August 13, 2014

NEXT MEETING: August 27, 2014, 7 pm

"Spinning, Inspiration & More Inspiration"

Spinning:  bring your wheel or spindle and the latest that you are working on and spin while we work on . . .

Inspiration:  August is the first month of our calendar year and when we always put our heads together and plan out programs for the coming season. Speakers, workshops, topics - what would you like to see at a meeting this year.

More Inspiration:  Time to de-clutter. Bring fiber, yarns, equipment, books, whatever and sell, give away or trade with another member of our group. Pick up a fiber, color or yarn you never thought  you would work with and challenge yourself. Yes, this is actually bringing "some" clutter back to your home, but it will be "inspirational" clutter.

ALSO - Show & Tell
We had a great, if not hot, dye day in July working with cotton. Bring your results and show them off. Some have suggested they will bring the "balls" they don't like to trade off with others. Works for me!

Remember: If you are early enough, try to park at the Dentist's office just before the Library. Only 10 spaces, but will help with the overcrowding in the Library parking lot

$25 per member for the upcoming year. Make checks out to Treadles to Threads. We can keep our dues low because the Library offers the room for free and all the work our members do to put on the successful "Spinning at the Winery" event every year in June.


September 24, Treadles meeting at the Library

October 6 - 12  Spinzilla spinning week:  spin your treadles off!

October 29, Treadles meeting at the Library

November 20, Treadles meeting at the Library
[DATE CHANGE - Thursday and a week early because of Thanksgiving]

Spinzilla - A Monster of a Spinning Week!

We'd like to invite everyone to become part of the greater spinning community starting now.  As you may know there is an event coming up in October called SPINZILLA.  During the week of October 6 - 12 spinners all over the world are going to try to spin as much yarn as they can.  The results will then be tallied and celebrated.  To join in the fun go to and register as an individual or join a spinning team. The $10 donation goes to the Needle Arts Mentoring Program in support of adding a spinning component to their children's education program.
To prepare for the Spinzilla event we will be having several "Spin in Public" days over the next few months.  Whether you join Spinzilla or not, please join us as we celebrate the joy of spinning by coming to one or all of these events.

Some Treadles to Threads members have joined the Carolina Homespun Team.  Keep up with the activities of this team and others on Ravelry. Click on the Spinzilla group then Team Carolina Homespun or other teams to join in on the fun.
Any questions?  Call or email Wendy

The competition aspect allows spinners to push past their fears. The more yarn you spin, the better a spinner you become.

The underlying goal of Spinzilla is to see how much yarn we as a community can make in a week. We want the world to take notice of handspinning!

Spinner registration fees are an investment in the makers of tomorrow. They are donated to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program that fosters mentoring between adult volunteers and school-age children to teach the needlearts—spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, and stitching.

Too late to register a whole new team, but you can sign up as a Rogue Spinner till Oct. 3. Some teams are still looking for members.

Fifty-six teams are competing world wide this year for the "golden niddy-noddy".

Local Spinzilla members spin-in at Todos Santos Farmer's Market night. If anyone asks, No, Amy did not bring wine!