January 18, 2015

NEXT MEETING: Jan. 28, 2015, 7 PM

Carson Demers, the author of "Ergo Neo" in Ply Magazine, is a spinner and knitter and a well known physical therapist who runs an ergonomics program at a San Francisco Bay Area medical center. Carson will be speaking  to us about the ergonomics of spinning and teaching us a unique skill set to keep you producing healthfully. Join us for what promises to be an interesting topic.

Minutes from the short business meeting at the Christmas party
[Linda B. - Sec.]

There were 22 in attendance.
Pursuant to discussion at the November Guild meeting and several Monday spin-in gatherings, Carol C. moved to purchase a Clemes and Clemes electric carder, and two (2) rigid heddle looms with the accompanying shuttles, and some sort of stand for the looms.
The motion was seconded by Linda B. Discussion followed concerning the make of the looms and type of stand involved. It was noted the treasury is adequately funded for these purchases.
Also discussed was the need for adequate instruction in the use of the electric carder, and the looms. Rental fees were suggested as a requirement for member’s use of these expensive pieces of equipment, as well as time frames allowed for rental use.
The motion was passed by a majority vote.
President Laura then appointed a committee consisting of treasurer, Pam M., Reba S.,and equipment librarian, Carol C. These three will explore purchase of the three pieces of equipment. Rental fees and instruction opportunities will be explored and presented after the purchase is made. These will be presented at a Guild meeting in the near future.

Critters from the sheep ornament exchange at the Christmas Party

Fleece to Finished Product Project 
Fleece to Finished Product
We are moving on to the next step of our fleece processing: carding and combing. The first mini-workshop on carding and combing of our Faith and Faye wool is Monday, January 19.  Check your email for details. Make-up workshops will be held on Monday, February 2nd and Saturday, February 7. Time and location for the make up sessions will be discussed at the January meeting. If you have not yet scoured your wool please check with Wendy if you would like help. We can set up a time that works for you.

CNCH 2015 - Asilomar
A reminder that for the CNCH 2015 grant fundraiser, the committee is asking for donations of containers. They should be either handwoven, felted, braided or any technique using handspun. They can be purses, pouches, bags, boxes, useful or just decorative, etc.  One of our members, Carol G. won the grant this year for a registration to the conference.  Last year Reba S. won.  It is important to support this endeavor so these grants can continue to be awarded. 

Treadles has a Ravelry Group

Don't forget to join and check into our group on Ravelry. Easy to do, free and could be a great place to keep up between meetings. You can post questions, local happenings such as classes or conferences, arrange meet-ups, or simply share some cool, new thing you just found.


Put on your reading specs, open your computer, and get the group going strong.

Fiber Classes for the New Year!
Special attention to Jennifer Pellman's class. It is not often that in teaching the craft of weaving, we get to the art/design of a weaving.  Just how do you go about making art in textiles? This is a think outside of the box class. You will solve an assigned challenge the first week. You will warp Studio H table looms, and take your looms home to weave the project. Then you will come back the second week to critic your results.

Also of note is Anna Lisa will be teaching her last Shibori class for CA and it will be on wool.

Teacher     Class         Date Time Place
Reba Siero Rigid Heddle II 1/25/2014 9:30-4:30 Studio H
Reba Siero Rigid Heddle Project 2/1, 2/8, 2/22, 3/1, 3/8 9:30-12:30 Studio H

Lou Grantham Evening Weaving Tuesday, 1/13-3/17 6:30-9:30 Studio H
Lou Grantham Weaving - Day Tuesdays, 1/13-2/17 1:30-4:30 Studio H

Jennifer Pellman Weaving: Design Challenge! 1/31, 2/7 9:30-4:30 Studio H

Amelia Strader DIY Slippers 1/25/2014 9:30-1:30 Youth Art 1
Amelia Strader Fingerless Gloves 1/11/2014 9:30-12:30 Youth Art 1
Amelia Strader Sew Your Own Apron 2/21/2014 10:00-5:00 Youth Art 1

