February 20, 2013

NEXT MEETING: Feb. 27, 2013, 7 PM

PROGRAM:  Teri Swanson of 925 Suris of Sterling Alpacas.
Teri is a local grower of these lovely Suri Alpacas and will come and give a talk about the animals and their fabulous fiber.

Since Teri is local, she will be bringing some fiber with her to sell. Don't forget your checkbook for this chance to touch and feel and choose!

MEETING - March 27 - Lizette of SpinGlitz will talk about techniques for spinning art yarn.

APRIL 13, Saturday, our proposed field trip to Jackie Post's farm in Vacaville

MEETING DATE CHANGE - APRIL 30th, (a Tuesday night} Mary and Roger of Dreamy Goat Designs will be here. Your fiber projects are due on this evening so that we can show them off to Mary and Roger. Plus, one lucky winner, with a finished project, will win a prize!

MEETING DATE CHANGE - MAY 23 (a Thursday night) program to be announced

A day of spinning in Livermore's Wine country. Bring your wheel and a pot luck dish to share

Fleeces, Fiber, Yarn & Much More: featuring California vendors
10 am to 4 pm, Retzlaff Winery, 1356 S. Livermore Ave. Livermore
$5 entry per person

The 61st Annual Conference of Northern California Handweavers (and Spinners)
at The Resort at Squaw Creek
check the website: cnch.org (link is in the right hand column of this blog) for all remaining classes and other pertinent information. This will be a fun conference at a lovely resort.

JULY 27 & 28  Treadles Workshop with Sara Lamb. Saturday will be a fun dying class and Sunday will be braiding (probably) Sign-ups will begin soon, so plan your July accordingly. If you don't know who Sara is. there is lots about her on the web. She is a dyer, spinner, weaver who creates beautiful things.

MARCH 22 - MARCH 24  Civic Arts Education's Artists Market
If you have taken a class through Civic Arts, you may be able to take part in selling your wares. For more information, and to apply to be in the sale, check out the Civic Arts Education web site. Otherwise, this is a nice event to visit to see what your fellow artisans are doing.

Interested to see how a weaving mill works? Check out this web site:  dcdalgliesh.co.uk/weaving.html for a look at the last specialty mill weaving only authentic, traditional quality tartans. They are located in Selkirk, Scotland

And Speaking of Scotlandyou have to think of sheep, and, of course, the Merino. The following is a poem I recently ran across written years ago by Elsie M. Ryan of Seddon, Marlborough, New Zealand.

WE are Lords of the hills
The craggy heights, windswept grass, the snow
And the high sun which jewels the dawn with garnet
The twilight with ruby.

We disdain the luxurious plains,
For us the austere herbs of the uplands,
Thus refining our wool so that it emulates
Silken thread made by the humble spinner
Whose fibre blooms in the velvet robes of Royalty.

For like those who in abstinence and penance
Make of their souls a finer fabric,
So do we endure hardship with profit to our wool.
We are the Lords of the sunny highlands,
Proud of our forebears of the harsh Sierras,
Whose ancestry is lost in time.
True treasure of Spain.