November 13, 2015

NEXT MEETING: NOV 19, 2015, 7 PM

NOTE:  day and date change for this meeting


Two more of our Sheep Breed Study presenters will talk about and have samples of their particular sheep breed. Notice how now there are more articles out there on "rare" or "endangered" sheep or other animals [current thought is that elephants in the wild will be extinct by 2050], plants, grains and other things we never gave a second thought to. We are on the cusp of studies on the questions of what is going on in nature and ways in how to maintain diversity.

Bring your wheels or knitting for working on this evening. We have lots of people in our guild who are very knowledgeable in both spinning and knitting. If you are having any problems with either, tonight would be a good time to bring out your questions.

From our Secretary, Linda Burton:

Minutes for the Sept. 29 meeting.
Secretary Linda Burton was absent. Notes offered by Vilija and Pam Murdock. 
Vilija presented two of the sheep breeds of the coming year’s study, Dorset and Dorset Horned. She presented portions of fleece to each of the participants in the study. Also shown was the DVD by Deb Robson on the necessity of preserving sheep breeds. 
It was noted that Laura and Pam have audited the books and the audit is placed on file with the treasurer’s books.

Spinzilla will start October 5 thru 11. T2T has members on three teams–Carolina Homespun, Yarn Boutique Lafayette and Meredian Jacobs. 

Minutes for the October 28 meeting
     Wendy Lacy presided at the meeting in Laura Hansen’s absence. 
     Joan Anderson, CNCH liason, gave the report from the CNCH planning meeting. She distributed the 20 samples for Return to Sender. There were 120 samples made in total. The date for the start of conference registration has changed from November to January 3, 3016. Full registration for the April 8-10, 2016 conference in Modesto is $280. The title is “Field to Fiber” and will have several different combinations of classes and fees in addition to the full registration.  The Doubletree will be the host hotel with rates of $109 per room that hold up to four people. Joan reminded us that there will be non-need based scholarships  available to conference and all may apply.
     Wendy announced that Team Carolina Handspun placed eighth nationally in Spinzilla. 
     Vilija agreed to host the Holiday pot luck and ornament exchange at her home on December 19 at noon.
     Lisa Waterman offered the name of Jen Hoover of Davis, CA, as a potential speaker/workshop presenter on natural dyes. Jen is also a sheep shearer. She will be presenting at Diablo Weavers. We will try to arrange a talk/workshop this year.
     CNCH President, Joan Anderson, announced there will be a planning meeting Saturday at the Berkeley Sport Basement in the old “Iceland”space for CNCH 2017 to be held at Asilomar. All are invited.
     The next breed study will be in November. There will be Manx Louathtan, Falkland and one other. 
     Announcements included the cancellation of Yolo Wool Works October 31 open house. Meridian     Jacobs will host a “Hug a Sheep” potluck on Oct. 31. Fiber Shed wool symposium at Pt. Reyes, Marin will be held November 7.
     Wendy introduced our speaker, Jackie Huang, creator of Wool Buddys, books and kits of needle felted animals. He spoke of his history as an food scientist, nuclear energy researcher in the Navy, culminating in model making in Animation Masters and Lucas Films. During a down time at Lucas Films, he started small needle felted animals with the help of his wife. With help from years of working in the corporate arena, his Wool Buddys business has evolved into an international scope. He tries to keep his products “green” and his suppliers in the third world truly fair trade partners. He kindly shared his techniques from start to T. Rex at 10 feet tall. He also presented all attendees with a needle felted owl. He had copies of his Wool Buddy book with patterns and thimbles and felting pads to show us. It was a wonderful presentation, showcasing putting a lifetime of talent and an idea together toward a final, successful product.


Nov. 19Treadles Meeting [date change]
Dec 19,  Treadles Holiday Party at Vilija's home. More info to follow, but get working on your sheep ornament for exchange if you plan on making one!


Jan. 25, Treadles Meeting [date changethis date is a MONDAY
Feb. 24, Treadles Meeting 
Mar. 30, Treadles Meeting [date is tentative]
April 8, 9, 10. CNCH Conference in Modesto [all info is on line at the link to the right]

Happy Thanksgiving! Watch out for those fangs if you're a turkey.