Ana Lisa Hedstrom Shibori on Wool 2/28-3/1 9:30-4:30 Annex A

Mimi Foord Printing on Fabric Weekend Workshop 3/21, 3/22 9:30-4:30 Annex A

To learn more and register online:

Dates For Your Calendar
Jan. 28, 2015  Treadles meeting at the Library
Feb. 14, 15, 2015  Sacramento Weavers' & Spinners' Guild Open House
                              10 AM - 4 PM Shepard Garden & Arts Center, 
                               3330 McKinley Blvd. Sac.  
Feb. 25, 2015 Treadles meeting at the Library
March 25, 2015  Treadles meeting at the Library
April 9 - 12, 2015  CNCH at Asilomar -more info to the right under "Bay Area Guild Info"
April Treadles meeting date -to be announced
May - Treadles Annual Dye Day - date and place  to be announced
June 6, 2015  Treadles' Spinning at the Winery, Retzlaff Winery, Livermore  10 AM to 4 PM

Thank you for sharing the following information with your guild members.
Artful Knitting with Adrienne Sloane
                       Mendocino Art Center
                               May 25-27
Class Description:
Develop a personal language of forms by experimenting with knitting fundamentals to uncover the enormous possibilities of working with knit three dimensionally. By manipulating stitches and solving knitting geometry, participants will learn to 'think knit.' The class will explore the use of non-traditional materials and cover a range of techniques to help create shape and stability when working in three dimensions. Your new knitting vocabulary can be applied to sculptural or wearable creations. This is a process-oriented class with time devoted to making samples and experiments as you learn each technique or concept. Participants must be proficient in basic knitting techniques; knowledge of crochet is also helpful.

This class is geared toward students with strong fundamental knitting skills who want to escape the tyranny of pattern knitting. Students should be prepared to learn to think about knitting in a whole  new way as they learn to problem solve structural dilemmas while gaining a greater appreciation of knitting as an art form. In addition, we will discuss the place of fiber arts in a greater social and cultural  context to help gain a greater understanding of the role that knitting and other needle arts are currently playing in the public arena as well as in social protest.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions about the workshop.
Thanks so much,

Adrienne Sloane

TRAPPED! in a bag of Corriedale roving. . .
Junior's new young bud is still learning the ropes of spinning stuff.

November 11, 2014

NEXT MEETING: Nov. 20, 2014, 7 PM

Please note: the meeting is on a different date than we normally meet: a week early and on a Thursday.


The speaker for our next meeting will be our own Sultana Charania;  Sultana is currently studying some of the methods & practices of local shepherds who produce those gorgeous fleeces we love to spin & is just back from a visit to Ace V. at his ranch where she asked about the life cycle, breeding program & current challenges in raising his sheep. She'll bring back samples to share, plus some already spun (a couple of us have already spun up Jasper which we purchased at Boonville a few years ago). Sultana has taught at Mary Ann's Yarn Boutique in Lafayette, Black Sheep, Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival, & at private sweater design classes locally.
Additionally, she' destashing & some of her fleeces & spun yarns will be available for us.

CNCH 2015 Registration

Registration for CNCH2015 opened on Nov 1 .  Information about classes is available on CNCH.org and then go to the left sidebar to CNCH 2015.  All teachers, dates, activities are listed.  This is an exciting conference as it is at Asilomar that many of us love and the classes are for 2 1/2 days.  There is a beginning weaving class as well as more advanced.  There are a number of spinning classes and then there are other things that may be of interest.  Asilomar was designed by Julia Morgan (the designer of Hearst Castle).  You will need to make a separate reservation with Asilomar with a special code provided on Regonline.  The cost of staying there is for room and board.  The food is very good and it is nice to all eat together.  Rooms are most comfortable with two to a room.  The rooms are very nice and some have fireplaces.  They have made some improvements both to rooms, pathways and other facilities.

The number of attendees are limited due to classroom size restrictions so register early.


