April 24, 2012

NEXT MEETING: May 1, 2012 7 pm

The library has a conflict again with our usual meeting date, so you should have on your calendar by now that the "April" meeting is on May 1st.

Part of this meeting will be devoted to coming up with a slate of officers for next year. We could also brainstorm what we want to do for our annual "July Dye Day". One suggestion has been to hold off on dyeing this year and have a one day workshop on "Pine Needle Basketry". Its always fun to try new things.

Also, Laura asks if any one has program ideas for next year. She would like someone to step up and help her out in arranging programs for the coming year. Unless someone has a burning desire to do programs, she has said she will continue for at least the coming year. 

MAY MEETING:  Date: May 17th. Judith MacKenzie on "What to Look For in a Raw Fleece"
Again, another change in dates because we are lucky enough to have Judith come and speak to us just before Conference.

CNCH CONFERENCE:  May 18, 19, 20  "Tradition/Innovation"

Oakland Convention Center

The Market Place will be open to the public Saturday, May 19: 10 am - 6 pm. Sunday, May 20th: 10 am - 4 pm
Registration is still open, check out the class list at cnch.org and click on the 2012 Conference info.

Sign-ups will be ongoing at this meeting to help with On-Site Registration during the conference. Lots of empty spaces so far. Work begins on Friday at noon and continues on till the close of conference at 4 pm on Sunday. Treadles to Threads has the job of On-Site Registration for this conference. Other guilds [and some of our own members] have been involved for the past two years in planning this event. Its been a lot of work and a lot of meetings to go to. So we are lucky to have this job which will be intense for the days of conference, but hasn't been a huge commitment for most of the guild. So now is the time to step up. 

"Return to Sender" and "Return of Return" Galleries
You still have a few days to get your finished "Return to Sender" skein to Wendy - Deadline is April 30th. "Return of Return" deadline for entries is already past! Plan better next conference in 2014!

Fifteenth Annual Spinning at the Winery
Saturday, June 2, 2012
Retzlaff Winery, Livermore
Read all about it in the March newsletter below.

Guild members - this is a super important event for us, not to mention the really big fund raiser for our guild treasury. There will be lots of little jobs to do on that day, both in preparation in the morning, take down at 4 pm, and all the other duties during the day. Please set this day aside, if at all possible, on your calendar, because your help will really be needed. Sign-ups will begin at this next meeting.

Have you made, or do you have something to put in the drawing at the Winery? This is an amazingly popular part of the doings, and where we make all our money for the Guild. Please consider donating something!

Other info:
Ever check out the sites listed under "Resources" in the right hand column of this blog? Both "KNITTY" and "TWIST COLLECTIVE"  have their spring issues out with some very nice articles and patterns for spinners and knitters. 

Knitty has an interesting article by our workshop leader coming next September, Donna Druchunas, about "Lace".

Twist Collective has several beautiful lace patterns [one of the really hot things to be knitting right now], some great sock patterns and a very well written and photographed article about " how to do decreases" for knitters.