August 22, 2011

NEXT MEETING: Aug 31, 2011 7:00 PM

August Program: Sharing Summer Activities.
Come and show what you've been up to since our last formal meeting in May. Did you take part in the Natural Dye Workshop in July? Bring your yarns, especially if you've actually done anything creative with them. Bring photos if you took any. Reba will have a projector there if you have photos on a laptop to share. In the photo above are the yarns that Mindy and Vilija dyed during the workshop.

From Laura, our program chair, " It would also be fun to hear about the Blacksheep Gathering since we had several members go. I know Wendy took some pictures and I wonder if others did too. I know Carol and Donna have some stories to tell."

Laura will also be asking for ideas for meeting programs for the rest of the year. She has a couple set up already that sound great, but there are many more months for doing things. So part of the meeting, as we do every August, is project planning for the rest of the year. Think about what you would like or even what you could do for the group yourself.

September 16 - 18 is the California Wool and Fiber Festival Look it up on line for more info [look under EVENTS to the right, under the lamb]

September 28 Meeting: Stash Exchange.
Once again, clean out your closets and what-have-you, to sell, give-away or exchange with fellow fiber folks. No monies can be exchanged in the library room, but payments can be made out in the parking lot. It feels much more furtive that way, like you're really getting some kind of "special" deal! That's a library rule and we don't want to break it.

October 1 is Lambtown in Dixon Link is under EVENTS

For Sale: Antique circular sock machine. In good working condition with many extras such as copies of old manuals, a new "how to" book, scrap yarn, small tools, etc. Includes a sturdy table and lamp. Also great for making I-cord. $600
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