May 13, 2011

NEXT MEETING: May 25, 2011 7:00 PM

PROGRAM: Member Sharing with Nancy Vantassel and Linda Burton.

Spinning at the Winery

This is our 14th annual year for this event. Many jobs still need to be filled for the day's activities. Linnie sent out a reminder to everyone. Will and Kate have had their share of eye health issues lately and we really need to step up this year and ease the load of work that they put in. Go back and read Linnie's list and figure out what you will be doing to make this event another success.

Besides being loads of fun, it is the number one fundraiser for the guild and everyone needs to pitch in to help. Check out last months blog for more information about the event, or go to for info.

July Dye Day Workshop
July 30, 31 Saturday and Sunday [double check these dates with Laura, I forgot to write them down] about 10 am to 4 pm each day
at the home of Carol Causey
Laura will have a sign-up sheet for the workshop - there are only 15 spots available

Natural Dyeing with Linda Hartshorn

Natural Colors to Dye For
Create a spectrum of color on wool yarn or silk fabric with dyes from plants, minerals, and an insect. We will use traditional dye materials such as madder, Brazilwood, indigo and cochineal. We will also explore dyeing with fresh wild plants. With more time, we can dye more colors.

The mordants that fix the dyes to the fiber (alum, tannin, and iron) are safe to use and give a wide range of fast and beautiful colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and a beautiful black are all possible with natural dyes.
Upcoming Events in the area:

Saturday • May 21 • 10 AM to 2 PM • SF State Art Department
We’re cleaning house. Big time. The SF State Textiles area needs to make room for more students and new course initiatives to come. We simply need the space and wish to streamline some of our equipment offerings and set the stage for some exciting news to come. On sale will be a variety of items including: Floor Looms, Tapestry Looms, Inkle Looms, Dye Lab Supplies, Shuttles, Carders, Spinning Wheels, Warping Equipment, Books, Magazines, Fabric, Yarn.
For a preview of some of the items for sale and maps to SF State Textiles go to:
Cash & Visa/MC Credit Cards accepted. Direct questions to:

Heritage Day at Borges Ranch, Walnut Creek
June 11, 11 am to 4pm
If you would like to join in the fun of demonstrating spinning, the more the merrier, please contact Reba,

The Oakland Fiber & Textile Festival
Splash Pad Park [next to the Grand Lake Theater]
July 10, 10 am to 6 pm
Free to the general public. The event is sponsored by Piedmont Yarn & Apparel, and San Francisco Fibers.

A "Greener Indigo" with Barbara Shapiro
July 16 and 17, 2011 from 9:30-4:30

Explore the magic and mystery of indigo, one of the oldest and most influential dyes. Set up an indigo dye bath using a simple ecological formula suitable for the home studio and sample on a variety of fabrics. Prepare cloth for resist dyeing and experiment in various techniques. The “Greener Indigo” formula dates to the 18th century. It is non-toxic and non-fumy, and can also be thickened and used for painting or printing.

Please check thee web site for more details soon.

Images from the Alpaca Show early in May at Pleasanton

Rasta Alpaca singing away!

A Jacobs Alpaca?

" I'm gonna win Best of Show!"