November 16, 2012

NEXT MEETING: Nov. 28, 2012, 7 PM

Come join everyone at the Library for an evening of spinning and discussion.

Can you make one as cute as this Hebridian we met in Scotland?
The Christmas Luncheon get-together is coming up and particulars such as date, time and place will be discussed at this next meeting. If you are a new member, our tradition is to have a hand made "sheep" tree ornament to exchange. A purchased one is definitely o.k., but you have plenty of time to look up a simple knit, crocheted, or stitched sheep to make from your handspun!

A British Flock of Sheep to Knit
In Carol's latest issue of a British Weaver's Journal, was a small article about a collaborative knitting project, "Give Fleece a Chance" by Claire Crompton. She and friends through out England have been making small knitted sheep from handspun and commercial yarns from wool sourced in South West England.

What has emerged from this project, is an online Wool Directory to give easier access to local fleeces and yarns for British knitters. In the 18 months since the project began, 250 sheep have been made, representing 70 different fleeces, 118 yarns and 40 different breeds of sheep.

The best part for us right now, as you are wondering where to find a cute pattern, they have published their knitting pattern for free:
Look up the pattern and the more detailed info on their project.

Judith's Fund
Treadles members have been discussing how to help Judith MacKenzie after the fire in her studio which not only destroyed all her own equipment, but also equipment belonging to several students. All of Judith teaching materials, all of her precious bison fiber, her looms, wheels, books and other equipment was lost. Since it was a historical building, the insurance was rock bottom minimal which will have to be shared by the theatre company in the same building who lost everything also.

Some of us at Monday spinning have tentatively discussed sending Judith $500 from our treasury. Thanks to the sales we have at the Winery every year, our Guild can afford that amount. We will discuss it further at the meeting.

If you would like to add a few dollars to what we decide to send her, please bring it to the November meeting where it will be collected and sent along with a check from Treadles.

On a One-Time Basis, since we don't have a "sale page" in this blog, following is a list of wanted items and for sale items.

Drum carder with coarse teeth
Aura Majacraft Spinning Wheel
contact: Sierra at

Sewing Machine in good working order. For a new young sewer who just can't afford to buy one right now and has been sewing everything by hand. If you have one willing to give away, talk to Vilija, this is a friend of hers. Vilija at

For Sale:
Spinning Wheel. Walnut stained Kromski w/carry bag AND WooLee Winder with 3 bobbins $600
Spinning Wheel. Ashford Traditional, double treadle, working condition, reasonable price.
contact: Carol at

Spinning Wheel.  Canadian Tilt in great working condition. $500 or b.o.
contact:  Will at

Spinning Wheel. Bosworth Journey Wheel. Cherry w/single treadle, extra bobbins and carrying bag.
Loom.  Norwood, cherry, 4-harness, 42" with one reed, raddle, bench, boat shuttles, bobbins and stick shuttles.
contact: Bob at  for more info and pricing

Spinning Wheel. Lendrum 28" Saxony for left handed spinners in beautiful cherry. Double treadle and 4 bobbins. $800
Table Loom. Dundas 8-harness, 10" wide workshop loom. Comes with 4 reeds and a walnut & maple custom stand. Both fold for storage.  $300
Book Charkha. from India with carrying bag & weaving shuttle. $100
contact:  Vilija at

Carquinez Toy Train Operating Museum
Will has been working on this for the last five years. It is up and beginning to run and is all set for their big open house. Its still a bit of a work-in-progress, but still a great set up of HO gauge. Come and see Will's "other" hobby.

Open House
Dec. 1st and 2nd, 2012, Saturday &
10 am - 4 pm
645 Loring Ave. Crockett 
$4 donation at the door

The museum is located in the old Odd Fellows Hall, two blocks west of the main entrance to C&H Sugar. CTTOM is on the top floor, but if anyone has trouble with steps, there is limited parking on the "top side" of the building around the back.