May 22, 2010

May 26, 2010 Planning Meeting

This coming Wednesday at 7:30 pm.
It may not sound exciting, but our next meeting is probably the most important meeting of the whole year to attend! May is usually the month that we decide what is going to happen for the coming year. Our Treadles calendar runs from June through May, so we use this "last" meeting to discuss what we all want and what we can accomplish for the next year.

Some times we decide on a theme for the year, sometimes we bounce around program ideas, and often, we have a full agenda by the end of the meeting. If you have anything that you would like to have a program on, or know of an interesting speaker, please come and let it be known.

Treadles is part of Area 3 and it is our turn again to put on the conference in 2012. A small planning committee has already been formed with members from Guilds in our area. Much more help and volunteers are needed.

One suggestion for our Guild is to do "On-Site Registration" as we did back in 2002 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. It was a big job and lots of workers were needed. We will discuss this more at the meeting. The 2012 conference will run from a Friday late afternoon through Sunday late afternoon. Workers will be needed to cover all of that time. The good news about this job, is that there is very little prep work before the conference since another group is doing On-line registration. So the time commitment is just for the conference days itself. We did a great job back in 2002 and we should be able to do our part again in 2012.

President: Reba with helpers Linnie and Janet
Secretary: Linda B.
Refreshments: Mary B.
Treasurer: Pam M.
Blog: Vilija

Still needed: Program chair[s], CNCH liaison

Voting will be done at the August meeting.

JUNE ACTIVITY: Spinning at the Winery
check the article in last month's blog


Black Sheep Gathering, June 18 - 20
Booneville, Sept. 17 - 19
Oregon Fleece and Fiber, Sept. 25 - 26

Will, Kate, my husband and I just got back from a fiber arts trip to Southern Argentina. One of the most eye-opening things about the trip is the vastness of this land. We saw a lot of very interesting things, but they were many miles/kilometers apart. Much of this travel was on dirt and/or gravel roads. Even the "main highway" from Central Argentina down to and through Patagonia is not all paved. We were a small group, in a small 11 person van, not exactly 4-wheel drive - which would have helped at times.

To view the essence of travel as we felt it, take a look at this video I've posted on YouTube of a short section of our traveled road.