June 10, 2015

JULY PICNIC, Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our next get-together is a "just-for-fun" picnic at Larkey Park, Walnut Creek. The park is adjacent to Lindsey Museum and at the corner of 1st Ave. and Buena Vista, just off Geary Rd. The possibility of a white fox joining us from Lindsey is probably remote, but we'll all have a fun time anyway.

Meet at 5 pm, or whenever you can get there. Bring your own drinks, a pot luck dish to share, a spinning wheel and a chair. Bring your spouses and kids if they would like to come.

The picnic will be great to keep all of us excited about participating in "Tour de Fleece". Wendy is working with Morgaine on the possibility to have fibers available for those who want to try something new. Something a bit out of the norm.

"Tour de Fleece", July 4th thru July 26th, runs concurrent with the "Tour de France" and if you are a fan, its a wonderful time to sit, watch the bicyclists, the French scenery and spin a bit. Sample some French wines also! Could be fun.

Photo by Joel Palmer, from the Retzlaff website

This was our 18th consecutive year of hosting this great event. A huge thank you to all who participated in organizing, working, bringing a raffle item and just in general supporting Treadles on this day.

Blessed with supreme weather, great attendance, wonderful vendors and very supportive raffle ticket buyers, we had another successful year.

Thank you to Retzlaff Winery for the support they have given us with this beautiful venue, with lots of terrific upgrades this year, and to the help they gave throughout the day.

Thank you also to the vendors, who continue to come and set up just for the one day to fulfill our shopping whims and needs. We appreciate it.

Sept. 18 thru 21, 2015, Boonville CA

Member Megan wrote Treadles a note:
. . . at the winery I met Peggie Agnew of Red Creek Farm that I've heard so much about as the source of Faith and Fay's fleece. She gave me a post card about the upcoming California Wool & Fiber Festival in Boonville Sept. 18 through 20th. 

I'd like to go and was wondering if any one else would like to go. I drive a SUV Honda Pilot plus I looked at AirB&B and see houses for rent for a few days that have several bedrooms, etc. and one sits on 2 acres. Going as a group brings the costs way down example the house I'm writing about is $253 a night divided by 4 is $63.25 a day.

Do members of the guild get together and do things like this? Anyone interested?

There will be:
Wool show
Sheep shearing
Spinning competitions
Spinning and weaving demos
Sheep dog trials

PS: I purchased a fleece from Peggy. My sheep's name is Fritz. I'm pretty darn excited about Fritz's 9 lbs. of merino realizing after he's processed that there will be around 6 lbs. of merino all white and pretty!!!!!

Sounds like a really fun thing to do. If you are interested, talk to Megan about it or take the week-end off and go up with your family.


Time is now to put together a team to keep our Guild going strong for the coming year. President Laura has consented to keep on for another year in her job. We are hoping most other office holders will too.

We do need, however, a Program Chair for the coming year. Linnie has been going strong for several years and its time to give her a break. Thank you sooo much for getting us all kinds of interesting programs, Linnie.

We have a tentative idea to do a monthly study of rare wool breeds for 2015 - 16. There would be information about the sheep and a usable example of their wool each month - ready to spin  towards a final project for the end of the fiscal year.  So, much of the program schedule could be considered pretty full. But we would like someone to step forward to look for, contact and arrange for a couple guest speakers. Think about it, we are all in this together. Laura will discuss this all at the picnic in preparation for our first official meeting of the new year in August.

November 8 through November 12, 2015
10am to 4 or 5pm each day, in Clayton

$250 to $350 for the whole 5 days. [Not set yet]

Wrap your body in clothing from your own hands.

This is a terrific class for those wanting to learn to fit and sew clothing from their handwoven, hand printed, dyed, quilted, felted or other special fabric, as well as for those more experienced students wanting polished and professional results. Students will construct a basic unlined jacket, from their own fabric, custom fit to themselves while learning all sorts of inspiring techniques to make their garments reflect their creativity. This class is designed to teach creativity as well as technique. 
Students who have already made a jacket with me may opt to bring their own patterns.

Daryl is a well known garment construction expert who has taught all over the USA, including at many of our own CNCH conferences. She is primarily known to weavers, but anyone interested in sewing clothing will benefit from this class.

Above is her description of what the class is all about. If you are a weaver and have made her "Daryl Jacket" from commercial or handwoven fabric, you don't have to do the jacket fitting/construction part of the class. [Or even if you are not interested in a jacket at all, you don't have to do that part of the class]

Bring your own patterns and muslin and she will help you create well fitted to you patterns with them. There should be time to do 4 or 5 or more if you are not making the jacket.

Linda VH, Pam and Vilija are putting this class together with financial help from Diablo. The class can handle 15 students. $350 per student is the maximum the class will cost, but most likely will be less, all depends on if there are 15 in the class and the cost of her transportation.

Please let Vilija know if you have an interest. A down payment of $150 will be asked for in September with the remainder paid by class time.

Please don't sign up and pull out just a week or so before the class. We can't afford to loose money on this, or any, workshop. We try to make it as affordable as possible and when people pull out, the Guild is stuck with coming up with the money. Emergencies arise, and that's another matter.

Look Daryl up at www.daryllancaster.com for more info on what she does.