June 15, 2013

JULY DYE DAYS - July 27 & 28

Examples of Sara's dyed and woven fibers

July 27 & 28 at the home of Carol Causey. Email Pam for directions if you don't know where that is.
10 am to late afternoon both days

Sara is an accomplished dyer, weaver, spinner, and expert at combining all these crafts. She is also a published author of several books, including Spin to Weave, her newest.

Treadles will have her leading the "just for fun" dye days for Guild members. This is a free activity for all paid up members, if you haven't paid, fire off a check to Pam.  It would be good for us to have an estimate of how many of you plan to attend. Please email Laura, Laura_Hansen@mechanicsbank.com, if you think you can make it. If you can or can't come at the last minute, that's fine, we just need a rough figure. You can come both days or just either one.

The focus will be on "painting" skeins, warp chains, fiber or roving, and gaining lots of information from Sara's expertise. Treadles will have some dyeable wool skeins you can purchase [at cost]. This will be your chance to prepare colorful fiber that will keep you busy all year! You can certainly bring  your own fiber. Following are the directions that Sara sent along:

"After years of doing these dye days, we’ve come up with a list of things you will definitely need.  You may think of other things to bring, but please bring the following (imperatives listed in bold print):

Student materials:
Fiber to dye: yarn, skeins, or warp chains, fiber or roving.
One gallon each, distilled white vinegar (acid dye fixative), and a bucket or pail you will use to soak your own protein fiber or yarns. If you are bringing only cellulose fibers to dye, we will use your bucket for a batch of fixative.  If you are bringing both types of fiber, we will figure something out (I will have a large bucket of cellulose fixative for group use too.

Bring also:
apron, or dye clothes,  rubber gloves
stencil brushes: 1" or larger; 3 each (if you are planning to paint) syringes in small sizes if you wish to inject dye
roll of plastic wrap (like Saran)
Box of large zip loc bags (to segregate your stuff from others, unless you want random stains :) 
roll of paper towels, or rags
dishpan, or flat plastic pan, or a small pail
9 oz. clear plastic beverage cups: many, lots, more than two
sharpie pen and masking tape for marking your skeins

We will have dyes and soda ash fixative mixed, you are responsible for your own acid fixative. We will have several steamers.   If you plan to do any immersion dyeing, it behooves you to bring your own stainless steel or enamel dye pot.  We will have lots of sample books, and are prepared to offer color suggestions and advice to the brave and trusting, but only if we are not held monetarily responsible for the outcome :)."

A Really Great Spinning at the Winery Day

May 25 turned out to be the perfect day for our annual event as it attracted the largest crowd so far. Beautiful weather, if a bit windy, lots of good fiber friends, wonderful vendors, delicious food, excellent raffle items, and fiber to boot! All in all it was terrific and a big thank you goes out to all who helped with all the work involved. It would not happen without you.