July 5, 2014


Treadles will be placing an order for Su-Pima cotton fiber [the easy spin kind] on July 10th, in order to get it in time for Dye Day. If you would like to order some fiber, please let Vilija know a.s.a.p.  vilijad@me.com

1 lb. - $38.0
8 oz. - $19.40
4 oz. - $9.70

Payment for your order will be at Dye Day, we just need to know how much to order. If there is a shipping charge, that will be added in also, don't know that yet.

8 oz. is a super generous amount.

4oz. fills up the big sized, zip lock type of bags you have for veggies and stuff. Its a generous amount for spinning.

You can definitely order your own. Cotton Clouds has easy to spin Pima, and The Woolery, in Kentucky has Su-Pima, also an easy spinning cotton.

If you love birds, this project is for you! Wildlife rehabilitators around the country have been using knitted nests to house those first couple weeks that orphaned babies are so vulnerable. To see a great article about this go to sfgate.com in Saturday's edition of the Chronicle.

Don't know if our own Lindsey Museum is using the nests yet, but if they are not, perhaps we can convince them. Some nests have been knit from wool and felted, but acrylic yarns are really the best since they can be easily washed along with the myriad number of towels they use everyday, and are just as comfortable and warm for the babies. THis is definitely a Red Heart Yarn project.

Baby birds, by instinct, push their little behinds up toward the top edge of the nest to do their duty. But even then, its not always successful, so the nests are changed out every day. With caring for many hundreds of baby birds every season, lots of nests are needed.