June 20, 2017


There will be no formal meetings for the Guild in June or July. There may be some informal gatherings for "Le Tour de Fleece" spinning, so watch for emails on that.

Otherwise, our first formal meeting of the coming year will be on August 30, 2017 at the Library. There are usually lots of spinning activities that happen in the Fall - send me info as you see something come up to put on the calendar.


Yikes! Of the nine of us that signed up to spin at this now every-three-year event for Walnut Creek, only one of us managed to actually make the event. Sickness and conflicts ran amok! Thank goodness Doris was very prepared and did a very impressive job of showing off what goes into making a fleece into wearable garment. They had the old barn ready for us, it was a lovely day and the visitors enjoyed all the displays the Rangers had arranged.


Lots of fun this year with ice dyeing this year's Winery T-Shirts. We are now ice dyeing aficionados and were quite colorful stand outs at SPINNING AT THE WINERY this year. We also had some pots of pre-dissolved indigo which gave us some great blue colors. Some T-Shirts and other fabrics and garments were dyed, along with the Dharma market bags and rayon scarves.

The Dharma cotton market bags shibori dyed in Indigo

Impromptu dust masks - don't try this at home!

Ice dyeing a t-shirt. Note the cardboard used to hold in the ice

Ice dyed t-shirt, then shibori tied and dipped in the Indigo

Another t-shirt being ice-dyed. We used cookie racks and aluminum baking pans

5 gallon buckets with tight fitting lids from Home Depot made great Indigo pots

Paula and Doris working on some Shibori folding

Some of the rayon scarves we dyed in Indigo


Our 20th consecutive year! Who can believe it! We were rewarded with a truly perfect day in Livermore. By our almost official count, we had 222 guests come to enjoy shopping, picnicking, spinning, and "raffling".

Janet Heppler was honored by Treadles this year as a Shepherdess who has come every year with very excellent, award winning fleeces.

Thanks to all members and vendors who contributed to the raffle to provide another successful year for us. There were two Ashford wheels this year, a vintage Traditional and an almost new Joy. A big thanks to every member who came out to participate in putting on another all-in-all great event. We can't do it without all your help.

Mary Finley, vendor and Treadles' friend

Treadles members enjoying the shade

More Treadles members in their lovely ice dyed t-shirts

The two Ashford Wheels for the raffle

And more members working at the sales table

One of the vendor booths

Fleeces waiting to be processed, under one of the
Winery's big Pepper trees.

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