

For the August Meeting

A charity project in Britain at "Yarndale 2016" a sheep and all things fiber festival.
Yes, its not a local charity, but maybe some of you would like to join in the fun of creating even more lovely little sheep than we already have! All sheep are due in England on September 9 th, so make one and bring it to the August meeting. Treadles will take care of sending them out.

Following is from their site:
We are really excited to tell you about our idea for Yarndale 2016, which as you’ve probably gathered by now has something to do with little Woolly Sheep! The auction mart in Skipton where Yarndale is held each year is a very busy place indeed and for most of the year it is inhabited by farmers and their animals. In fact, just three days before our exhibitors arrive with all their beautiful yarny stuff, the pens are chockablock full of real live woolly sheep. It was this truly woolly connection that inspired our project this year – we decided that we would like to create our very own flock of sheep! Baaaaaaaaa!!!
We have both a crochet and a knitting pattern to share with you this year – both versions feature little woolly animals made from natural coloured yarn, with colourful woolly jumpers that can be removed. The sheep are made from small amounts of Double Knit yarn and stand just 8cm tall, making them quick and easy to make (and just a teensy bit addictive, you’ve been warned).
As in previous years, this creative project means a huge amount to us here at Yarndale. It’s a way for us all to celebrate our shared love of yarn and the wonderful creative community we belong to. We feel it is a unique way for us to bring people together via crochet and knitting, to celebrate yarn and colour and  to enable each one of us to be a part of something really big and beautiful and visually inspirational. It is our hope that we will be herding together hundreds of sheep from all over the world this summer, we are more than a little bit excited at the prospect!
In addition to the visual impact we are hoping to create with our giant yarny flock at Yarndale, we are thrilled to be working in collaboration with our chosen charity Martin House Hospice. We have supported the work of Martin House for the past two years by donating a percentage of sales from our lovely Yarndale calendars, so we have seen what a difference it makes to this local charity to have our support. The wonderful ladies from Martin House will be helping us keep our woolly sheep in order during the Yarndale weekend and will be running the Grand Sheep Sale which will take place from 12 – 4pm on Sunday 25th September. More details about the sheep sale will be available nearer the time, and it goes without saying we would truly appreciate all the support you can give us.
Q :: What will happen to the sheep?
A :: All donated sheep will be lovingly numbered, catalogued and photographed before being herded up ready for their big outing at Yarndale. The woolly flock will be displayed during the Yarndale weekend, culminating in a Grand Sheep Sale which will take place from 12pm to 4pm on Sunday 25th September 2016. Proceeds from the sheep sale will go to Martin House Hospice, a very deserving Yorkshire based charity which supports and cares for terminally ill children and their families. A donation will also be made to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation as requested by Frankie Brown, with gratitude for her support of this project. After Yarndale, the remaining sheep will be rounded up and divided between ten high street charity shops in Yorkshire. These shops are run by Martin House who are very excited about having some sheep in residence, although we do hope they will soon find loving homes whilst raising money for a very good cause.
This is VERY IMPORTANT >>> please can we ask that each person makes just ONE WOOLLY SHEEP to enter into the Grand Sheep Sale. Only ONE per person please.
Q :: What type of yarn would you like me to use?
A :: Any yarn you like! We’ve found that wool or wool blend yarn gives great results for this project, but any oddments of DK yarn will be fine. [DK weight is "light worsted" between a worsted and sport weight. 21 - 24 stitches per 4 inches]
Q :: Where can I find patterns for the crochet and knitted sheep?
A :: We have two patterns to share…..
“Sheep in Sheep’s Clothing” is a knitting pattern designed by Frankie Brown. You can find it as a free download on Frankie’s Ravelry page: HERE  The pattern contains plenty of photos to help you knit and make up your little sheep.
“Little Woolly Sheep” is a crochet pattern designed by Lucy of Attic24. You can find a full picture tutorial as well as a PDF pattern to download on Lucy’s blog  [the pattern to download is at the very bottom of the tutorial - scroll down]
Q :: What needle/hook size shall I use?
A :: Details of all materials needed are contained within the patterns. You will need some oddments of DK weight yarn (preferably wool or wool blend). Hook size is 3.5 mm. Needle size is 3 mm.
Q :: What size should my finished sheep measure?
A :: The woolly sheep stand approximately 8 cm tall, but really the size doesn’t matter too much and we are expecting lots of unique and individual animals! The important thing is to aim for a reasonably tight tension so that the knit/crochet fabric will contain the stuffing and your sheep will hold it’s shape well.
Q :: What colours should I use, and can I add decorative touches to my sheep?
A :: Please be creative and use whichever colours float your boat! We’ve made our sheep in natural sheep colours but colourful sheep will also be welcome. The woolly jumpers can be decorated if you wish too – crochet/knit stripes, add decorative embroidery, buttons or little motifs – have fun with it!

