June 18, 2016


Spinning at the Winery Recap

Time for a nap on the cool lawn for one spinner
Weather in the mid to high 90's was predicted! But the Vendors bravely came and so did the crowds. Attendance was down a bit, as expected. However people brought plenty of shade and the pepper trees and lovely lawn of the winery did their best to keep us comfortable.

Clouds covered the sky most of the day, which was a blessing. They did however, bring us a taste of what its like to live in humid weather. Thank you California for not being humid!

A big thanks to all Treadles members who came and worked and brought lovely items for the Raffle, which many people mention as part of the reason they come. This year there was another Ashford spinning wheel along with one of the last of Will's 6-bobbin lazy kate's along with the matching flax distaff. Two happy winners.

Next year will be the 20th annual Spinning at the Winery. We are all looking forward to that. Any ideas on how to make it a really special day?

With some of the proceeds from this year's raffle, Treadles has purchased two more 12' x 12' shade covers. Laura's huge cover is great, but takes so long to put up, we all decided to retire it.

After the workshop we had with Mary Finley and Roger Salter, it was suggested Treadles buy a blending hackle. The one that will most likely be the lucky winner is the "Menz Mixer" by Lani Combs. Take a look at it: www.lanicombs.com  It should be a great addition to the carders for wool working.

Just some of the great fibers and yarns that were at the Winery


Skirting Fleeces at Forest Home Farm - Time to be determined soon.
Please contact Wendy if you are interested in helping skirt, organize and find homes for the fleeces that have accumulated over the last years. It's clean up time on the farm!

Le Tour de Fleece:
Every year spinners around the world take part in a very loosely organized event that coincides with the Tour de France. While the bike riders of the Tour de France spin their bike wheels, we spinners spin our spinning wheels. It's a celebration of everything "spinny" and it's a lot of fun!

Everyone is encouraged to participate, no matter how much or how little you spin. The concept of the event is simple:

  • Challenge Yourself
  • Spin
  • Have Fun
Le Tour de Fleece begins on Saturday July 2nd and runs until Sunday, July 24th. [To coincide with the Tour de France]
There is no special amount you need to spin, you don't need to measure what you have spun, you can skip days if you need to:  the whole point is to try to challenge yourself and to have fun doing it.

GUIDELINES [not rules]

  • Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. The tour is 23 days long which includes 2 rest days. 
  • Spin something challenging on the stages that take place in the mountains which are the toughest climbing days for the riders.
  • Wear yellow on the final day to announce victory! Why not wear yellow on any day you feel particularly successful?
The purpose of Le Tour de Fleece is to challenge yourself, not to compare yourself to others, and to share what you have done and the joy you have had in doing it! It's going to be a great summer.

All guild members are welcome to enjoy any or all of the following local "Tour" events:

  • July 5, 6, 9  Start the Tour by Hand Painting Wool Roving at Wendy's house. Details and sign-up times to follow
  • July 15  Second Annual Pajama Party at Amy's House. Yes - there will be prizes. More info to follow
  • Thursday nights in July and continuing through August, Spinning in Todos Santos Plaza, Concord.  Live music, farmer's market, food trucks for dinner or bring your own, spinning, and fun. Begins at 5ish, or so. Look for the "Wheel Circle" There are some chairs but you can bring your own. 


July and August events above, plus. . .
  • August 24, 2016,  Treadles Meeting at the library [date change due to library conflict - one week earlier than usual]

Junior and his patch of catnip