September 22, 2016

NEXT MEETING: Sept. 29, 2016, 7 PM

NOTE AGAIN:  Meeting is on Thursday night rather than our usual Wednesday. Usual excuse, Library conflict.

Our own Joan Setka will talk about the felted rugs made and imported from one of the great rug-making countries in the world, Iran.

Spinzilla is a world-wide spinning event where competing teams and individuals challenge each other to see who can spin the most yarn in a week! The winning team is awarded a year's worth of bragging rights, the traveling Golden Niddy Noddy and $25 gift certificates for all team members. Spinzilla also offers individuals a way to participate in the "Rogue Spinners" category.

At its core, Spinzilla is the challenge to generate a very big number to show the yarn universe and beyond what we spinners are made of. The more you spin, the better spinner you become.

It is a fun way to challenge yourself, raise some money for a good cause, and enjoy the company of other spinners. Spinner registration fees are donated to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program to create the spinners and fiber enthusiasts of tomorrow.

Some members of Treadles have formed their own team again this years sponsored by Carolina Homespun [thanks Morgaine]. Everyone is so busy this time of year, that the decision was made to make this a truly "for-fun" spinning event. The members will certainly be spinning and challenging themselves, but the emphasis is really on just fun this time.



Tour the historical Extra Long Staple cotton collection that I have been growing for breeding purposes- (G. barbadense). Beginning with Sea Island cotton seed lines and ending with modern Pima cottons; travel through time and space from the 1860's to the 1990's. From the Southeastern US seaboard to the Southwestern US arid deserts via Egypt. From hand pickable tropical cottons to machine pickable varieties that can grow in the hardly irrigated desert. Then pick your own marigolds and black walnuts to take home and use for your natural dye projects.  Info on location, dates & cost here:
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  • Sept. 29, Treadles Meeting [date change- Thursday]
  • Oct. 27, Treadles Meeting [date change- Thursday] 
  • Oct. 29, 'Hug A Sheep' day at Meridian Jacobs.  Free.  Robin Lynde will put details on the web site as the time gets closer
  • Nov. 29, Treadles Meeting [date change - Tuesday]
  • Dec. 17, Treadles' Holiday Party - more info to follow
Can you spot the Treadles members at last years Hug-A-Sheep day?

Lots to see, do, and hear this year during the Labor Day weekend. This event is a feast for the eyes of anyone interested in anything to do with Scotland. There were more kilt wearing men and women walking around than in the two weeks we spent in Scotland a few years back.

These caps, and one purse, were all knit by a lady who is studying the beginnings of patterned knitting in Scotland and Northern Europe. They are all reproductions of museum pieces she has come across. 

She just began this year and is not yet ready to give a talk about them, but I did ask her if she would consider doing so, at some point in time, for our Guild

 Lovely cotton scarves, handwoven in tartan plaids.
Reproductions of Paisley type Scottish shawls that were so popular during Victorian Times. Now woven in India.

We were lucky enough to see Mary, Queen of Scots with her Falcon

And, of course, a pipe and drum band readying for the big battle of the bands. Wow, were they loud.

But you haven't heard anything till you've heard a Celtic Rock Band playing with an electric didgeridoo! Yes, an electric, amplified didgeridoo! 

"Hairy Coos" [cows] were exciting to see up close. I'd like one for a pet!

And, of course, the sheep dog at attention waiting his turn to go out and show his stuff.
Up close and personal
At the end of the day, what's left of my haggis dinner. It was yummy! I could be Scottish!

Kodi is planning to wear a handwoven basket for Halloween this year