Dec. 20, noon, Holiday get together at the home of Vilija. Beverages provided, bring a main dish, salad, or dessert to share. We will also have our annual "Sheep Ornament Exchange". Time to make [or purchase] the cutest sheep you can come up with to exchange with a fellow spinner. 

Jan. 28, 2015  Treadles meeting at the Library

Feb. 25, 2015 Treadles meeting at the Library

From T2T member, Debbi:



Noon to 4PM


I am selling out my stash of painted and dyed rovings, yarns, fibers, loose locks, etc., as well as other miscellaneous crafting supplies such as cotton fabric, beading and scrapbooking supplies.  I am closing out my fiber business, Twisted Sunshine Designs, as well as cutting back on my hobbies due to downsizing.  I also will be selling my Schacht Sidekick with extra bobbins and bulky flier, an electric double skein winder and other equipment.  

Feel free to email me with any questions at debbiwalling@gmail.com

October 19, 2014

NEXT MEETING: October 29, 2014, 7 PM

Wensleydale adults
 Our speaker will be Peggy Agnew of Red Creek Farm. Peggy has a small (only 30 sheep) farm of meticulously cared for MerinoX, Merino/Lincoln, and WensleydaleX  sheep up in Potter Valley. She's the grower of the gorgeous prize-winning fleeces that were purchased for the  Fiber Finishing Project that Wendy is heading up. Check last month's blog for info on this project. 
Wensleydale lambs

Two years ago Peggy's sheep, Fizz, won grand champion reserve at Booneville. And last year she was awarded a prize for "Best of the Year" in high quality fleece production. She'll  talk to us about all that has to happen to get those beautiful fleeces we love to spin, some of her daily life on the farm, successes & difficulties with even such a small-seeming factor as GMO alfalfa. Peggy cares deeply about her sheep & farm as evidenced by her recent awards. She is very modest & easy to talk with. Unfortunately for us she's sold all her fleeces for this year. But next year. . . !  

April 9 - 12, 2015

CNCH 2015 Registration

Registration for CNCH2015 opens on Nov 1 around 9 am.  Information about classes is available on CNCH.org and then go to the left sidebar to CNCH 2015.  All teachers, dates, activities are listed.  This is an exciting conference as it is at Asilomar that many of us love and the classes are for 2 1/2 days.  There is a beginning weaving class as well as more advanced.  There are a number of spinning classes and then there are other things that may be of interest.  Asilomar was designed by Julia Morgan (the designer of Hearst Castle).  You will need to make a separate reservation with Asilomar with a special code provided on Regonline.  The cost of staying there is for room and board.  The food is very good and it is nice to all eat together.  Rooms are most comfortable with two to a room.  The rooms are very nice and some have fireplaces.  They have made some improvements both to rooms, pathways and other facilities.

The number of attendees are limited due to classroom size restrictions so register early.

CNCH 2015 Grant/Scholarship

CNCH offers 5 grants for the full early bird registration, one for each of our five areas in our conference.  The grant is not need based but you need to complete an application listed under forms at CNCH.org.  The application needs to be sent in by Nov 1.  It can be completed online, faxed or mailed according to the instructions.  It is judged by three people on the Advisory Council and is an anonymous judging.  You must register for the class you want on Nov 1 or later.  We cannot hold a space in a class as RegOnline does not allow this.  We will let the recipients know by Nov 15 after checking membership and registration and then they will be sent a check for full registration.  Consider it as it is worth $300.

If some of our members have sore shoulders, necks and backs, its because many of us just finished a harried week of spinning that Monster Mile. 

The fun is over for this year and most of us surprised ourselves by spinning upwards of 3,000, 4,000, 6,000, and in Sultana's case, an awesome 30,000+ yards in that one frenzied week.

Team leaders for Team Carolina Homespun, Wendy and Amy, will announce the grand total by our group at the meeting. They organized several public events during the week for us to spin at which made the whole event that much more fun. Plus, we had lots of attention and questions from observers. Are they up for a repeat next year? Hope so.

