April 28, 2015

DYE DAY, MAY 9, 2015

PHONE--925 300-8431

From Linnie:
HI EVERYONE ! Dye Day is just around the corner. We are a bigger group this year so we will be playing it by ear, as we don't know how many people will show up. I live in a small older neighbor hood and parking is some what limited so you may need to walk a half a block or so. Please do not park in front of mail boxes as the mail man needs access.

 This year we are going to dye with Dharma acid dyes and we will be painting or squirting the dye onto the fiber. Acid dyes are used on animal fibers so wool, silk, and any animal blends work well.

Be sure to soak your fiber over night in a solution of 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts water--up to a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Just before you come Saturday morning, please carefully wring the fiber and bring in plastic bag.

The other dye we will be using will be INDIGO. (fiber or items do not need pre-soaking in a vinegar bath) It is a vat dye and can be used for silk, cotton, rayon and plant fibers. You can bring scarves or a T-shirt or a half a yard of fabric. You can dye a skein of cotton or silk or rayon or fibers for spinning, as long as they are silk or plant fibers. Indigo is good for tie dyeing, folding, stitching or clamping fabric. (small items please, we want to give everyone who wants to, a chance to use this vat)


1/4 lb wool or animal fiber = in roving form, raw washed or spun--If we have time and extra dye you may do more so bring some extra

1 item made from plant fibers or silk--you may be able to dye more if the vat can take it! so bring extra. Small things! scarves , fabric and t-shirts( available at dharmatrading.com)

White Vinegar, blue tape, 2-3 rolls paper towels, permanent marker, brushes=(Dharma Trading Company catalog= dharmatrading.com) --flat brushes, foam brushes or chinese flat brushes.
Clear metric measuring cup, 1 gallon plastic seal bags, plastic wrap, several pairs of latex gloves, clear plastic cups for the dye, plastic spoons for stirring, squeeze bottles, a couple plastic shopping bags.
Also bring your lunch and water, sunscreen, hat , comfy chair, & drop spindle to pass the time.


If you have volunteered to bring tables or tents please deliver to Linnie's home on Friday May 8th between 10am and 2pm--please be prepared to help set up your items. If you have any questions  or need to make other arrangements for a drop off time please call me. If you could stay and help , please give Linnie  a call 925 300- 8431
I have these people listed to bring:
Reba -2 pop up tents
Carol -1 Table
Donna- 2 tables
Pam- 1 table
Vilija- 2 tables and the Guild tent

We could use 2 more tables so more people can work.
Please feel free to call Linnie with any questions you have

Spinning at the Winery
Fleeces, Fiber, Yarn & More
June 6, 2015    10 am to 4 pm

Retzlaff Winery
1356 S. Livermore Ave, Livermore
$5 entry per person

For new members and friends, "Spinning at the Winery" is a day to spend spinning, snacking, shopping and visiting with your fiber friends throughout the Bay Area. California vendors are featured with goodies from raw fiber to finished yarn, spinning equipment, fiber related goodies, a dynamite raffle, and lots more that you will find utterly enticing. Morro Fleece works will again be there for deposit of that beautiful fleece you find from local shepherds.

Bring your wheel and a pot luck dish to share for a truly enjoyable day on the grounds of Retzlaff Winery. The tasting room will be open to enliven your dining pleasure.

This event can be crowded, so please don't bring your pets, even if they are exceptionally well behaved.

To our Treadles Members:
Don't forget that our raffle depends on the good stuff you donate. Our vendors are asked to contribute an item each, so the results are always an array of great items! If you do not yet have something ready for the raffle, please take the time to make something really nice someone else will enjoy as much as you. If you have equipment you no longer use and its in nearly new condition, that is always a welcome item also. Nice, clearly labeled fiber is a popular item too.
The Great Raffle
Joan is in charge of sign-ups to help coordinate this event. If you plan on coming, and who would't, sign-up for a job for that day. Lots of things need doing, and lots of help is needed. If you have signed up for morning set-up, be there by 9 AM to help. Joan will be at Dye Day and most Monday Spinning days, so ask to see her list of jobs.