February 11, 2015

NEXT MEETING: Feb. 25, 2015, 7 PM

PROGRAM: Everything You Need to Know About Carding Wool With an Electric Carder

This program is a must for anyone who will want to use the brand new carders that Treadles is purchasing for the use of it's members. Even if you only plan on using a hand crank carder, there will be plenty of great tips and info for all of us.

Clemes and Clemes will be speaking to us this month. They are one of our own Bay Area spinning equipment companies. Well established since 1970, their products are made by hand in a family run shop. They have produced spinning wheels, carders and drum carders from the beginning and now have added blending boards and many other useful items for spinners.  Come  see and learn about their wonderful spinning equipment. Linnie says she still has her original carders from Clemes--almost 40 years!

Minutes From January: 
[Linda B. secretary]
Wendy talked about the progress of the Fleece to Finished Product Project. Participants will now progress to spinning the yarn, with a quick demo of woolen and worsted spinning at the beginning of next month’s evening guild meeting. She has dyes available and can provide seal-a-meal style bags for colors to be developed at your own home. If we chose to dye our samples, they can be done in fiber or yarn form. She showed an example of a simple cowl with two colors of knitted yarn. The product should be ready for the Winery day June 6, 2015. We can brainstorm about the display of products.

Joan reminded us of the fund raising project for CNCH in April at Asilomar. Container/vessels are requested to be handwoven/hand braided/handspun by members and donated as raffle items to raise money for the fund that provides scholarships/grants to attend CNCH conferences. Our guild has been fortunate to have two winners. It would be nice if we could provide a means to raise money for future conference  winners. Joan will be glad to transport your donation item or you can mail it in to the address on the CNCH web site. They need to be there by the opening of conference.

Linnie  announced that our April Guild meeting date is adjusted to April 16, Thursday, to accommodate a talk by Sarah Anderson. Sarah will then hold a class on April 17, 2015 [DATE CHANGE. SEE CALENDAR BELOW] for 9 members of T2T and 9 members of Spindles to Flyers at a daytime/weekday class. She will the hold the same class on Saturday for 9 members of Spindles to Flyers and 9 members of T2T. We will co-host Sarah’s lodging and stipend with Spindles to Flyers. We are fortunate to have her remain in the Bay area after teaching at CNCH Asilomar and before returning to Washington state. The exact title and cost of the class will be announced later.

Other announcements include Will passing a sign up list for help with Strandwood Elementary school spinning class on February 11, 2015, from 12:15 to 2:00 p.m. Spinning sticks will be used as well as the simple loom. Parents are available to help these dedicated students. Will has said the group has offered the guild $50 for their help in this learning situation.

Will announced the Winery Spin in Day is June 6, Saturday, at Livermore’s Retzlaff Winery. We will be asked to sign up for duties later. We mentioned thinking about what T2T might offer for sale this year. We are approaching 20 years there.

Wendy said Sheep Shearing day at Forest Home Farm will not entail us skirting fleeces. We will be doing demo and information only this year. This will be April 18. 
Reba will check into Borges Ranch Heritage day.

The Equipment Library committee appointed at our December meeting gave their first report. Carol C. detailed their visit to Clemes and Clemes in Pinole investigating an electric carder. The Clemes family has our carder now and it is not repaired as yet.  The upshot was that Clemes’ offered to buy our carder for $500 dollars and sell us TWO electric carders for $3000.  Discussion followed about the safety, efficiency and sturdiness of Clemes’ carders.  A brief mention was made of the necessity of proper instruction, and deposit and rental costs of use of these pieces of expensive equipment. Our tax status requires us to use our funds for the benefit of our members. Discussion of the purchase of rigid heddle looms was postponed. A motion was made and seconded to purchase the two electric carders. After discussion ceased, the motion passed by a majority vote.  One carder should be delivered by the February meeting which will be a demonstration of most of the Clemes and Clemes equipment as manufactured in Pinole, CA. The second carder will not arrive in February necessarily. A deposit would also be required for checkout to insure prompt and clean return of the carders. More discussion will be held at future meetings about the purchase of other equipment and how instruction will be handled. Carol offered to arrange use of equipment at her home with advance notice so no removal of equipment would be required. 

Dates For Your Calendar

Feb. 14, 15, 2015  Sacramento Weavers' & Spinners' Guild Open House
                              10 AM - 4 PM Shepard Garden & Arts Center, 
                               3330 McKinley Blvd. Sac.  
Feb. 25, 2015 Treadles meeting at the Library
Feb. 20 - 22  Stitches West  A knitters conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara
March 19, 2015  Thursday, Date change due to Library conflict Treadles meeting at the Library
April 9 - 12, 2015  CNCH at Asilomar -more info to the right under "Bay Area Guild Info"
April 15  Treadles meeting with Sarah Anderson [not at our Library, see next months blog for info] This is a change from our usual last Wednesday of the month to accommodate our speaker's availability.
April 16  Spinning workshop with Sarah Anderson at Joan's clubhouse. Directions will be sent to workshop participants. More pertinent information such as what kind of spinning, costs, availability, etc. will be given at the February meeting and will be in the next blog
May - Treadles Annual Dye Day - date and place  to be announced
June 6, 2015  Treadles' Spinning at the Winery, Retzlaff Winery, Livermore  10 AM to 4 PM

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The 2015 California Crafts Competition Handbook is now available

The California State Fair, the California Crafts Competition and the Youth Art Competition will have a booth (#1342) in the Marketplace at STITCHES WEST in Santa Clara, CA, February 19-22, 2015. If you do anything with yarn, this is show is not to be missed.
Email me, Carol Buchanan,  if you are planning on going and could use an ePostcard with a discount on entry to the Marketplace. And if you go, come by the booth and say hello.

For more information contact: cbuchanan@calexpo.com or call 916-263-3161

Definitely the cutest sheep in the world
Black Nosed Valais Sheep

These adorable animals are native to the Valais region of Switzerland. They have adapted particularly well to life in the high mountains and graze even on the steepest, stoniest slopes. They have black patches on their nose, eyes, ears, knees, hocks and feet with otherwise light, wooly coats. Because of their big structure, they are raised for their meat. Their coarse wool is particularly good for carpet weaving. 

These sheep, first mentioned in 1400 A.D. writings, are considered a heritage breed. Native just to Switzerland, there are a few breeders now in Germany and one, so far, in the U.K. The breeder in the U.K. worked with Swiss breeders and his country's government for 2 years before finally being able to import a few heads in March of 2014. Alas, none are in the U.S. 

Not A Paid Ad - Just So Much Fun to Dream

No, we have not had much of a Winter, but its still fun to think about the upcoming vacation season. Who among us would not die [or dye] to go on a holiday that combines knitting with some amazing locations across the world. You may even come across sheep trying to figure out how their wool got to be so many colors and ended up on a bicycle!

Stitchtopia Knitting Tours [www.arenatravel.com] has listed the following tours:
*Northern Lights Knitting and Crochet Cruise
*Spirit of the Shetland Isles
*Knitting in Iceland with Helene Magnusen
*Knitting in Iceland with Nicki Trench
*Wonderwool Festival - a festival of Welch wool and natural fibers [info soon to be posted]
*Helsinki, Tallin, and St. Petersburg Knitting Holiday. [info also soon to be posted]
*Knitting in The Faroe Islands
*Knitting in Florence
My particular dream vacation: Northern Lights Knitting and Crochet Cruise