September 16, 2014

NEXT MEETING: Sept. 24, 2014, 7 PM

Former member, Jackie Post, will give a talk about her trip to Paris to attend the Colored Wool Congress. What an incredible place for a conference -- are you listening CNCH! Jackie will tell about all she did, saw and learned while there. Hope to see lots of you there.

If you didn't have your checkbook last month, its $25 per member for the upcoming year. Make checks out to Treadles to Threads. We can keep our dues low because the Library offers the room for free and all the work our members do to put on the successful "Spinning at the Winery" event every year in June.


October 6 - 12  Spinzilla spinning week:  spin your treadles off! Remember to look up the doings of our group and others on Ravelry. Just look up "Spinzilla groups". We have team members on Team Carolina Homespun and Team Meridian Jacobs.

October 18
Treadles and Diablo Weavers are going to participate in this Walnut Creek event. We will have a two booth space. In one half of the space we will do demos of spinning, weaving, or whatever you would like to volunteer to do. We will set up our spinning sticks and ask children and a sibling or a parent to participate in making a rope necklace suitable for Christmas. We have a big box full of these kits left over from when we used to do this for Pleasant Hill. They were always a popular activity.

In the other half of the space we are allowed to sell products that we make, spun, woven, knitted, whatever. Sales will be considered individual sales so that none of us needs to collect tax [unless you already have a "business" set up in your name].

We will need volunteers to man both sides of the booth and will talk about this and make a plan at the next meeting.

October 29, Treadles meeting at the Library

November 20, Treadles meeting at the Library
[DATE CHANGE - Thursday and a week early because of Thanksgiving]

Treadles now has its own group on Ravelry.

Member Lisa W. set it up for us and both she and Mary P. are the moderators. Sign up today! It'll be a great place to ask questions and have feed-back.


The Treadles to Threads Fleece to Finished Product Project is ready to get off the ground!  This activity is for those who wish to "experience" preparing a fleece right off the sheep. Its good to know just how to wash a fleece properly and get it ready for spinning. Once  you know the basics . . . you can give your fleeces to Morro Fleece Works, or not!

Here is the plan…

If you want to join the project you will receive a half pound of raw wool at this next meeting.

The fiber will be washed and dyed (if desired) as a group (at Wendy's house) or individually by you in September/October.

The clean fiber will be processed individually or in a group either by combing or carding during the winter months. In the spring, we will knit, crochet or weave our projects (project ideas are welcome). We will have the opportunity to present our final projects at the T2T meeting in May.

Fleece details….

We were very lucky to obtain two incredible fleeces at the Mendocino Wool Festival in Boonville this year. Both fleeces are from Red Creek Farm owned by Peggy Agnew. The animals are crosses of a Wensleydale/Cormo ram and a Lincoln/Merino ewe. The two fleeces selected are from sheep that are cousins. They have worn coats all year to keep their fiber beautifully free from vegetable matter and general dirt and debris. One of the sheep's fleece won Supreme Grand Champion Handspinners fleece last year and the other was Reserve Grand Champion Fleece and Judges Choice Handspinners fleece this year at Boonville.

Project details….

Cost of each half pound of wool is $10. After everyone who wants to participate has received their wool, any remaining wool will be available on a first come first serve basis (one half pound at a time).

This is going to be great! I look forward to hearing from you :)  More details about this project will be given out at the Wednesday meeting. See you there.

From member Marianne at The Yarn Boutique in Lafayette: Schacht has added a padded bag for its foldable Sidekick Wheel. All Sidekicks ordered during this month [September] will come with one of these bags free. The bags themselves will retail for $65. If you have a Sidekick already, talk to Marianne about a special Guild discount. 

Treadles member, Rejanne, has five young kitties she has rescued over the last year as babies from feral mothers in her neighborhood. They range in age from a few months to just over a year, have all their shots and have been well taken care of. If you have room in your home for one or two of these kitties, let her know.
Junior and his new friend, Iso, one of Rejanne's rescues. Iso's mom is a typical American shorthair - guess who she hooked up with!