August 15, 2012

NEXT MEETING: AUG 29, 2012, 7 PM

There is not really a formal program for this month. We usually use the August meeting to get ready for the coming year of programs. We can discuss what your interests are, what specific program or event you would like to see, is there a theme we would like to follow for the coming year, etc.

We'll introduce the officers and job holders for 2012/13. There may still be a few we need volunteers for. Bring your wheels or spindles and whatever show & tell you have of what you've done over the summer.

If you've not paid your membership dues for the coming year, the August meeting would be a good time to do so. Our "fiscal" year runs August through July.

Thanks to Carol for hosting us and Linnie, Mindy and Kate for all the prep work and supplies. It was a wonderful day both weather wise and dye wise [except for those of us who ended up with "over-boiled purple - not only in one pot, but both!] As you can see, the colors can come out beautiful and separate with just a hint of color mixing - which is the point. But the pot, while on the fire, mustn't ever get to the simmer point!

A History of Knitting in Lithuania with Donna Druchunas

Meeting Date and Location change:
September 22, 2012 10:30 am [its a Saturday]

After the morning talk, which we are doing as a joint meeting with Diablo Weavers, Donna will give her Knit, Beaded Wristers workshop from 1 pm to about 4 or 5 pm. There are still spaces left in the workshop. Check back to an earlier blog for all the pertinent info and photos. The workshop is $40 and material fee is $5.

Cathy sent us the following message. Perhaps Treadles members can come up with a team. It could be fun. We'll discuss it at the meeting.

I am chairing the Lambtown Sheep to Shawl committee this year and we are hoping to get a few more teams interested in the contest.
Lambtown is now in early October - nice weather and lots of fiber related vendors.

You can read more about it on the webpage:

My contact info is there as well.  Please let me know if you have questions.

Cathy VandeVoort"

A Note from Lou Grantham:
Navajo Rug Weaving Workshop August 27 - 31

with Lynda Teller Pete and Barbara Teller Ornelas
at Civic Arts Ed in Walnut Creek

Weaving is a legacy in the Teller family. For over five generations, grandmothers, mother, sisters, sons, aunts, and cousins have produced award-winning rugs in the traditional Two Grey Hills pattern. The Navajo design is identified primarily by a double-diamond layout and intricate geometric imagery that uses natural colored, hand-carded and hand-spun wool.

“We teach the ‘Navajo Way,’ which is different from a lot of instructional books that are written by non-Navajo authors,” says Lynda, who resides in Denver, Colorado. According to Navajo oral tradition, two holy people – Spider Woman and Spider Man – introduced weaving to the Navajo. Spider Man constructed the first loom, composed of sunshine, lightening and rain, and Spider Woman taught the people how to weave on it.

“Barbara and I started teaching Navajo weaving 15 years ago,” says Lynda. “Our classes take a week, but we have streamlined them so that a beginning student can get the most out of it.” 

Participants in the August class will learn much more than weaving techniques. They will have a glimpse into generations of enduring Navajo weaving as Lynda and Barbara share their family’s rich heritage in song and story. “Each tapestry tells a story,” Lynda says. “They are imbued with the hopes, dreams, tears and laughter of the weaver.”

The August workshop takes place, Monday – Friday, from 10 am – 4 pm at Studio H in Heather Farm Park. Upright, pre-warped looms will be provided. For a complete materials list and to register, go to Or you can call 925-943-5846 to register.

If anyone knows of any upcoming events they would like to see published in this blog, just let me know [Vilija]. I can add things at any time and it's no trouble at all.