If you haven't already heard:  CNCH 2017 "Sapphire Sea, Golden Threads"  will take place at Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California  May 4 - 7, 2017.  This is a workshop format conference:  all teachers will be teaching 2 1/2 day workshops. Conference attendees will stay at the Asilomar conference center and all meals will be included.  Check and the Conference Facebook Page   for updates.

 Many of the instructors are new to the West Coast and are teaching very exciting workshops.  

CNCH 2017 Teacher List – Workshop Titles  - Teacher Websites

Deanna Deeds
The Unwoven Warp:  Layering Sprang on a Woven Cloth (twill)

Donna Sakamoto Crispin
Shifu Journey:  Spinning and Weaving Mulberry Paper and More

Elisabeth Hill
Shifting Threads – Structures That Defy the Parallel and Perpendicular

Giovanna Imperia
Weaving with Non-Traditional Materials
-- An Exploration of unusual, innovative and just simply funky yarns

Karen Huntoon
Kumihimo – Japanese Braiding, Beading and Beyond

Annetta Kraayvelt
Basketry:  Chase Twills

Spinning Spectacular Knitting yarns

Barbara Setsu Pickett
Colorhue Instant Silk Dyeing and Printing

Lois Russell
New Uses of an Ancient Basketry Technique – Twining

Spinning:  Princess Breeds – Turbo-Charged [you get to wear a TIARA! if you like]

Robyn Spady
Tied up in a Magical Box – Tied Weaves and Tied Weave Threadings

Betty Vera
More Than Just Black and White:  Weaving Beautifully with Neutrals

Mary Zicafoose
Color, Content & Creativity:  New Strategies for New Work in Cloth


  • August 24,  Treadles Meeting [date change-one week early]
  • Sept. 18, Berkeley Horticultural Nursery Show - Info below
  • Sept. 29, Treadles Meeting [date change- Thursday]
  • Oct. 27, Treadles Meeting [date change- Thursday]
  • Nov. 29, Treadles Meeting [date change - Tuesday]

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery will be hosting the 3rd Annual Nevada County Fiber Arts Trunk Show on Sunday, September 18 from 10AM until 3PM.  Artists from Nevada County will be displaying their beautiful homegrown and handmade items, with a presentation at 10:30 by Sierra Mohr, who will talk about and demonstrate the art of wet felting.  New to the show will be additional artists including a rug weaver and an alpaca breeder who will be sharing fiber, roving and other alpaca items.  To add to the fun, there will also be a couple of food vendors and live music by the Buffalo Gals, who will be playing their brand of old-time country and swing beginning at 12:00.

More information will be available at our Facebook event page soon:

END NOTE: Maybe we'll see this rare nine-legged bird on the beach at Asilomar?!

July 21, 2016


A very fine time was had by all who came to the "Pajama Party" for our Tour de Fleece activity. Wendy showed all how to create a felted sheep from felted tennis-type balls she had made for everyone. Almost anything goes when felting these sheep, and with just a few very important tips from Wendy, we were quite taken with the sheepies we created.

One of our favorite shops in California down in Solvang, and one of the most consistent vendor supporters of our Conferences has decided to close shop and retire! I guess we all want to eventually, but we will miss them and their shop. Below is an email John, the owner, sent out to announce the closing:

". . .I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry
Like a bird upon the wind
These waters are my sky
I'll never reach my destination
If I never try
So I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry
Too many times we stand aside
And let the waters slip away
'Til what we put off 'til tomorrow
It has now become today
So don't you sit upon the shoreline
And say you're satisfied
Choose to chance the rapids
And dare to dance that tide"
by Garth Brooks and Victoria Shaw.

Marsha and I will be closing our retail store and transitioning into retirement in the coming months. It's time for a new river, and a new adventure. . . and the fish are biting. We currently are anticipating keeping a very pared-down website after the transition. Thank you to everyone we've met along the way, we'll have enough great memories to last a lifetime, it's not a 'goodbye' it's a TTFN ('ta ta for now').  :o)

Starting immediately, we will be reducing inventory with discounts ranging from 25% to 70% (Ashford and Lendrum spinning wheels are not included in this sale). Examples: A New 40" 8 shaft loom @ 35% off list price. 20-plus Rigid Heddle Looms @ 25% off, 12-plus Drum Carders @ 25% off, Addi Knitting Needles @ 50% off, all DVD's @ 50% off. Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing and Felting books @ 25% off. ALL Magazines are 50% to 70% off. Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, Bobbin Lace and Children's Books and DVD's @ 50% off. A 4-shaft Table Loom and an 8-shaft Table loom @ 25% off. At least 7 Spinning Wheels @ 25% off. Plus, we have lots of hand cards, warping boards, warping mills, spinning chairs, tapestry looms, loom stands, swifts, ball winders, shuttles, bobbins, weaving yarns, spinning and felting fibers @ 25% discount, knitting yarns and SO MUCH MORE. . . all at discounted prices. Yes, we can still assist you for many of your special order needs.

