January 17, 2010

Next Meeting: January 27, 2010 7:30 PM

The program for this night will be Cheviot Sheep. Wendy, Laura and Carolyn will present an in-house program on these sheep and the fleece that they produce. See you all there. Bring your Show & Tell, especially if you've done any spinning of Cheviot fleece.

NEXT MONTH'S meeting date will be a week early from our usual "last Wednesday of the month". We will have a speaker who is here to give programs for several guilds, plus a workshop on Twined Rag Rugs for Spindles & Flyers. We were able to get on her schedule for February 17th. Put it on your schedule right now!

Treadles had a great turn out for the annual Christmas Party and Sheep Ornament Exchange in December. Everyone worked hard this year as evidenced by the fabulous array of mini Christmas Sheep that showed up. I wish I had a photo of everyone, it was hard to pick a favorite. Keep up the good work because this is a tradition that's going to keep on going.

After months in the planning, we were finally able to present Kate and Will with their handspun, handwoven afghan as a thank you for all the years they spear-headed Treadles' meetings. Go to the CNCH website [just to your right under Bay Area Guild Info] and look under Treadles to Threads for a little article about them.

Will trying out the "warmth" quality of the afghan!


"Dear Guild members,

The words "thank you" do not seem to be adequate for the amount of time and effort that went into making the afghan that you gave us. After we returned home after the Christmas party we began to realize how wonderful and beauitful the afghan is. It truly was a total surprise (maybe we should say shock). It is in the living room where we can see and touch it. It is amazing how well the colors match the colors of the furniture. Also a special Thank You to Janet and Linnie for their time in planning and weaving. Again THANK YOU.
Love -- Kate and Will

PS And that was the-best-darn-handmade-soap."

While on the web site for CNCH, check out the rest of the information. There are several articles about workshops being offered at the April 9, 10 and 11 conference down in Santa Clara. If you have any interest at all, sign up now, for the conference, the seminars or a workshop. Their deadline for deciding what will need to be cancelled for lack of attendance is mid-February. If you really want to take something, and wait too long, it may no longer even be a part of the program. Budgets are tight for everyone, and if a workshop cannot pay for itself, it will need to be cancelled.

Mary forwarded a couple of short films on You Tube about the history of the sock knitting machine - and the role they played in helping the soldiers of WWI. It's in two parts and quite interesting, especially if you're a history buff. Make a cup of coffee or tea and sit down and watch. For Part One: [You can get to Part Two from there]


This a short blurb lifted from the Winter 09/10 edition of Vogue Knitting on the newsstands now.

"Is famed Naked Chef Jamie Oliver soon to become the Naked Knitter? Maybe so, seeing that Fifteen, the restaurant he founded to give training in the culinary arts to disadvantaged young people [in the U.K.], is now selling sumptuous knitting kits on its website (fifteenshop.net) to benefit his Fifteen Foundation. Why knitting kits? Well, you might say what's good for the mitten is good for the mutton: The kits showcase wool from Fifteen's free-range lamb supplier, Elwy Valley, a family-run farm in Wales that epitomizes Fifteen's ethic of environmental responsibility. The Elwy Valley wool is blended with Manx and Hebridian wool, then spun and organically dyed by The Natural Fibre Company, which created the four included patterns (two scarves, one beanie and an egg cozy). Also tucked into the recycled-chic box are sustainably grown subabul wood needles from The Little Knitting Company. (The yarn is ) Available in two coloways: pink and gray, or brown and purple."

As a big fan of Jamie and his TV shows [yes, we even went to two of his restaurants while we were in the U.K. this last Spring - including Fifteen] I logged on immediately after reading this to order my yarn. But, alas, it was such a huge seller over the Christmas season, they don't expect more till sometime later this month. I guess I can wait. After all, the knitting needles will now [on the new kits] be emblazoned with the Fifteen "logo". What more can you want!

This is a beautiful Hebridian we saw last Spring in Scotland. Despite their wild look, the wool is actually fairly soft.

The Stitches West Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center on February 26, 27, and 28. The place to go if you have any Christmas money left!