September 9, 2012

Lambtown Skein Competition

This is the 12th Annual Skein and Textile Competition and it would be great for our members to make a great showing. Plus it would encourage you to go and have a fun day at this ever growing event. Lambtown in Dixon on October 6 & 7
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The deadline for entering skeins is September 21, 2012. Additional and entry info:

There are many divisions to enter:
A - Items made of 100% handspun wool.
B - Items mad of handspun wool blends.
C - Items mad of other handspun fiber.
D - Junior.
E - Items made from commercially spun fiber from animals owned by the exhibitor.
F - Items made from 100% natural fiber: commercial, handspun or both
G - 100% wool handspun yarn
H - 100% cormo hanspun yarn
I - 100 % jacob handspun yarn
J - 100% camelid handspun yarn
K - 100% other protein fibers [ mohair, cashmere, dog, silk, etc.]
L - handspun yarn wool blends
M - handspun 100% plant fibers
N - handspun novelty yarn
EE - handspun items made by more than one person

Best in Show:  Special Award
Best Item or skein made from 100% Jacob wool: $15.00 gift certificate
donated by Robin Lynde, Meridian Jacobs.                            
Best Item or skein made from 100% Cormo wool: $25.00 gift certificate
donated by Sue Reuser, Cormo Sheep and Wool.   

1st-$5, 2nd-$3, 3rd-$1 in each division 

Best Division D item: $25.00 gift certificate form Dana Foss, Royal

Entry Fee:  $5 per item.   

If you are interested in being a part of a sheep to shawl team for Treadles to Threads members, contact Wendy Lacy and let her know. If we have enough members, we can send in a team!

The Knit Beaded Wrister Meeting and Workshop with Donna Druchunas has been rescheduled for November 10, 2012. If you want to be in on the workshop, contact Vilija. 

We now have a T2T Calendar that Tamera has volunteered to keep up for us. Listed will be monthly meetings and interesting to the fiber crowd, events. Link is at the right under "T2T Calendar & Events" You've been asking for this and Tamera figured out how to do it!