April 4, 2015

NEXT MEETING: April 15, 2015, 6:30 pm

NOTE:  Change of date, time and meeting place.

April 15  Treadles mini class with Sarah Anderson at New Life Fellowship Church, 3535 Chestnut Ave, Concord 6:30 - 9:30
This program will actually be a 3 hour mini workshop on Drafting, so you will need to bring:
  • Spinning wheel (or spindle if that's what you use) in working order, 
  • 3 bobbins,
  • a lazy kate (if you have one), 
  • handcards (if you have them) and 
  • a lap cloth. 
  • as per a note from Sarah: "They will need fiber to spin and I haven't done this class with a large group where I don't control what fiber we're using. Most of the techniques can be learned with a basic medium top like Ashland's Corriedale cross top or Falkland top. The rolags are best made with a short staple fiber (2-3 inch) which isn't always easy to find. We could use washed locks." 
We will have some extra handcards to loan out during the meeting. We won't do a huge amount of handcarding but it is helpful to have real rolags to spin woolen and a lot of people would probably like to learn how to make a good rolag.

We will also have some fiber in combed top form to purchase at minimal cost if you don't already have any of your own. [Hard to believe!] Fiber from your combed top can also be used to learn the carding techniques Sarah will talk about. 

Sarah has Drafting handouts that usually sell for $8 but Sarah will sell the drafting handout at the meeting for $5  That is what will be done for the S&F guild meeting (only with the plying handout that is also being used int the 6 hour classes). Both  the ins and outs  of woolen and worsted drafting will be covered in this class.

April 16  Spinning workshop with Sarah Anderson in Walnut Creek
April 17, Spinning workshop with Sarah Anderson In Concord
April 18, Spinning workshop with Sarah Anderson in San Francisco
All participants in these workshops should have gotten their information from either Linnie or Spindles & Flyers, depending on which class you are in.

April 19, Spindles & Flyers mini class with Sarah Anderson, 715 Lexington Ave, El Cerrito 11 am to 2 pm
All Treadles members are welcome to attend this free mini class also. It is going to be a basic plying class. Not exactly sure what you need to bring to this class, but if you check the Spindles & Flyers website closer to the meeting date, I'm sure it will be in there. www.spindlesandflyers.org

Both of these free mini classes are a terrific opportunity to learn or to ramp up what you already know. Try to fit both of them into your schedule.


April 10, 11, 12,  CNCH Conference at Asilomar
Please remember to bring a "container" of any kind to the conference if you are attending, for the fundraising Scholarship Auction at the conference. Two of our members have gained this scholarship in the past. It covers the registration cost of that year's conference and is not need based. One needs only to apply.

You can also make a container between now and the next Monday spin and give it to a member who is going to conference.

April 18, Forest Hill Farms sheep shearing & spinning demos
May - Treadles Annual Dye Day - date and place  to be announced

June 6, 2015  Treadles' Spinning at the Winery, Retzlaff Winery, Livermore  10 AM to 4 PM

Linda B. - Sec.
Our Knit, Nosh and Spin meeting had a good turnout with 25 attending. 
CNCH liason Joan Anderson, had prepared tags for those who are donating “vessels” for CNCH scholarship fund raffle. Please have them ready for April 6 or 7.

Mary Bishop will host Sarah Anderson for our April classes if Carol Causey can’t. She will need help with food . Laura Hansen will host an evening meal.
Joan passed the work sign up list for the Spinning Day at the Retzlaff Winery. It will be passed again till filled.

Wendy mentioned the Forest Homes Farms Day in San Ramon will be Saturday, April 18, during CNCH. People are needed to demonstrate for the public only.
Wendy Lacy reminded us that the T2T fleece project should be ready for the dye phase. She passed a color sample card she has all the dye for. We are shooting for completion by the winery day. Please see her if you would like help with dying. 

Librarian Carol Causey has written up a lease agreement for ALL equipment checked out from the guild library of tools, books and CD’s. She brought the Aldon Amos and Forsythe combs to show.  Carol prepared a ring binder complete with pictures on the care and packing of the Clemes and Clemes electric carders. These carders are the only equipment that require a mandatary knowledge of usage and a monetary fee to check out of the library. This will be $200 deposit to take home plus proof of training. $25 will be retained if not returned clean. The carder can be checked out only for one week at a time at a use fee of $30/week. One carder will be stored at Carol Causey’s and one at Pam Murdock’s home. Carol will have the carder set up at her home and can be used there for $10 for two hours with no deposit. Pam is considering doing the same. Joan donated a booklet on “Essentials of Drum Carder” to be left with the carder box.

The Dye Day tradition will be moved to May in hopes of cooler temperatures. Carol said her house is available. Also volunteering her house was new member Cathryn Reynolds who lives near Oak Grove and Tread Bvld. (925-689-9269). Several suggestions were made as to the type of dying to be done. Wendy still has her seal-a-meal. Gayle Allison will contact Alyssa Allan at mycopigment.org to check availability for a mushroom dying class then.

Linnie Altman drew names from the three bags for the lottery to attend the April classes with Sarah Anderson co-hosted with Spindles and Flyers guild. She will notify all of their good fortune and let us know if additional funds are needed to cover any classes not filled after both guilds have a chance to sign up.

Attending: Vilija D., Blogger; Pam Murdock, Treasurer; Linda Burton, Secretary; Carol Causey, Librarian; Mary Bishop, Refreshment Chair, plus 10 members and one visitor.
At Vilija’s home in Clayton, CA.
discussion was held about the refreshment conundrum at our evening meetings. This was begun while speaking about the upcoming change in guild meeting day and place. The April meeting will only provide water at the church hall. Please bring your own containers for drinks. We then moved on to discuss the need for having any refreshments at evening guild meetings. Since we currently have a great turnout in numbers, we take more time from our meeting just to move people past the goodies table. The consensus was to have no assigned refreshments provided at evening guild meetings. The supplies will be donated to the Winery Day supply and the cart and coffee pot will go to a donation center to be recycled. Mary remarked on the pleasant “deletion” of her position. 


So If you did not read the above minutes from the Board Meeting [a.k.a. Monday Spinning], snacks, drinks and goodies are being eliminated from our evening meetings. Not only is it a hassle, but it takes away too much time from an already too short a time for a nightly meeting. Bring your own tea, coffee, soda and snack if you so choose. The library does have a drinking fountain, if needed.


By Vilija

This trapeze was inspired by several that I saw on line in many different locations. My very handy husband, Rob, put it together for me.