Treadles member, Karrie is selling her 46", 4-harness, Schacht loom. This is a good weaving, heavy duty loom. It comes with an 8-dent and 12-dent reed. She's only asking $400. A great buy for anyone who needs [or just wants!] a loom for hours of weaving pleasure. Contact her by email: kvd4@me.com.

Proudly modeling Vilija's Spinzilla yarn

September 16, 2014

NEXT MEETING: Sept. 24, 2014, 7 PM

Former member, Jackie Post, will give a talk about her trip to Paris to attend the Colored Wool Congress. What an incredible place for a conference -- are you listening CNCH! Jackie will tell about all she did, saw and learned while there. Hope to see lots of you there.

If you didn't have your checkbook last month, its $25 per member for the upcoming year. Make checks out to Treadles to Threads. We can keep our dues low because the Library offers the room for free and all the work our members do to put on the successful "Spinning at the Winery" event every year in June.


October 6 - 12  Spinzilla spinning week:  spin your treadles off! Remember to look up the doings of our group and others on Ravelry. Just look up "Spinzilla groups". We have team members on Team Carolina Homespun and Team Meridian Jacobs.

October 18
Treadles and Diablo Weavers are going to participate in this Walnut Creek event. We will have a two booth space. In one half of the space we will do demos of spinning, weaving, or whatever you would like to volunteer to do. We will set up our spinning sticks and ask children and a sibling or a parent to participate in making a rope necklace suitable for Christmas. We have a big box full of these kits left over from when we used to do this for Pleasant Hill. They were always a popular activity.

In the other half of the space we are allowed to sell products that we make, spun, woven, knitted, whatever. Sales will be considered individual sales so that none of us needs to collect tax [unless you already have a "business" set up in your name].

We will need volunteers to man both sides of the booth and will talk about this and make a plan at the next meeting.

October 29, Treadles meeting at the Library

November 20, Treadles meeting at the Library
[DATE CHANGE - Thursday and a week early because of Thanksgiving]

Treadles now has its own group on Ravelry.

Member Lisa W. set it up for us and both she and Mary P. are the moderators. Sign up today! It'll be a great place to ask questions and have feed-back.


The Treadles to Threads Fleece to Finished Product Project is ready to get off the ground!  This activity is for those who wish to "experience" preparing a fleece right off the sheep. Its good to know just how to wash a fleece properly and get it ready for spinning. Once  you know the basics . . . you can give your fleeces to Morro Fleece Works, or not!

Here is the plan…

If you want to join the project you will receive a half pound of raw wool at this next meeting.

The fiber will be washed and dyed (if desired) as a group (at Wendy's house) or individually by you in September/October.

The clean fiber will be processed individually or in a group either by combing or carding during the winter months. In the spring, we will knit, crochet or weave our projects (project ideas are welcome). We will have the opportunity to present our final projects at the T2T meeting in May.

Fleece details….

We were very lucky to obtain two incredible fleeces at the Mendocino Wool Festival in Boonville this year. Both fleeces are from Red Creek Farm owned by Peggy Agnew. The animals are crosses of a Wensleydale/Cormo ram and a Lincoln/Merino ewe. The two fleeces selected are from sheep that are cousins. They have worn coats all year to keep their fiber beautifully free from vegetable matter and general dirt and debris. One of the sheep's fleece won Supreme Grand Champion Handspinners fleece last year and the other was Reserve Grand Champion Fleece and Judges Choice Handspinners fleece this year at Boonville.

Project details….

Cost of each half pound of wool is $10. After everyone who wants to participate has received their wool, any remaining wool will be available on a first come first serve basis (one half pound at a time).

This is going to be great! I look forward to hearing from you :)  More details about this project will be given out at the Wednesday meeting. See you there.