There is too much for us to change on the website so the sale is limited to walk-in and phone orders (shipping and insurance will be added to phone orders). All sales will be final. Please use up any credits or gift certificates you have.

John and Marsha Novak
Village Spinning & Weaving
425 Alisal Rd., Solvang, CA 93463
Open Mon. thru Sat.: 9:30-5:30
Sun.: 11-5


What sounds like a very fun activity is being organized by Fashion Knit in Walnut Creek:  Yarn Bombing Downtown. If you can't quite read the photo, the important info is:

A downtown Walnut Creek Community Yarn Art Exhibition
When:  July 29 from 4-7pm
Where:  In front of Peet's Coffee, 1343 Locust St.
Please join in "Stitching Together" Art & Community

So the only problem is that when I asked the shop about the "Official Approved Yarn" listed above, I was told that was the only yarn being allowed to be used. If anyone wants to participate, they will need to buy those particular yarns. Too bad. We have so much more to offer. But thought I would list the activity anyway for those who may be interested. If anything changes, I'll let everyone know.


  • July 29,  Friday, Yarn Bombing Walnut Creek
  • August 24,  Treadles Meeting [date change-one week early]
  • Sept. 29, Treadles Meeting [date change- Thursday]
  • Oct. 27, Treadles Meeting [date change- Thursday]


June 18, 2016


Spinning at the Winery Recap

Time for a nap on the cool lawn for one spinner
Weather in the mid to high 90's was predicted! But the Vendors bravely came and so did the crowds. Attendance was down a bit, as expected. However people brought plenty of shade and the pepper trees and lovely lawn of the winery did their best to keep us comfortable.

Clouds covered the sky most of the day, which was a blessing. They did however, bring us a taste of what its like to live in humid weather. Thank you California for not being humid!

A big thanks to all Treadles members who came and worked and brought lovely items for the Raffle, which many people mention as part of the reason they come. This year there was another Ashford spinning wheel along with one of the last of Will's 6-bobbin lazy kate's along with the matching flax distaff. Two happy winners.

Next year will be the 20th annual Spinning at the Winery. We are all looking forward to that. Any ideas on how to make it a really special day?

With some of the proceeds from this year's raffle, Treadles has purchased two more 12' x 12' shade covers. Laura's huge cover is great, but takes so long to put up, we all decided to retire it.

After the workshop we had with Mary Finley and Roger Salter, it was suggested Treadles buy a blending hackle. The one that will most likely be the lucky winner is the "Menz Mixer" by Lani Combs. Take a look at it:  It should be a great addition to the carders for wool working.

Just some of the great fibers and yarns that were at the Winery


Skirting Fleeces at Forest Home Farm - Time to be determined soon.
Please contact Wendy if you are interested in helping skirt, organize and find homes for the fleeces that have accumulated over the last years. It's clean up time on the farm!

Le Tour de Fleece:
Every year spinners around the world take part in a very loosely organized event that coincides with the Tour de France. While the bike riders of the Tour de France spin their bike wheels, we spinners spin our spinning wheels. It's a celebration of everything "spinny" and it's a lot of fun!

Everyone is encouraged to participate, no matter how much or how little you spin. The concept of the event is simple:

  • Challenge Yourself
  • Spin
  • Have Fun
Le Tour de Fleece begins on Saturday July 2nd and runs until Sunday, July 24th. [To coincide with the Tour de France]
There is no special amount you need to spin, you don't need to measure what you have spun, you can skip days if you need to:  the whole point is to try to challenge yourself and to have fun doing it.

GUIDELINES [not rules]

  • Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. The tour is 23 days long which includes 2 rest days. 
  • Spin something challenging on the stages that take place in the mountains which are the toughest climbing days for the riders.
  • Wear yellow on the final day to announce victory! Why not wear yellow on any day you feel particularly successful?
The purpose of Le Tour de Fleece is to challenge yourself, not to compare yourself to others, and to share what you have done and the joy you have had in doing it! It's going to be a great summer.

All guild members are welcome to enjoy any or all of the following local "Tour" events:

  • July 5, 6, 9  Start the Tour by Hand Painting Wool Roving at Wendy's house. Details and sign-up times to follow
  • July 15  Second Annual Pajama Party at Amy's House. Yes - there will be prizes. More info to follow
  • Thursday nights in July and continuing through August, Spinning in Todos Santos Plaza, Concord.  Live music, farmer's market, food trucks for dinner or bring your own, spinning, and fun. Begins at 5ish, or so. Look for the "Wheel Circle" There are some chairs but you can bring your own. 


July and August events above, plus. . .
  • August 24, 2016,  Treadles Meeting at the library [date change due to library conflict - one week earlier than usual]

Junior and his patch of catnip