March 18, 2012

NEXT MEETING: March 29, 2012, 7 PM

Note that the meeting is on Thursday evening this month, not the usual Wed. 

PROGRAM:  All About Hand-held Spindles


spindle (plural spindles)
  1. (spinning) A rod used for spinning and then winding natural fibres (especially wool), usually consisting of a shaft and a circular whorl positioned at either the upper or lower end of the shaft when suspended vertically from the forming thread.
  2. A rod which turns, or on which something turns.
  3. A rotary axis of a machine tool or power tool.
  4. A worldwide tree of the genus Euonymus, originally used for making the spindles used for spinning wool.
  5. An upright spike for holding paper documents by skewering.

Nice to know that the dictionary lists spinning as the number one meaning for "spindle", and interesting to note that there is actually a tree genus known for its use for making spindles. Bring your spindles and share your experiences with spinning on them. 

This will primarily be a show and tell format. Let us know how you came into spindle spinning. If you have never tried this most ancient way to make usable yarns/threads, there will be plenty of us on hand to give you pointers. Its a very portable way to get some spinning done almost anywhere you go.

APRIL MEETING:  Date:  May 1st. Take note of this date also, the library has a conflict again with our usual meeting date. Part of this meeting will be devoted to coming up with a slate of officers for next year. We could also brainstorm what we want to do for our annual "July Dye Day". One suggestion has been to hold off on dyeing this year and have a one day workshop on "Pine Needle Basketry". Its always fun to try new things.

Also, Laura asks if any one has program ideas for next year. She would like someone to step up and help her out in arranging programs for the coming year. Unless someone has a burning desire to do programs, she has said she will continue for at least the coming year. 

MAY MEETING:  Date: May 17th. Judith MacKenzie on "What to Look For in a Raw Fleece"
Again, another change in dates because we are lucky enough to have Judith come and speak to us just before Conference.

CNCH CONFERENCE:  May 18, 19, 20  "Tradition/Innovation"
Oakland Convention Center
The Market Place will be open to the public Saturday, May 19: 10 am - 6 pm. Sunday, May 20th: 10 am - 4 pm
Registration is still open, check out the class list at and click on the 2012 Conference info.

Sign-ups will begin at this meeting to help with On-Site Registration during the conference. Work begins on Friday at noon and continues on till the close of conference at 4 pm on Sunday. Treadles to Threads has the job of On-Site Registration for this conference. Other guilds [and some of our own members] have been involved for the past two years in planning this event. Its been a lot of work and a lot of meetings to go to. So we are lucky to have this job which will be intense for the days of conference, but hasn't been a huge commitment for most of the guild. So now is the time to step up. 

If you are not going to be a registered participant in the conference, you will get a one day pass when you come to work a shift at Registration.  If you drive, parking at the hotel/convention center is quite expensive - about $23 per day. But Bart is very convenient, just a block walk to the Center. 

Its important that we sign-up to volunteer.  Carol C. and Carol G. are heading up "Angel Volunteers and General Volunteers". Consider helping out with that also. Angels help the instructors in the classes [you have to be a registered conference participant] and General Volunteers help on the Market Place floor and any where else where needed. This is our Area's conference and we all need to participate.

at Forest Home Farms Historic Park
Saturday, April 21, 11am

Come celebrate Spring and watch the sheep get their annual haircuts! There will be live music and demonstrations of old-time traditions such as lace-making, quilting, woodcarving and spinning.

Nature lovers will enjoy garden tasting and sheep-dog demonstrations. Children will be entertained with a maypole, 4-H animals, crafts, games and tractor rides. Come take a tour of the property and visit the old-fashioned Gift Shoppe. Food will be available for purchase.

Entrance fee: $5 [ages 3-12: $3] Fee will be $2 more at the gate on the day of the event. Pre-register and save the extra $2.
Call 925-973-3200 or visit to register.

Fifteenth Annual

June 2, 2012

10am to 4pm

Retzlaff Winery
1356 S. Livermore Ave, Livermore
$5 entry per person
[on the left, just past City Hall & the Police Station]

From Will and Kate's humble idea for a day of spinning and "picnicing" fourteen years ago, to today's wonderful, day-long extravaganza, our event has really grown.

For any new members, this is a day of fun with lots of other fiber people from around the Bay Area. Everyone is invited to bring their wheel or knitting, and a pot-luck dish to share for a delicious big lunch. The weather can be warm or cool, be prepared for either. There are big pepperwood trees and lots of lawn space to spread out with your group. Chairs are available, but you can bring a favorite fold-up chair if you like. Paper plates, silverware and napkins are supplied by the guild.

One of the most looked-forward-to doings of the day are the drawings held at about 2 pm. Every vendor, along with our own members, are encouraged to donate a nice item for the drawings. Quite a few wonderful things have been donated in the past.

Upcoming Workshop:  
Knitted & Beaded Wrist Warmers with Donna Druchunas
Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012 
Meeting and talk 10:30 am, Workshop 1pm - 5 pm:   $40 

Its amazing how a small piece of cloth wrapped around your wrists can help keep all of you warm. Beads add a fabulous touch! Knowing just the basics of knitting, you can easily create colorful designs with beads. Using only garter stitch and knowing how to read and work from beading charts, you can make beautiful jeweled wrist warmer cuffs.

"Wristers" provide just the right amount of warmth in chilly situations and are perfect for gift-knitting. You can whip up a pair in a week end, and the beads turn a simple, small knitting project into a decadent present.

The beaded designs can be simple, as the wristers above are, or downright fancy as are the "tulip" themed ones on the right. They use fingering or sock yarn and could be a good way to use up a single skein of yarn.

The September Meeting will be another change in dates. The meeting will be Saturday morning at 10:30 [possibly at the Library] with a talk by Donna, "The History of Knitting in Lithuania". The 4 hour workshop will follow at 1 pm - 5 pm. [Again, possibly at the Library] Sign-ups will be at the next few meetings.