From member Marianne at The Yarn Boutique in Lafayette: Schacht has added a padded bag for its foldable Sidekick Wheel. All Sidekicks ordered during this month [September] will come with one of these bags free. The bags themselves will retail for $65. If you have a Sidekick already, talk to Marianne about a special Guild discount. 

Treadles member, Rejanne, has five young kitties she has rescued over the last year as babies from feral mothers in her neighborhood. They range in age from a few months to just over a year, have all their shots and have been well taken care of. If you have room in your home for one or two of these kitties, let her know.
Junior and his new friend, Iso, one of Rejanne's rescues. Iso's mom is a typical American shorthair - guess who she hooked up with!

August 13, 2014

NEXT MEETING: August 27, 2014, 7 pm

"Spinning, Inspiration & More Inspiration"

Spinning:  bring your wheel or spindle and the latest that you are working on and spin while we work on . . .

Inspiration:  August is the first month of our calendar year and when we always put our heads together and plan out programs for the coming season. Speakers, workshops, topics - what would you like to see at a meeting this year.

More Inspiration:  Time to de-clutter. Bring fiber, yarns, equipment, books, whatever and sell, give away or trade with another member of our group. Pick up a fiber, color or yarn you never thought  you would work with and challenge yourself. Yes, this is actually bringing "some" clutter back to your home, but it will be "inspirational" clutter.

ALSO - Show & Tell
We had a great, if not hot, dye day in July working with cotton. Bring your results and show them off. Some have suggested they will bring the "balls" they don't like to trade off with others. Works for me!

Remember: If you are early enough, try to park at the Dentist's office just before the Library. Only 10 spaces, but will help with the overcrowding in the Library parking lot

$25 per member for the upcoming year. Make checks out to Treadles to Threads. We can keep our dues low because the Library offers the room for free and all the work our members do to put on the successful "Spinning at the Winery" event every year in June.


September 24, Treadles meeting at the Library

October 6 - 12  Spinzilla spinning week:  spin your treadles off!

October 29, Treadles meeting at the Library

November 20, Treadles meeting at the Library
[DATE CHANGE - Thursday and a week early because of Thanksgiving]

Spinzilla - A Monster of a Spinning Week!

We'd like to invite everyone to become part of the greater spinning community starting now.  As you may know there is an event coming up in October called SPINZILLA.  During the week of October 6 - 12 spinners all over the world are going to try to spin as much yarn as they can.  The results will then be tallied and celebrated.  To join in the fun go to http://www.spinzilla.org/ and register as an individual or join a spinning team. The $10 donation goes to the Needle Arts Mentoring Program in support of adding a spinning component to their children's education program.
To prepare for the Spinzilla event we will be having several "Spin in Public" days over the next few months.  Whether you join Spinzilla or not, please join us as we celebrate the joy of spinning by coming to one or all of these events.

Some Treadles to Threads members have joined the Carolina Homespun Team.  Keep up with the activities of this team and others on Ravelry. Click on the Spinzilla group then Team Carolina Homespun or other teams to join in on the fun.
Any questions?  Call or email Wendy

The competition aspect allows spinners to push past their fears. The more yarn you spin, the better a spinner you become.

The underlying goal of Spinzilla is to see how much yarn we as a community can make in a week. We want the world to take notice of handspinning!

Spinner registration fees are an investment in the makers of tomorrow. They are donated to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program that fosters mentoring between adult volunteers and school-age children to teach the needlearts—spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, and stitching.

Too late to register a whole new team, but you can sign up as a Rogue Spinner till Oct. 3. Some teams are still looking for members.

Fifty-six teams are competing world wide this year for the "golden niddy-noddy".

Local Spinzilla members spin-in at Todos Santos Farmer's Market night. If anyone asks, No, Amy did not bring wine!

July 5, 2014


Treadles will be placing an order for Su-Pima cotton fiber [the easy spin kind] on July 10th, in order to get it in time for Dye Day. If you would like to order some fiber, please let Vilija know a.s.a.p.  vilijad@me.com

1 lb. - $38.0
8 oz. - $19.40
4 oz. - $9.70

Payment for your order will be at Dye Day, we just need to know how much to order. If there is a shipping charge, that will be added in also, don't know that yet.

