May 28, 2010


Wednesday's planning meeting was pretty fruitful in ideas for the coming year and getting a few more items ironed out for the Winery event June 5th.

First, the Winery: Most of the jobs have been allotted, and you will get a reminder call from Linnie as to which job and what times you are down for. Those who signed up for the morning shift of parking and set-up should be there by 9 AM. Last year people showed up early and parked in spaces that were for the vendors which resulted in problems, etc.

Raffle Items. Bring something nice to put in the raffle as a fund raiser for Treadles. Fiber, yarn, something handmade. Its a fun event.

T-shirts are in for this year.
Mens sizes and colors: L & XL, in black & dusty brown
Ladies sizes and colors: M, L, XL & 2X, in black, pacific blue & lime green
We are selling them to our guild members for $15 apiece and $20 for the general public. Please don't come up to the cashiers at the winery and announce you only have to pay $15, keep it quiet.

Aprons are a new thing for us. They are full-length [to the knees], 100% cotton in "hunter", a forest green, printed with the white "spinning at the winery" logo. We are only printing a run of 30 which may all go to the guild. Guild members will pay only what they will cost us. Don't know the exact price, but in the $10 range, maybe. Extras will be sold at the winery for $20.

July 4th Craft Fair
Will and Kate were asked by the Hilton Hotel, across the street from the Willow's Shopping Center, to see if they knew of anyone interested in having a booth at a new charity event they are planning: A craft fair featuring area handicrafts, with 10% of sales [double check this amount with Kate or Will] going to the Children's Hospital in Oakland.

The booth would be free for our guild and could be a great opportunity for any of you who make things to sell or who have simply made lots of excess stuff! It would also be a good way to promote our Guild. Get in touch with Will and Kate if you are interested.

Next Years's Plans
We are going to continue with our "Fiber Studies" along with a few other new ideas which will be explained as we go along. Our next formal meeting in August will feature "Dump Your Stash Day" and a fiber exchange from your stash.

You have two months to go through your collections of yarn, fiber, equipment, etc. and decide what you no longer need. Bring it in August for a sale/swap - depends on what you want to do. Also, pick out 3 or 4 oz of a fiber that is already in your stash that you haven't gotten to and will never get to. At the meeting you will exchange that fiber for someone else's which just might spark your creativity. [This will be a "blind" exchange, you won't know what you are getting till you open the bag] Finished results of the fiber exchange will be due in January 2011.

Think about a fiber study that you would like to do sometime during the year. Sign-ups will be in August.

A new event will be "Personal Sharing". Hopefully one or two or three people will sign up for each available month to bring 5 or 6 items that they have made in the past that the rest of us have never seen or have forgotten about. They will share them with the group and talk a little about their past experiences and experiments in the fiber arts. This would be just a short 10 or 15 minute talk from each person. Again, sign-ups in August.

See you all at the Winery!