April 7, 2015

DYE DAY, MAY 9, 2015

Our next meeting is still on April 15 [see previous post below] but Dye Day info needed to get out soon to give everyone time to prepare.

Fiber dyed in shades of blue and purple

When: May 9th, Saturday
Where: At Linnie Altman's home: 1280 Elmwood Dr., Walnut Creek, CA, 94597  cell- 925-300-8431
Time: Starting at 10 am and ending at 4pm

Preparation: We will have dyes to be dyeing wool and tussah silk [with acid dyes] using the painting method
Hopefully we will be doing 2 indigo dye vats for cotton, silk or rayon

All participants need to bring their own fiber: prepared for dyeing--washed clean fiber and  pre-soaked in a vinegar and water bath over night (necessary when you are painting with acid dyes). The measurements of the soak are 1 to 3 or 1 cup of white distilled vinegar mixed with 3 cups of water. Make enough to cover the fiber and soak over night. Right before you come to dye day gently wring the water out and put in a plastic bag.

If you are going to use the indigo vat dye we will be going over the instructions in a week or so. You can dye a scarf,  a small to medium skien of yarn, or a t-shirt. They must be silk, cotton or rayon.

You can order scarves and t-shirts from Dharma Trading Company at www.dharmatrading.com
You can order Tussah silk in sliver, roving or brick form from Opulent fibers, Yarn Barn of Kansas, Mielke's Fiber Arts, The Woolery, yarn.com (Webs) , Mohair and More, and Paradise Fibers and E-bay or your favorite yarn and fiber store in your area.

We have picked Tussah fiber for its ease of spinning and how beautifully it dyes--you can also use cultivated silk but if you have not spun silk before, it is harder to spin. There are also combinations of fibers like silk and wool that you can use.

Start your search for the fibers that you want to use, wool or silk, either in your stash or purchase a special treat for the occasion! Something to remember:  grey wool often gives beautiful, muted colors, so don't limit yourself to white if you already have some grey.

Give Linnie a call if you need any help!!
ps. there is lots of Tussah silk on the internet--please READ the description first, it can be confusing!  This is what you want Tussah Silk Fiber--either in sliver, roving or brick form--No silk noil. Prices vary so if it confuses you --call the shop and talk to an expert!!

In a week or so we will send out MUCH more information --Keep your eyes open!

Thank you Mary B. for this list of silk vendors:



This is Webs for those who might not be familiar with it (unlikely, I know)





This one has tussah bricks