November 3, 2009

WELCOME to the new look of our blog

Note that the web address is slightly different from before. Use the number "2" rather than the word "to".
Check out the vendor and events list. If you have a vendor you like or an event you know of, let me know and I'll add it in.

NOVEMBER 18, 2009
, 7:30 PM at the Winslow Center
Please note that this meeting is one week earlier in the month than usual, because of Thanksgiving.
While you're marking your calendar, mark down the February 2010 meeting will also be one week early, on February 17th.

Two fiber studies done by Donna and Reba are on the agenda for this month. Donna will talk about Perendale sheep and fiber and Reba will talk about Ingeo fiber, a "natural" fiber made from corn.
If you find a fiber that you would like to do a little study on and then present that info to the guild, you can sign up at any time. Just let Donna or Reba know and they'll find you a spot or even begin a new program line up for next year.

Also at this meeting we will have some of Madeline's yarns for distribution. I'm not quite sure how we will do this, but maybe a silent auction. Madeline's family donated what fibers and yarns she had to the guild and after a brief discussion at September's meeting, we thought that distributing them with a donation going to the guild would be best. Perhaps we can expand on this a bit! This might be a good time to bring good stuff that you have that you are ready to give up to swap or sell.

CNCH Conference is coming up in April 2010.
at The Santa Clara Convention Center
You can look up the whole web site through the link at the right side of this blog. Spinning seminars [3 to 6 hour classes] offered this year are: "The Structure of Yarn", "Fun, Fat, and Fulled", "To Spin a Fine Thread", and "Spinning for Color" four different seminars with Judith MacKenzie McCuin; "Weaving with Handspun" with Phyllis Karsten; "Turning Straw into Gold" spinning flax with Kati Meek; "Shimmering Silk: An Inspiring Fiber to Spin" with Heather Winslow;

There are lots of other classes and workshops offered this year also, from weaving, to basketry, to jewelry and more. Registration is open now and for the first time for CNCH, you can register on-line with a VISA or MASTERCARD.

Wednesday, DECEMBER 9th from 5-9 PM is the 2009 Holiday Festival at the Pleasant Hill Community Center, 320 Civic Drive. We are once again going to work with all the kids to make "rope" necklaces, which happen to be very popular with all the little boys also. The kids love making a "rope" on our spinning sticks. There is a sign up sheet for the work schedule for the night and Pam will remind everyone again for the time slot each signed up. On Monday, Nov. 16th, the Monday Spinners will once again make up the "kits" for this program. A task that goes quickly with all of us working together.

DECEMBER 12, 2009, Annual Treadles Christmas Party
Our Christmas party is coming up fast. Have you thought about your "Sheep Ornament" yet. Handmade is always nice, but if you find a cute one to purchase, that's very good too! This is always a fun event for our Guild. The party is at the home of Vilija and will begin at noon. Bring your ornament and some good food to share. Email me for directions if you don't know where I live. or call: 925-672-0322