January 16, 2018


8 oz. Combo Shawl Swap

We need a fun guild project to get the New Year started, and this is a good one! Thanks Donna, for the idea.
  1. Pick out 2-4oz braids of fiber OR 8 oz total fiber. The fiber will be broken into 1oz bits, so it won’t really matter if you have whole braids to pull apart, or partial braids. (should be at least 50% wool and of good quality, please)
  1. Pull the fiber apart into 8-1oz bits. Set aside 2-1oz bits for yourself. Make little “nests” of each of the 6 1 oz bits bring them to the January Guild meeting.
  1. At the meeting we will put all the “nests” on a big table and take turns picking them one at a time until all are gone.  We should each have 6 oz of fiber to take home.
  1. Spin the bits anyway you want to – add to it if you like.
  1. Finished yarn and/or knitted (or woven) objects to be shared at a future guild meeting.
If you don't have a scale, there will be some available at the next two Monday Spins, and if all else fails, we will have some at the meeting for you to measure out one oz. pieces. [If you can bring a scale to the meeting, that would be helpful]

    There have been questions about this challenge. "Believe Me" this will be a fun project! 

  • colored or multi colored braid mixes are much more fun and add to the quirkiness of the finished piece. It won't be weird, it will all blend together in the end
  • that being said, adding in some solid colors, whether into the "mix" or on your own as a stripe when knitting or weaving can help to visually coordinate all the multi colors
  • each of your one oz. pieces will be divided up by you into several sections when you have all your full 8 ounces, and then randomly spun. It DOES all work out in the end. 
  • So, the object is NOT to spin the one oz. sections one after the other. but to mix them up into smaller sections
  • We will have a podcast that we will watch at the meeting which very clearly explains the whole concept. 
  • this is an amazing way to use up the 4 oz. braids you have picked up along the way with no idea of what to do with 4 oz. Six, seven or eight braids can be combined in this manner to spin enough yarn for a sweater. But Treadles is sticking to enough to create a good sized shawl. 
  • This is not difficult, so look thru your stash and participate in our challenge


  • Jan. 31, Treadles Meeting at the Library
  • Feb. 28, Treadles Meeting at the Library
  • Mar. 28, Treadles Meeting at the Library
  • April 25, Treadles Meeting at the Library

As you may or may not know, we don't have an official Program Chair for Treadles this year. Your input and assistance in getting something interesting for each meeting would be greatly appreciated. 

Treadles' Sheep Herd for 2017
If you begin your's now for 2018, you'll have plenty of time!

By Popular Demand
Doris had a luscious corn spoon bread at the holiday party which pleased all of us. She is kindly sharing her recipe:

1 box Jiffy corn bread mix
3 eggs
I stick butter (melted)
I can creamed corn
1 can corn (half drained)
2 small cans 4 oz. of diced green chilies like Ortega brand. I like using one mild, one hot.
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese ( I like 3)
8oz of sour cream
One small onion diced 

Brown onions with chilies. Mix everything in a bowl and bake in a 9 x13 Pyrex for 1 hour at 350°
This can be tweaked with add-ins like ham or bacon, serve with salsa, maybe mushrooms or bell peppers browned with onions...

4 Harness Gilmore Loom for Sale
For more detailed information, contact Ann and Ed Arnold at 209-526-2518.