8 oz. is a super generous amount.

4oz. fills up the big sized, zip lock type of bags you have for veggies and stuff. Its a generous amount for spinning.

You can definitely order your own. Cotton Clouds has easy to spin Pima, and The Woolery, in Kentucky has Su-Pima, also an easy spinning cotton.

If you love birds, this project is for you! Wildlife rehabilitators around the country have been using knitted nests to house those first couple weeks that orphaned babies are so vulnerable. To see a great article about this go to sfgate.com in Saturday's edition of the Chronicle.

Don't know if our own Lindsey Museum is using the nests yet, but if they are not, perhaps we can convince them. Some nests have been knit from wool and felted, but acrylic yarns are really the best since they can be easily washed along with the myriad number of towels they use everyday, and are just as comfortable and warm for the babies. THis is definitely a Red Heart Yarn project.

Baby birds, by instinct, push their little behinds up toward the top edge of the nest to do their duty. But even then, its not always successful, so the nests are changed out every day. With caring for many hundreds of baby birds every season, lots of nests are needed.

June 30, 2014


Time for our annual color extravaganza of dyeing!
Date:  Saturday, July 26
Where:  the home of Carol Causey
Time:  10 am to about 4 or so

Dyes this year are focusing on cotton and linen. We hope you will bring either your handspun from this past year, or any kind of cotton and/or linen fiber or yarn that you would like to dye.

In addition to any serious dyeing you want to do, the official "just for fun" activity will be "Balls to Dye For".  For this activity the guild will have 120 yard to 140 yard balls of "kitchen cotton". This is the stuff you can get at almost any craft store as "Lily's Sugar 'n Cream" or "Peaches & Cream". It is about worsted weight and can be used for lots of different crafts such as woven towels or placemats, knitted or crocheted wash cloths or kitchen scrubbies. They are actually really nice as crocheted wash cloths. Patterns will be handed out.

The balls of cotton are kept in their ball state, soaked in mordant, squeezed out and dye applied by painting with a squeeze bottle with one, two or lots of colors. As the dyes penetrate into the ball, they mix and get lighter and give fun, interesting results.

The guild will provide this particular cotton and just charge a reimbursement fee for each ball. We have a source where 140 yard balls will cost about $2 each. The balls you buy at JoAnn's or wherever, are usually 120 yards and $2.59 [or so] There will be no other fee for this workshop day.

The top two wash cloths at the left were made from one ball of cotton dyed with various, analogous colors. The top one is yarn from the outside of the ball, while the next one shows what happened as the yarn came from further inside the ball.

The bottom cloth was dyed sparingly with red, pink and a splash of orange [it looks like?!] Again, you can see how the colors changed from the darker to the lighter.

Any cotton yarn or  cotton roving fiber that  you want to dye. We will have the supplies needed to ready your fiber if you bring roving. Skeins should be prepared by tying in at least 6 spots.

Your own Lunch
Apron or come in your grubs.
Bucket or tub to carry your wet yarns home in

Saran wrap
Plastic baggies
Mordant baths
Netting to secure your roving for dyeing

IMPORTANT: Please let Carol know if you plan to come, the sooner the better. This does not mean you can't decide at the last minute, or that you are committed to come. It just really helps if we have an estimate of participants.  Carol:  cacauseywc@gmail.com

A BIG, BIG THANK YOU to all who came out to the Winery this year to help out. It was our usual success and could not be done with out you. The weather was great, the food yummy, the vendors wonderful, and the raffle was its usual success also. We had over 200 guests who we think were all happy too!

Really friendly rams at the Alameda County Fair this year:

August 27, Treadles meeting at the Library

September 24, Treadles meeting at the Library

October29, Treadles meeting at the Library


End Note From Junior:
Junior's stamp of approval for my "fresh off the loom" table runner